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Le Jour Watches

Renowned by watch aficionados worldwide as a historic manufacturer for Swiss-made mechanical timepieces, Le Jour began as a French distributor and retailer for chronographs manufactured by Heuer during 70’s which are highly sought-after by collectors today. Paying tribute to Le Jour’s proud legacy, the eminent brand is revived with an entire range of vintage-inspired sports models inspired by auto-racing, sailing, yachting and aviation constructed using high-end materials and reliable Swiss-made mechanical movements.

A Splash of Vintage Charm Presented in Le Jour Watches

Le Jour was a small French watch distributor and retailer that began in the 1960s. It began its journey to distribute chronographs made by Heuer during the 70s. Over the years, the company managed to revive its brand and become a well-known watch brand for Swiss-made mechanical timepieces.

The new journey was started by making professional watches with reliable performance, precise engineering, and sturdy construction. However, the Quartz Crisis during the 1980's also made Le Jour collapse until the company revived again with a new orientation.

Le Jour decided to reinterpret the vintage timepieces to suit the current trend. Dedicating its value to this path along with the use of premium materials, advanced reliable movements, and impressive design, the name Le Jour began to get attention globally. Throughout the journey, Le Jour continues to pay tribute to the past and iconic watchmaking to create excellent timepieces.

Le Jour Collections

Over the years, Le Jour managed to introduce several impeccable collections within various styles and functions while still keeping the root of reinterpreting the vintage charm.

Coral Diver

A pleasing look watch collection that takes inspiration from the ocean, the Coral Diver is exclusively designed to bring aesthetics with the practical functionality of a modern dive watch. The enchanting view on the dial is the highlight where an intriguing grainy whirlpool texture adds charisma to the overall appearance.

The Coral Diver collection is available in 5 color choices of Black / Blue / Gray / Green and Brown. In addition to the alluring look, the watches are equipped with good performance for aquatic adventures. Powered by the 26-Jeweled SELLITA SW200 Swiss Made Automatic movement, the watch is known for its accuracy, reliability, and longevity.

Flieger Bronze

A bronze color that represents the past is presented in the Le Jour Flieger Bronze. The traditional look of the watch is to pay tribute to the past military and field watches used during the World War era.

For a touch of nostalgia, the watch case is made out of CuSn8 grade Bronze material and finished with a satin brush. The patina applied in the material also plays a significant role to give a splendid look at the past. Despite being a classic look, the Flieger comes with high-end material and reliable movements.

Hammerhead GMT

Still, in the realm of vintage charm, the Hammerhead GMT collection is introduced with a distinctive cushion case with a shiny polish finish and satin brush. This collection pays more attention to functionality as can be seen from the dial that looks more crowded than previous collections.

The Hammerhead is designed with meticulous details to provide the best experience of wearing timepieces, either from comfortability or performance. That makes this collection a captivating dive watch that is also perfect for daily use.


With simplicity and elegance, the Heritage collection stays true to the classic watches. Through this collection, Le Jour also attempts to induce the urban style in the vintage design. The unique cushion shape is the obvious characteristic of past trends.

Measuring 42mm in diameter, the crown is placed in positioned uniquely at the top right between the 1 and 2’oclock positions to give optimum comfort. Stays classic but runs advanced, Heritage collection is equipped with high-end components and an accurate Swiss engine.

Le Mans Chronograph

The chronograph collection is a milestone for Le Jour to start a new journey. Preserving classic elegance, the Le Mans is the elevated version with the addition of modern craftsmanship for a captivating chronograph watch. The dome shape of the sapphire crystal is the iconic charm of vintage timepieces.

Lies at the heart of the watch is the robust Sellita SW500 Swiss Automatic Chronograph movement that makes the overall functions run reliably.

Seacolt Diver

The two-tone finish on the bezel and dial is the main highlight of the Seacolt collection. The touch of rose gold on the dial elevates the enchanting look and combines well with the blue color. The elegance is further leveled up with the domed sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coat.

Seacolt GMT

A reliable GMT watch with a touch of vintage heritage as presented in the design. The Seacolt GMT is a versatile and reliable tool for travelers and pilots to identify different time zones. The watch is driven by the Swiss Made ETA 2836 movement the Seacolt GMT for a combination of reliability and luxury.

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