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7 Best Summer Watch Straps: Your Ally for the Sunny Weather

7 Best Summer Watch Straps: Your Ally for the Sunny Weather

The best summer watch straps are comfortable, airy, and keeps you cool even during the heat. Check out which ones are worth the wear.
Apr 18, 2024

Along with a sunny timepiece, a best summer watch strap for the upcoming hot weather is a must. Getting ready for the picnic days outdoors at the park? Or perhaps a solid session of surfing down at the beach? The right band can ease your experience reading for a time during the heat. You mostly would feel uncomfortable with a sweaty wrist.

Now, when considering a strap fit for the summer, the materiality and style determine it all. The final choice of which bracelet and brand will finally come down to a matter of preference.

So, what kind of materials are fit for the best summer watch strap? Weighing in on its lightweight materials and breathability, nylon and rubber is an obvious choice. Other matters involving mesh or perforated also provide an airy feeling. 

The final question is then, which one should you pick? Not to worry, I’ve summarized the 7 best straps for the summer to consider. These alternatives will provide you with the airy and coolness factor when strapped onto your favorite timepiece. A must for the sunny weather months.

7 Best Summer Watch Straps to Feel Cool During the Heat

The best summer watch straps will keep your wrist feeling airy, cool, and most definitely not leave a sticky experience. Not only that, the right band plays a role in accentuating your timepiece with style. First, consider these 7 options to get you inspired:

NATO Strap

The first best summer watch straps are of course from NATO. The tightly reinforced stitching means that it would stay sturdy to prevent fraying. Furthermore, the nylon materials are developed to be smooth and soft so as to not irritate your skin – a comfy feeling is necessary when facing the heat, yes?

Consider the Regimental Blue Yellow NATO G10 Military Nylon strap. The combination of blue and yellow color serves as the ultimate breezy weather look. 

Artem Sailcloth Watch Strap

For a luxurious touch, consider the Artem Sailcloth Watch Strap. Made from the very same matter used on the sail of a boat, this addition may well add a feeling of a relaxing voyage down at the coast. Moreover, the stitched and padded feature on the strap conveys a particularly elegant flair.

Forstner River Bracelet with Stretch Links

The next best summer watch strap is the Forstner River bracelet. Now, you might initially think that stainless steel is definitely not a perfect match for the summer months. Not to worry, for the enthusiasts whose sole interest is stainless steel, this particular band caters to your needs along with the sunny weather through its stretchable links.

No more overly tight stainless steel bracelets. This strap will expand and fit well with your swelling wrist.

Bonetto Rubber Strap

Looking into something eye-catching? Your best summer watch strap may be the Bonetto Ref. 306 Pepper Red Classic Rubber Strap in 20mm. Using natural rubber, this Italian-made band is sturdy, water-resistant, and attractive. The material also provides a particular resistance to the garnering of dust along with particles.

Sizing at 5mm thick and tapering at 4mm along the ends, the Bonetto Rubber Strap in Pepper Red provides a clean finish to almost all watches. Easy and classic wear.

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Original Tropic Strap

The Original Tropis is another best watch strap for the summer. First established during the 1960s, this vintage band was an OEM replacement for brands such as the luxurious Rolex. What is most famously known from this particular strap is the thin and tapered design, channeled underside, checkerboard motif along with vulcanized rubber material.

ISOfrane 1968 Strap

This is the classic watch strap first developed in the 1960s. These iconic bands are made from Isoprene – the same material used in tire production. It’s exceptionally sturdy and more especially, resistant to temperature changes. 

This resilient strap coupled with their signature style of ladder-like arrangement of vent makes for a top-tier watch band for the summer months.

Staib Polished Finish Polonaise Mesh Bracelet

A steel mesh bracelet is a popular watch strap choice. Most especially during the 30s, 40s, and 60s. Now, the gaps between the meshes allow for the breathability very much needed during the heat of the summer weather. The Staib Polished Finish Polonaise Mesh bracelet is beautifully varnished 

That summarizes my suggestion on the best summer watch straps available today. Indeed, they are the definition of a perfect ally during the hot weather. On a final note, don’t forget to take careful attention to the measurements of your timepiece so as to fit well with your potential band.

Stay tuned to our Gnomon blog for more cool recommendations, handy tips, and timeless wisdom revolving around the world of horology.

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