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  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon
  • Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon

Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon "Prototype" - Ltd Ed 30pcs

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Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon "Prototype" - Ltd Ed 30pcs

2 Reviews

Steinhart was founded in 2001 based on the ethos of offering high-quality, Swiss-made watches at an honest and accessible price tag. Over the years, the German watch brand tirelessly seeks to develop a broad genre of quality mechanical timepieces. As a result, Steinhart's Ocean One collection has gained widespread popularity amongst watch enthusiasts. It is even more so with the exclusive Gnomon series. The fusion of modern watchmaking commingles with Gnomon's flair makes them stand out from many other diving watches.

As a partner who started with Steinhart, Gnomon Watches has worked closely with the brand since the beginning, abetting Mr. Steinhart and his team to introduce these individualised watches to an even larger audience. Our strong bond has allowed us to launch various exclusive models where our specific designs speak to watch enthusiasts like us. Both companies' excellent relationships can only show these achievements and recognitions. So fasten your seatbelts as we unveil a new Steinhart x Gnomon exclusive. PS. This particular one has got the whole Gnomon team pretty excited as we decided to have some fun in “double signing” its dial.

Steinhart Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon "Prototype" - Ltd Ed 30pcs
The latest release is another perfect tie-up between two brands with the same values and a strong passion for watches. We are introducing the Steinhart Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon - an exclusive 30 prototype model. Once again, this particular Ocean timepiece will not be going into final production, treating this as a experimental project between Steinhart and us. That said, the "MAYC" moniker is as quirky as its sound, representing our ape profile from the "Mutant Ape Yacht Club".

So why do we came out with this prototype series? Simply put, we adhered to Bored Ape Yacht Club’s mantra, which is “F**k It. Let’s Go”. We hope to put offer some cool stuffs on a very limited Steinhart piece simply because we want to. So here we go, the first official Made By Ape’s “MAYC” timepiece in the world.
Gnomon's MAYC #25498
About MAYC

If you have never heard before or come across MAYC, here's a brief introduction to what it is:

The Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) is a collection of 20,000 NFTs based on the apes in the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) - a household name in the Web 3 space. Both these collections are from the same company, Yuga Labs, the leading frontier of NFT, where they started as a clubhouse for members who own and rock their profile Ape. None of the apes are identical, as each of the 30,000 (including BAYC) is randomly generated with unique traits finalised once minted into an NFT. Therefore, each one has become an identity and representation of its owner. As such, we found ourselves being Mutant Ape #25498.

Yes, we are part of this fantastic community, and the Ape is us, and we are our Ape. In short, it is our graphic logo and PS. It's rocking our exclusive Ocean Vintage Military 39.

As many might know, our exclusive usually straddles the vintage path, but this might be the first time we went with a classic approach with modern elements. This timepiece might seem like another Ocean 39, but this MAYC version is more than our usual execution. It is the first time we have our MAYC signed at the bottom of the dial, where its characteristic mint green colour is carried over to its ceramic bezel.
Latest Ocean 39 case with its curve lugs
Case Elements

Only available exclusively for Gnomon, The prototype Steinhart Ocean 39 MAYC is still seen as a proper dive watch that seeks to be different among the big sea of mostly conservative all-black or green dive watches. And in a two-tone manner, a smaller case size? Check. A classic look? Check. Double signed? Check. The MAYC diver is 39mm in diameter with a compact 47mm lug-to-lug. It has a thickness of about 14mm. The overall dimensions make this timepiece quite comfortable on most wrist sizes.

The bezel on the Ocean 39 is a classic diver design. The Ocean 39 has a ceramic bezel insert in our MAYC's deep aquamarine background hue for added scratch resistance. The new ceramic bezel has numbers and markers that are all engraved to give it depth. The cavities are then filled in white enamel to match the theme with a luminous pip at 12 o'clock. The engraved bezel makes the numbers and markers visible under all lighting conditions. The knurling on the side of the bezel is deep and clean. This element helps get a good grip on the bezel for easy operation. The 120-click bezel clicks positively into position.

The Steinhart signed screw-down crown is located at 3 O'clock and is good with a water-resistant rating of 300m. The Ocean 39 has a sapphire crystal with an inner anti-reflective coating for added clarity under different lighting conditions. It also has a date magnifier. The dial on the Ocean 39 is black with applied markers. SuperLuminova luminous is applied to the markers, minute, hour and second hands.
BGW9 SuperLuminova
Double Signed

What sets this piece apart from the rest is the double-signed logo at the bottom of the dial.

A double-signed watch usually bears the retailer's name on the dial. It sheds light on where the watch was sold and tells us about a more significant relationship between a manufacturer and its retail network. In today's digital time, we incorporated our NFT MAYC onto the dial, which continues this particular watch-collecting tradition. This collaboration will go down in history, marking the first official NFT-signed dial on a watch.

"Sometimes a line of text (or logo) on the dial of a watch can tell a part of that story, and that's what makes double-signed watches so appealing." - Hodinkee, 2022

Speaking of "official", our use of our Mutant Ape is verified, supported, and amplified by Yuga Labs. How do we know? Flip the watch over, and the "Made By Apes" emblem is engraved on the screw-down case back. It's a blockchain-verified ownership certification given by the founders of MAYC and BAYC, with on-chain license numbers and directory listings for holder-creators.

In this case, this whole collaboration with Steinhart is a product approved by Yuga Labs.
Officially Approved By The Bored Apes Company
Swiss Engine And bracelet

Clad within the case is the reliable automatic ETA 2824-2 / SW 200 élaboré movement that powers this Swiss-made timepiece. Operating at 28,800 bph (4 Hertz) with hacking and hand winding capabilities, this calibre is built with 25 jewels and a power reserve of approximately 40 hours. This manual-wind movement also allows the case of the watch to be thinner and lighter, fitting comfortably on most wrist sizes.

A 20mm oyster-style bracelet is affixed to the watch. The bracelet is well-built and elegantly tapers 16mm to a signed Steinhart clasp. The bracelet's style and taper contribute to the watch's classy yet robust look, giving wearers great comfort while still oozing style.

This double-signed prototype exudes a sense of adventure and is one of the rarest, first-of-its-kind. At the same time, a unique partnership between Steinhart and Gnomon did, offering a collecting experience for enthusiasts. Reminiscent of classic dive watches in the '60s and '70s, the exclusive Steinhart Ocean 39 MAYC Gnomon will not be going further into the final production phase, while staying fervour for collectors with our unique Gnomon’s Ape that represents us Gnomon Watches in today's time. And just like any exclusive Ocean 39 from Gnomon, each timepiece is different in its particular way.




Steinhart Germany - Swiss Made


SW200 Elaboré


Black with hour markers


Markers, hour, minute, second hands


Satin brushed top and polished sides Stainless steel


Stainless steel with engraved ceramic bezel insert

Crown type

Screwdown Steinhart signed crown

Lug width


Crystal material

Flat sapphire crystal with date magnifier


Satin brushed stainless steel bracelet with screw links and fliplock

Water resistance



39mm in diameter, 47mm lug to lug, 12mm thick