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Glycine Watches

Founded as ‘Fabrique d'Horlogerie La Glycine’ in 1914 by Eugene Meylan in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, Glycine boasts a rich heritage closely associated with the world of aviation and military. Embodying the spirit and passion of Meylan, Glycine is a historic manufacturer of Swiss-made watches that are unique in design and robust in performance. While Glycine is most prominent for the creation of the world’s first dual timezone 24-hour watch — the legendary Airman, the brand offers a whole range of aviation-inspired models, dive watches and classic timepieces.

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Glycine Watches, Historical Timepieces You Must Have

On 20th May 1914 Glycine watches set up its first work based in Bienne, Switzerland. Eugene Meylan, an engineer by profession, is a man behind a history who created the brand. He previously took a part at the watchmaking school to prepare his future career, named l’Ecole d’horlogerie, Le Chaux de Founds.

Actually, the company only focused on making small movements for women's timepieces. In October 1930, they began its innovation by manufacturing self-winding and chronometer watches for the first time.

23 years later, in order to make a new beginning and in the needs of pilots for intercontinental flights, the founder launched Glycine Airman with more complete features, for instance, locking mechanism, calendar function, rotating bezel, and an analog dial with AM and PM. From this day, we all know that the corporation products concern both military and commercial pilots. Glycine then decided to unite with Invicta Watch Group for a better market in the early 21th century,

Glycine Watches Collections

If you are questioning why you should pick out their watches, the main reason is they offer all time high-quality timepieces beside its deep horological history. All products have been sold out to over a million pieces. The brand collections come into two core lines, The Airman and The Combat. Find out some things that make the watch ideal for you in daily wear.

1. Airman

Your flight will begin in a minute, prepare yourself and please don’t be late. When you feel so familiar with this word, it is always related to the brand’s mission as a pioneer of aviation watches. On this collection, Glycine offers you their incredible watches that were first introduced in 1953.

The vintage feature of the case has been updated to modern with plexiglass crystal which is more glamour than any material. Also, the size is getting bigger than before, equipped with a GMT master that suits the world traveller.

2. Combat

Seeing this combate catalogue makes you feel like looking at a single watch in a different style. It was proudly present in 1967. Combat series is popular for their classic design and reliability. These genuine watches are focused for military and sport activities that were created for men or women. Due to 500 m of water resistance, this watch type is perfect for your aquatic activities.

Are Glycine Watches Good Enough?

Still doubting their quality? Here we provide three main reasons why Glycine collections are better than the other brands.

1. High-End Grade

Since the establishment of the company, they had high dedication for their customer in making high-end grade watches by paying attention to details. For example, upgrading the case material, developing GMT master, stylish-designed, and so on.

2. Unique Philosophy

When we talk about the brand, it is usually connected to aviation. The company is one of the pioneers of watchmaking for pilots and travellers. Some of their products were also used by many people in the Vietnam War.

3. Suits Your Activities

All watches are made with strong material and features that won't interfere with your extreme activities. Not only for this kind of sport, it also matches with your daily wear.

The factory has been around for a while, they are becoming more professional and more attractive nowadays. Go get one item of their collection for your everyday needs!

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