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Steinhart Watches

In 2001, brand founder Günter Steinhart embarked on his journey of establishing a brand that offers quality Swiss-made watches with an honest and accessible price tag. As a German engineer with a background in architecture, Günter expressed his deep passion for watchmaking with the creation of an impressive line up of well-built watches with exceptional value. Assembled in Germany with premium Swiss-made components, Steinhart watches showcase quality materials with German precision in attractive timepieces that are incredibly well-received by watch enthusiasts.

Introducing the Hidden Gem of Steinhart Watches

Gunther Steinhart started his business by making watches in the early 20th century in Augsburg, Germany. The name of the brand was originally taken from the founder, Steinhart. The world previously knew him as an engineer rather than a watchmaker. For some reasons, the head office is now moved to Stadtbegen.

In creating the timepieces, he carried a mission for homage watches, taking design inspiration from existing watches. Yes, it is still original because he doesn’t directly copy, only taking a few elements or adding unique flair, then putting it into a new watch.

The Collection of Steinhart Watches

Steinhart is a brand that lately gets a lot of attention, though it is still new in the timepiece market. Their improvement in quality and construction could be appreciated. So, are you considering buying an homage watch? Below are Steinhart collections with an affordable price you don't want to miss!

1. Dive Watches

Searching for the perfect Swiss Submariner watch? You should take a look at this collection. Some models offer you unusual ceramic bezels and dressier looks. The watches are ready to face any situations because of its 300 meter resistance, double anti-reflective coat, and screw in crown.

To this era, where all things are made minimalist, the company holds out a smaller size with additional functions. The blend of old design and today’s technology demonstrate excellent performance.

2. Pilot Watches

Pilot watches popularity has gotten wider since the 1930's. Almost all designs of pilot wristwatches are based on equipment navigation in a German Air Force crew during World War II. This collection is a must have accessory item for every pilot wristwatch enthusiast.

Steinhart completely gives you an uncluttered dial which ensures high durability. All designs reflect its own history that prioritizes simplicity. Once you wear this timepiece on your wrist, you won’t regret its look and multifunctional features.

3. Marine Watches

At the instance of the British Government for solving the problem of calculating longitude at sea, John Harrison invented the first marine chronometer that ran efficiently. As a tribute for this discovery, Steinhart expanded his work in creating the Marine Watches series which was powered by Swiss pocket movement.

Beside its exclusive design, other quite nice details appear in double anti-reflective coatings on the interior side and slightly domed. Also, it was great to know that this series has a good mechanism using ETA.

4. Much more varieties on Steinhart

However, the truth claims that Steinhart has more than just watches under certain categories. Known for its high-quality, they also bring limited edition collections for exceptional values on their craftsmanship. Steinhart Barrique Skull Limited Edition is one among the most favorite. A well-designed watch with unique attributes for a special timepiece.

Are Steinhart Watches Really Good?

Steinhart is one of the famous German watch brands with an affordable price that starts from at least $200 to $400.

Considering all the features and material, this brand puts any wrist watch lover in a complete package. They have high-end quality based on European construction standards and suit with Swiss movement.

Not to mention the design of Steinhart watches which have a philosophical look that expresses its own character. This wristwatch will satisfy your dopamine in private or in public, as well as formal or non-formal occasions.

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