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Evant Watches

Formed with the strong passion from a dedicated team of zealous watch lovers, watchmakers, engineers and architects, Evant offers a selection of timepieces expressing a timeless infusion of modern style and historic design elements. The brand is renowned for producing watches with exceptional quality and reliable Swiss movements, showcased in beautifully-crafted designs that upholds Evant’s intriguing ethos.

Why Should You Own Evant Watches?

If you are a diver who needs a watch to aid you underwater, then Evant watches are the answer. You may wonder why Evant? But, the real question is why not Evant timepieces? Evant has an excellent reputation and history in the diving wristwatches area since the company was first built in 2015 by a group of passionate watch collectors.

This brand offers not only a series of diving pieces, but four series of dive watches ⎯Bronze, Decodiver, Polestar, and Tropic Diver watch collections. All series are made based on their principles which are aesthetics (looking so fine that you want to strap on daily), built (well made with details and finishing touch that every watch collector adores), reliability (offering the accuracy of Swiss mechanical movement), and affordability (suit to every budget).

To make you 100% sure about purchasing Evant wristwatches, below are the special traits this brand gives to its products. These specs will give you years of satisfaction.

Case, Dial, and Lug Design

One of the collections from Evant offers a beautiful hand-polished case, where the lugs are designed to fit wrist contours.

Bakelite Ceramic

The use of bakelite ceramic for the bezel insert on the series of Evant timepieces cannot be ignored. Bakelite is a lightweight and durable material. It can be molded into any shape. Not to forget to mention that it shines. That is the most beautiful part of bakelite. Now, Evant has improved the bakelite ceramic by blending it with luminous application to make it resistant to scratches.


Evant utilizes 120 click uni-direction rotating bezel with half knurling to provide a bigger dial opening without sacrificing the grip ⎯combination of superior machining and hand polishing.

Water Resistance

While other watch brands usually equip their products with a 200m water resistance, Evant ⎯The Tropic Diver 300⎯ is water-resistant to 300m. It even has been tested by an industrial machine that is worth 32 atm pressure.

Swiss Movement

Powered by a Swiss movement, Evant timepieces guarantee you high accuracy, power reserve, and hassle-free maintenance.

Sapphire Crystal

Do not want to be bothered by reflection and scratches while you read the time? Try out Evant watches! They use sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflecting.


Another fascinating feature of Evant collections is the luminosity applied to the markers and hands. It glows brightly when you are in a dark environment.

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