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Citizen Watches

Watches produced by Citizen are regularly associated with quality craftsmanship and exceptional value. As a world-renowned Japanese watch manufacturer of wristwatches and movements, Citizen is best known for their proprietary Eco-Drive light-powered technology. Through Citizen’s comprehensive manufacturing processes, every Citizen watch is crafted completely in-house from each individual component to its final assembly while ceaselessly improving and exploring new possibilities with innovative technology.

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Delving Into The Innovative Technology of Citizen Watches

Citizen is one of the globally renowned Japanese watch brands. Having an outstanding and long journey since 1918, Citizen managed to bring lists of innovative technologies for the advancements of horology. All of the watches made by Citizen are regularly associated with high-quality craftsmanship and remarkable value for every watch enthusiast.

Throughout the journey, Citizen has comprehensively done research that brings the company to manufacture and assemble all parts of watches in-house. It starts from crafting the individual components to the final assembly. The process still continues while Citizen is ceaselessly exploring new possibilities for innovation.

Citizen Technology

Innovation has been in the DNA of the Citizen watch brand. High-quality craftsmanship and advanced technology are among many goals to be pursued. Below are some technologies invented by citizens.


A technology that allows battery-driven watches to get energy from the light conversion. The invention has brought the watchmaking industry into a new realm where watch enthusiasts can get the accuracy of quartz without the hassle of regular battery replacement.

The Eco-Drive is designed to charge energy from ordinary everyday light. The energy will also be stored and that way, it can be more convenient for the wearer. The invention of Eco-Drive technology also brings much impact in the effort of reducing batteries for better environmental sustainability.

Satellite Wave GPS

Giving precision to the utmost performance anywhere in the world with the invention of satellite wave GPS. This Citizen technology uses the GPS satellite to update the watch to the correct time and date. It even enables the world’s fastest satellite time reception of only 3 seconds.

It provides accuracy anywhere as the watch is equipped with Eco-Drive light-powered technology. As long as the watch is used outdoors, when there is an open sky, the satellite wave GPS can provide precision.

Atomic Timekeeping

Offering the best precision ever, Citizen invented atomic timekeeping with a margin of error of just one second in 100,000 years. It works by sending a signal that contains the precise time to the watch using standard radio waves.

Super Titanium™

Aside from giving precision, comfortability is also a priority to get the best experience of wearing a timepiece. Using titanium is considered the best choice as it is durable and lightweight at the same time. Citizen developed its own titanium named Super Titanium™ which is five times harder than stainless steel.

Citizen Collections

The Citizen's collections are available in a wide range of styles to functions. Below are some popular collections of Citizen watches:
A collection that sets to fulfill the needs of explorers, either on land, water, or air. Every watch is equipped with features specifically for the needs. Overall, the Citizen Promaster lives up to its adventurous spirit with the values of durability, safety, and functionality.

PCAT (Perpetual Calendar Atomic Timekeeping)

Features Atomic Timekeeping, the precision in that technology is well-applied in chronograph watches to provide reliability and accuracy with complex complications. It is mostly introduced in classic style with time adjustments in 43 world cities.


Citizen Corso has a simple yet stylish appearance that would be a perfect match for any occasion. With a clean and crisp dial, most of the watches in Corso are equipped with diamond hour markers to add prestige.


Taking a different approach, the Citizen Nighthawk appears boldly with mostly black color and big elements (hour markers, watch hands, crowns). It features a chronograph and great luminosity for better legibility in dark environments.

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