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5 Best Watches on Leather for Women to Elevate Elegance

Leather is a material that never fails to give an elegant look. Trendy and appealing, find the best watches on leather for women here!
Apr 29, 2024

As a career woman and watch enthusiast at the same time, I personally prefer watches with a leather strap. Watches on leather for women have always been an enchanting choice to elevate elegance. In fact, leather goes well with almost any kind of watch on many occasions. Therefore, having a watch with a leather strap could be a good companion all day long for formal and informal meetings. 

In my personal opinion, a leather strap gives a more comfortable feeling to be worn all day. It comes in quite various styles and could perfectly wrap on my wrist. It’s classic but never be an old-school fashion as it gives ultimate vibes. In this article, I’m going to share some of my best watches on leather for women. Keep on reading to find out!

Mido Commander Big Date Rose Gold 

A sleek and elegant timepiece from Mido, the Commander Big Date Rose Gold Ref. M021.626.36.051.00 reveals what you call as classy. Despite its elegant looking, the watch is built to reflect the unceasing robustness and grandeur of the 18th-century architecture. The watch is much influenced by the architecture of the Eiffel Tower in France and Mido tries to resemble it on the watch.

Despite being big in diameter which is 42mm, the watch maintains a slim profile by keeping it thin and elegant for anyone to strap on and out for almost any type of occasion. The black leather is the final touch as an elegant pair to the watch. It is done in an alligator pattern with a matching rose gold signed deployant buckle.

Ball Watch Co. Trainmaster Moon Phase Silver – Leather Strap

The Trainmaster Moon Phase Silver is a nice-looking timepiece equipped with a whimsical complication, the moon phase. The watch dial is designed with a simple and uncluttered layout allowing for the moon phase indicator to stand out. You can clearly focus on the neat-looking glowing moon at the center of the watch dial giving an enchanting view of the night sky. Just wait until you see another charming view when it glows in the dark.

The watch is paired with a crocodile leather strap and a standard or folding buckle adding the hue of elegance to the watch. Grab this timepiece for the best watches on leather for women.

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Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue – Leather Ref. H32215840

An open heart dial design might be uncommon for women’s watches but definitely exudes a unique appearance. The Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue is built with a contemporary sophistication with the exceptional performance of Swiss watchmaking — making good wear for modern women.

The sleek design and case profile are paired with the 18mm sandy beige ostrich leather strap. It pleasantly adds to the watch an overall look with a light and gentle tone. In addition to that, the strap is stitched with neat rows that can be seen running down the strap on each side.

Seiko Presage Enamel Ref. SARX049

Seiko is known for its authentic Japanese vibes on its timepieces which can be seen specifically in their classic collection. The Presage Enamel Ref. SARX049 looking all aesthetic and classic with a beautiful enamel dial is my favorite leather watch for women. The applied enamel is made under the supervision of Mitsuru Yokozawa, an authentic Japanese craftsman with a longstanding experience in producing enamel objects in an intricate and complex process.

This classic white dial is elegantly paired with a black crocodile strap. You know how a leather strap would elegantly give a good final touch on a timepiece. This makes the SARX049 a versatile dress watch for everyday wear. 

Alpina Seastrong Diver Heritage Bronze Umber Ref. AL-525BR4H4

A leather strap is almost synonymous with elegance and classic, not to mention a vintage style. Mostly appear in brown or beige color, many vintage-style watches are paired with a leather strap, such as the Seastrong Diver Heritage Bronze Umber Ref. AL-525BR4H4. This Alpina’s is a package of vintage bronze timepieces that makes a good choice for watches on leather for women.

Pairing with the sunburst “umber” (brown) dial is a dark brown leather strap to finish the overall vintage style of the watch. Not to mention the fact that you can get this reissue timepiece as affordable watches on leather. 

In brief, a leather strap is about versatility and comfortability. Both go well in a watch that elevates appearance and gives comfort. It definitely enhances appearance and personality at its best. So, what more to expect? Best watches on leather definitely worth a collection.

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