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5 Best Summer Watches for Women in 2024

Here we've curated the top 5 summer watches for women as your companion. Enjoy your outdoor activities with these lovely timepieces. Check it here!
May 21, 2024

It’s summer here and it’s always a great season to spend time doing outdoor activities with friends or families. As such, you definitely need the best-suited timepiece to keep you company day and night. In this article, I’m going to share which would be an exquisite collection of summer watches for women. Nowadays, a watch isn’t only about functionality but also how it elevates our styles. No need to worry as I assure you that every piece is worth a collection.

As a watch enthusiast, I believe that every season has a different color of timepieces — be it the dial color, watch complication or straps. Not to mention, the need for certain characteristics of timepieces for outdoor activities. Therefore, choosing one that suits your needs is important to keep you feel comfortable and avoid damage to the watch. Let’s get straight into the discussion about the best summer watches for women.

Why You Need Summer Watches

Season shift also calls for a perfect timepiece, especially when summer comes. You need one that not only functions as a time-telling buddy but also an all-around timepiece to keep you in style and in check for holiday needs. In short, you need specific watches for the summer.

When it comes to summer, outdoor activities are most likely to be the favorite ones. Whether you are just laying out on a sun-kissed beach or having more active water sports, such as snorkeling and diving, each of them needs a different type of timepiece with exceptional water resistance. 

As for the strap, you might want to avoid leather as they’re not prone to water, especially salt water. As an alternative, stainless steel and rubber are more common for water sports and summer watch straps

Some people also prefer more rugged activities during summer, such as hiking or trekking which definitely need a durable one. A perfect companion, such as a compass, altimeter, and timezone complications would keep you on track. Besides, watches with good anti-shock resistance would do good for your adventurous summer. 

After all, whatever types of activities you choose for summertime, make sure to have good summer watches for women on your wrist. The one that keeps you in style and on track at the same time.

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Top 5 Summer Watches for Women in 2023

Enjoying summertime to the fullest wouldn’t be complete yet without special summer watches for women. All you need is a timepiece that fits your needs to look gorgeous while also being fulfilled with a great companion on the wrist. Below are the top 5 summer watches for women for your collection.

1. Aqua Terra 150m Co-Axial Master Chronometer 34mm

Looking at this appealing visual, everyone may agree that the watch is specifically made for women. It exudes a classic feminine design with wave-patterned on its blue dial background, bringing the vibe of the ocean. Wearing it as one of your summer watches for women would always make you look in style — this is a jackpot that elevates you to another level.

Moving on to its performance, the Omega Calibre 8800 is worth to be mentioned first as it has Master Chronometer Certified, ensuring the highest precision a watch could offer. Despite its feminine and elegant look, this Aqua Terra would be just fine to accompany your overall timeline for summertime. 

The watch has been equipped with a high standard of magnetic resistance and anti-magnetic. As such, you could entirely rely on the precision of the watch. Adding to its beauty, the deep blue dial is integrated with Sedna gold indexes. That way, you have a complete package of reliable summer watches for women for your companion.

2. Oris Sixty Five Bronze “Cotton Candy” Green  

A fresh palate for a refreshing summertime. Enjoying the colorful summer wouldn’t be complete without this cheeky timepiece by Oris. The Sixty Five Bronze “Cotton Candy” Green is one among the other dial color variations that also come in blue and pink dials. The watch is meant to bring a smile and simple joy as if cotton candy for summer watches for women.

Looked appealing with a peppy palette and all-bronze color design, the watch would definitely stand out when you wear it. The all-bronze also brings another unique charm of vintage watches that makes a good combination with the fresh dial color. Besides, the strap is available in stainless steel and leather, giving you a choice to change it depending on the occasion. 

This exceptional watch is also built to be a companion for diving activities equipped with 100m of water resistance. What drives behind the wheel is theOris 733 caliber which is a modified Sellita SW 200-1. All three models would be a great pair for your summer activities that give you a vibe of vintage and fresh at the same time. 

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3. Rado Captain Cook Marina Hoermanseder

Are you planning to have a campfire or evening cocktails at the pool? Giving a cool look for that event wouldn’t be difficult with the Rado Captain Cook Marina Hoermanseder. This chic timepiece gives a fresh and stylish appearance. 

The overall pinkish look exudes summer vibes that match the energy. Whilst at the same time, a touch of rose gold colored accents is a great contribution to giving elegance amidst the attractive dusty pink. The watch also comes in proportional dimensions, 37mm in diameter and 11mm in height. 

Well-polished with PVD coating, the watch is equipped with high-quality materials, such as vintage-style Super-Luminova, domed crystal, ceramic bezel, and rose gold-colored crown. Not to mention, the ability of water resistance up to 300m — giving a great performance for the best summer watches for women.

4. Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Handwinding Brown 38 

The next recommendation on summer watches for women is the aesthetic timepiece from Hamilton, the Khaki Field Mechanical Handwinding Brown 38 Ref. H69439901. The watch is quite bulky which makes it as common as men’s watches. However, it only measures 38mm wide and 9.5mm in height, resulting in an exceptionally well and versatile for most wrists size, both men and women.

The watch comes with durability and robustness that would make a great companion. Built-in based on military specs, the watch would especially be perfect for rugged activities, such as hiking, trekking, or cliff climbing.

The Caliber H-50 runs reliably and drives every part of the watch with 28,800 beats per hour and 42-hour of power reserve. It is also equipped with Green SuperLuminova to keep you in check with everything on the dial in the dark environment. 

Not to mention that the watch is paired with a 20mm sturdy beige nylon strap with brown color keepers that is suitable for all occasions and conditions. After all, this is an impeccable watch for your daring summertime.

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5. Norqain Adventure Sport Ladies Two-tone Black

Last but not least is the Norqain Adventure Sport Ladies Two-tone Black. It radiates elegance that every woman certainly adores and functionality to perform at its best. The watch also delivers enchanting elements both in design and overall character as it is built as an all-rounder timepiece.

What makes it good as an option for the best summer watches for women lies in its refined visuals and performance — ready for a lifetime of adventures the watch is intended for. As one of the luxury Swiss watch manufacturing industry, this sports watch comes with excellent finishes to the gentle curves and pleasing proportions.

As for its performance, the Norqain Caliber NN08 Swiss-made automatic movement runs reliably as a workhorse, giving the watch a power reserve of 38 hours. Besides, the watch would make a good fit for water sports, such as diving. It’s equipped with 100m of water resistance, a black rubber strap, a 5N red gold bezel with a ceramic ring, and a C1 Superluminova luminous marker.

Clearly, there are abundant other options for summer watches for women. You might have a different taste in summer that isn’t included on the list above. After all, what matters the most is that you enjoy the vibes of summer to the fullest along with your lovely timepiece on the wrist. 

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