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Mido Watches

Part of the Swatch Group, Mido presents their spirit of innovation since its founding in 1918 by watchmaker Georges Schaeren. Now located at the historic watchmaking town of Le Locle in the heart of the Swiss Jura, Mido has grown to be a distinguished traditional Swiss brand in the affordable luxury segment synonymous with technical innovation and timeless designs. Consisting of mainly mechanical timepieces, the brand also boasts a large selection of chronometer (COSC) certified Swiss-made watches.

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Mido Watches, Are They Good Watches?

Mido is not new in the watch manufacturing field. This company has satisfied thousands of customers since 100 years ago through their excellent timepieces. Mido itself was founded in 1918 by George G. Schaeren in Switzerland. The word ‘Mido’ was taken from a Spanish phrase that means “I measure”.

Mido, The Brand Reputation

Mido timepieces have a good reputation as stylish reliable doctor watches. They have created a lot of innovation throughout the years, including the launch of the Multifort series. In this series, Mido offers the customers more robust features on their watches.

They add anti-magnetic materials and water and shock resistance. They even extended their production to the chronographs area and reached the tenth position globally.

Mido Watches Collection

This brand produces wristwatches both for men and women. Classic, sporty or casual model for the gentlemen who seek durable timepieces, and feminine, elegant, and exclusive design for gorgeous ladies out there. Below is the list of Mido wristwatches you need to know.

Ocean Star: Ocean Star is a diving timepieces collection from Mido.
Baroncelli: Baroncelli is an appealing classic wristwatch collection available for men and women.
Belluna: The elegant everyday timepieces from Mido for men and women.
Commander: Commander collection is inspired by the Eiffel Tower, and is available for men and women.
Multifort: The aesthetics of Sydney Harbour Bridge is presented in Multifort, a wristwatch collection for men.
Rainflower: Stunning automatic watch collection for women.
All dial: Mido collection for men and women who love unique design inspired by the Colosseum of Rome.

Mido Watches Quality

Did I mention that Mido is a subsidiary of Swatch? It means there is not a thing to be questioned related to the watch quality. This brand will provide you with satisfaction that you have never expected before. As a time teller, it will function as perfectly as you bought it for the first time. Moreover, if you wear it as an accessory, Mido assures you that the design won’t get older as you do every year. So, are you still doubting the Mido timepiece?

Where to Buy Mido Watches?

If you are about to purchase Mido timepieces, then check out the collections here on Gnomon Watches.

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