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Seiko Watches

Being among one of the world’s most distinguished watch brands that stands at the forefront of watch manufacturing, Japanese watch manufacturer Seiko draws on the brand’s 140 years of rich watchmaking heritage to produce fine Japanese timepieces using the integration of cutting-edge technology and Seiko’s very fully integrated in-house manufacturing capabilities. Discover the timeless Japanese beauty, impressive value and high performance of Seiko’s outstanding timepieces.

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Seiko Watches, Are They Really Good?

If you are new to watch collections or going to buy your very first Seiko, you may wonder if Seiko watches are that good and worth buying. Of course it is. Seiko is a pioneer in the watchmaking industry, most notable in its innovative quartz movements, outstanding durability, and refined craftsmanship.

Its story began in 1881 where a young entrepreneur named Kintaro Hattori spent his day selling and repairing watches and clocks in central Tokyo. More than a hundred years later, Seiko consistently produces high-quality watches supporting Japanese craftsmanship and watchmaking heritage.

Technologies in Seiko Watches

Spring Drive

One of the features that are implemented in Seiko watches is called spring drive. Spring drive is a kind of technology that uses a regulator to deliver silent as well as smooth motion of hands. It also creates accuracy of one a day through quartz signals. Spring drive is a unique technology because it generates energy by combining mechanical and electronic components.

Seiko Kinetic

A technology called Seiko Kinetic uses a wrist’s motion for a self-winding movement while having a quartz timekeeping mechanism on it. This self-winding movement and the combination of mechanical and electrical elements (spring drive) give such a privilege to the wearers where they do not need any batteries since the watch is charged with hand winding.

Solar GPS

You should have no doubt when it comes to Seiko. They have applied solar GPS in one of their collections, Astron. Just like its name, watches with solar GPS are powered by light and keep atomic precision through GPS signals around the world. In other words, these watches can identify the recognized time zones on earth. It still works even when you are in the middle of the ocean, on a mountain top, in the center of the desert, or anywhere you are.

After those technologies above, are you still questioning Seiko? No, you won’t because you may not find the technologies that Seiko has in other watch brands. Not to forget to mention that Seiko makes a range of watches from affordable to luxury watches that will match your personality. Here are the Seiko collections that you don’t want to miss.

Seiko’s Best-Selling Collections

Seiko Astron

Remember the GPS power that we have mentioned before? You will find that feature on this Seiko collection. Having Seiko Astron on your wrist means you won’t experience changing the dial everytime you visit a different country around the world. They tell the time before you even realize.

Seiko Prospex

If you're looking for a durable watch for your outdoor activities such as hiking, diving, skydiving or other adrenaline-pumping hobbies, Seiko Prospex must be on your list.

Seiko Presage

Do not ruin your look in a formal event by wearing the wrong type of watch.