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What is the Difference between Watch Bracelet and Watch Strap?

What is the Difference between Watch Bracelet and Watch Strap?

The terms watch strap and watch bracelet are often used interchangeably. The same functions but different ideas. Read more to find out!
Apr 17, 2024

Watch straps are indeed part of the essential things in a wristwatch. It secures your watch to be held and circles around the wrist. It comes in various styles, colors, and materials that can bring a different aura to each strap you choose. With that being said, it is definitely more than just an accessory. However, this article won’t talk about different types of watch straps or how to choose which one is good for you. 

Have you ever realized the different way when you mention that particular part that holds your watch securely on the wrist? As for you, who have been a fan for years, this matter might just be a trivial thing, but for those new to collecting watches, this article could be interesting. 

You might think that people use the terms watch strap and watch bracelet interchangeably but actually, they don’t. It depends on the material used, whether made of metal or non-metal. So, what is the difference between a watch strap and a watch bracelet? Let’s continue to the next section.

Watch bracelet 101

The term watch bracelet is actually quite self-explanatory, yet it might only tell the function for you. It works like a bracelet but more tightly to secure and hold on a watch to your wrist.  The reason why it is called a watch bracelet refers to the material used. 

That way, a simple and easy definition for a watch bracelet is anything that secures a watch on the wrist and is made of metal. Most of the time, stainless steel is a common material even for high-end watch brands, such as Rolex and Montblanc. Stainless material basically offers a list of benefits, such as strength, anti-corrosive, and oxidation resistance. 

However, stainless steel is not the only option left for the watch bracelet. Some watch manufacturers also use gold and rose-gold for their metal watch bracelets. It has a higher price range yet you wouldn’t deny its elegant beauty combined with a royal lineage. A yellowish hue for gold watches and a hue of rose in rose-gold watches

Other than that, a watch with stainless steel watch bracelet is indeed more common and appears to be in an abundant number. Not only that it mostly the default pair from the manufacturer but also a good one with a list of benefits. 

In addition to that, the watch bracelet has a range of styles that would spoil you. There are a lot of iconic designs from the most popular one to the common one. You might often hear the Oyster bracelet patented by Rolex in 1947. 

It is considered one of the most enchanting designs in 20th-century wristwatch history. Aside from Oyster, you could also choose among the Bonklip, Beads of Rice, Jubilee, Ladder, Oak of Bracelet by Rolex, and Milanese. 

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Watch strap 101

Still has the same function which is to keep and secure your watch to the wrist, a watch strap is more flexible when it comes to material. There is quite a variation to make a watch strap but mostly watch manufacturers use leather, rubber, and nylon. 

In many cases, a strap will be a default setting in old-watches or vintage pieces or a modern watch that takes inspiration from a vintage. Not only that it exudes an oldish vibe and persona but also there is a story that lies behind the choice. Let’s go back to the era of World War 2.

The reason why vintage pieces mostly come with a strap is due to the shortages of metal around the world during the war. As a result, the watch manufacturers need to use another type of material as an alternative. That was when a strap began to be common. Therefore, many modern reinterpretations of vintage watches use strap instead of the bracelet — none other than to reflect the past. 

When to choose between a bracelet and strap?

You probably wonder how to match our attire with the choice of whether to use a watch strap or watch bracelet. As the basics of watch collecting, wearing the one that makes you feel comfortable and confident is crucial. There might be some other things you need to consider, such as the kind of activities you would do. 

Wearing a watch bracelet is the most common one even when it comes to being fashionable. It goes well with office attire in a formal situation even for a night out with colleagues. However, you might need to reconsider using a watch bracelet for a more informal situation. 

As for that solution, a watch strap could be your way to go. It’s undeniable fact that a strap is more versatile than a bracelet. That way, it works well either for formal occasions or just a leisure gathering event. A rubber strap is a good choice for any kind of active lifestyle, such as on the beach. It can be cleaned easily compared to the metallic material. That way, you don’t need to worry too much.

Final thoughts

In this last section, I would say that a watch strap or bracelet is the simplest way you can do to change the overall style of a watch. You could directly switch from a formal attire look with a jubilee stainless steel bracelet to a dandy and elegant style with a NATO strap around the wrist.

When it comes to the difference between both terms, the materials used to make them are the answer. Watch straps are mostly used to refer to the ones made from non-metallic substances, such as leather, rubber, and nylon. On the other hand, a watch bracelet mostly refers to ones made from metallic substances, such as stainless steel.

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