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5 Most Prestigious Oris Watch Limited Edition You Should Know

5 Most Prestigious Oris Watch Limited Edition You Should Know

Oris watch limited edition is one of the most valuable men's possessions in the world of horology. Check out some of the top rare gems here!
Apr 17, 2024

In the world of horology, finding an exceptional timepiece gives a distinct type of prestige to a watch collector. Aside from the luxury and uniquely made men’s wristwatches, the rare gems that a few can only possess make for a nice addition to the collection. One of the prized possessions for men in this case is the Oris watch limited edition.

As the infamous Swiss mechanical watch brand that operated since 1904, Oris has maintained its reputation by innovating and maintaining its traditional values in its crafts. Oris’ intricate and precise craftsmanship earns the loyalty of its faithful customers. In other words, collecting Oris limited edition watches has become a practice to gain the satisfaction of acquiring such rare editions.

Oris is a brand that has been operating for more than a century. Its name still holds a reputable distinction among all the other timepiece brands. Hence, the Oris watch limited edition becomes a distinguished addition to the world of watch collection.

5 Most Prestigious Oris Watch Limited Edition

When it comes to collecting timepieces, the rarest and more vintage it is, the better it ages over time. Getting Oris watch limited edition does not only satisfy someone’s need as a watch collector but also functions as a form of investment. As time passes, the special edition is going to be scarcely available in the market. Therefore, the value of the watch also increases due to its rarity.

In addition to the prestigious value Oris limited edition watches hold, each has its own specific theme. Along with Oris’ precise craftsmanship, the special edition has a distinct and particular aspect that makes it different from the other watches on the market. Hence, acquiring it is a form of sport on its own for a watch collector.

Oris is mostly known for its classic and specified wristwatches. Either for a pilot or a diver, Oris limited edition watches come in a unique and particular style, which differs it from the rest of the brand’s regular collection.

Generally, Oris is a brand that presents vintage and contemporary designs. However, a unique touch is consistently added to its special release or collaboration. So, what kind of charm does the Oris watch limited edition have? Let’s find out below!

Oris Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III

Oris’ commitment to ocean preservation is clearly displayed in the Oris Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III. As a form of the special partnership with the Reef Restoration Foundation, the special edition watch presents the signature of Oris Aquis. In this case, the uniquely made driver watch is only limited to 2,000 pieces.

To showcase the pledge to clean the ocean, Oris Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III comes with a dazzling gradient blue dial and an aqua blue ceramic insert in its bezel. The 43.5 mm stainless steel case and a screw-down crown protects the automatic movement inside the watch. As a diver watch, this Oris watch limited edition is equipped with a 300 m water-resistant feature.

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Oris Source of Life Limited Edition

In contrast to the previous wristwatch, Oris Source of Life Limited Edition does not stand for a cause. Instead, it has a specific meaning of water being the source of life. The creation is meant to honor the river named the Rhine that flows near Oris’s hometown of Hölstein.

To showcase the beauty of the river, Oris Source of Life Limited Edition applies the blue-gray color onto its dial. Along with it, the gray rubber strap creates a nicely crafted aesthetic of a classic Oris design. To make it more special, the map of the river Rhine is engraved on the back of the case nicely.

Oris Big Crown Roberto Clemente

As a tribute to the great baseball player and humanitarian, Roberto Clemente, this Oris watch limited edition displays his legacy in style. This special timepiece is only limited to 3,000 pieces. It represents the legendary man’s career in the most subtle and delicate ways.

To display Roberto Clemente’s successful career with his team, Pittsburgh Pirates, this Big Crown special edition is equipped with a dial made of the white, green, black, and gold palette. Additionally, the number 21 on the date index is highlighted in gold to represent the legend’s jersey number. The portrait of Roberto Clement on the steel case back makes it a more special tribute to his professional career and achievements in life.

Oris X Momotaro

As a casual watch lover, Oris x Momotaro will make a perfect addition to your watch collection. This special Oris watch limited edition is specifically crafted with the idea of the free-spirited style of Momotaro Jeans from Japan. The design includes high-quality jeans, the classic signature of the Japanese denim company.

The free-spirited and casual style of this unique Oris watch limited edition is displayed visibly through its design. With the green dial as well as the indigo blue denim strap with two battle strips, the Momotaro special watch offers a glimpse of the Japanese vintage textile company’s spirit.

Oris Lake Baikal Limited Edition

The commitment to preserving clean water is presented divinely in this Oris watch limited edition. Oris Lake Baikal Limited Edition is a creation made from a partnership with the Lake Baikal Foundation. The foundation has been actively preserving the lake for around 75 years. 

To show the character of the deep lake, the Lake Baikal Limited Edition applies the icy blue gradient on the dial. Additionally, a touch of classic Aquis presents the signature aesthetic of one of Oris’ most well-known watches. As to what makes this watch special, the engraved frozen lake image on the case back beautifully provides the image of Lake Baikal during the harsh cold winter.

That was the list of most valuable Oris limited edition watches and each of their special characteristics. As a classic Swiss mechanical timepiece brand, Oris has managed to keep innovating and creating unique products for environmental causes. Adding an Oris watch limited edition into your collection does not only make for a great investment but also a nice distinction to your style in the art of collecting exclusive timepieces.

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