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8 Best Waterproof Watches Wonderful to Keep Them from Damage

Going for water sport activities? Here’s a list of 8 best waterproof watches for men and women that will keep them from being damaged.
May 21, 2024

Whether you’re going on a beach or are hosting a family picnic down by the lake, the best waterproof watches will keep telling you the current time, despite contact with splashes of water.  As we all know, just a few drops of the liquid getting through a timepiece can damage the movements and make it finally stop. 

Thankfully, in the span of the past century, watchmakers have developed technologies in protecting the inner workings of a timepiece to prevent water from entering and causing damage. In short, these are established in the form of waterproof watches. Now, these timekeepers have different abilities in resisting water. 

This is a result of the varying activities one would need a waterproof watch for. Of course, one for a dive and another just for laying down on the beachy sands would not exactly require the same exact timepiece. The former would be more capable submerged underwater while the latter would only need a fraction of the ability.

As a result, ratings are invented to accentuate these differences. Read on to find out about what it exactly is along with 10 recommendations of the best waterproof watches for men and women to serve as inspiration.

Defining the “Waterproof” in Waterproof Watches

To differentiate the needs of a waterproof watch allowing just splashes of water to a full-on dive down the ocean, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed two ratings for water-resistant timepieces. First, the ISO-6425 catered especially for dive watches. Second, the ISO 22810 for timekeepers other than divers.

The first requires an extensive test including immersion and temperature shock testing, pressure, condensation, and others. While for the second, the testing is left to the hands of the manufacturer. 

The second one is less complex than the one used for the ISO-6425, only a sample is required for the pressure testing and an air chamber is allowed to be used as a tool for the examination. This usually lasts 10 minutes. All are shorter than the 2 hours necessary for the dive watch evaluation.

For a short guide, a 30m in water resistance means the watch can resist splashes of the liquid from the rain or hand washing. Next, a 50m refers to a timepiece capable of a light swim in still waters. For timekeepers rated 100m above, you’re good to go for skin diving or other water sports like surfing.

4 Wonderful Waterproof Watches for Men

When considering the best waterproof watches for men, first look at their rating to determine how submerged you may be able to take the timepiece. Further on it’s a matter of preference in features and style. Here are several recommendations to get you inspired.

1. Seiko Prospex Professional 300M Tuna

The first on the list of best waterproof watches for men comes from the Japanese brand Seiko, the Prospex Professional 300M Tuna Ref. SBBN045. This timepiece features a titanium shroud, an L-shaped gasket, a vented rubber strap, and a unibody case. Its matte black dial with lume applied indices appear to pair nicely with the stainless steel silver.

Coming from the Prospex line renowned for its diving standard waterproof abilities, this particular timepiece can handle depths of up to 300m. A stunning timepiece.

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2. Seiko 5 Sports Orange

The next best waterproof watch for men is the Seiko 5 Sports Orange. Coming with a large 43mm case wrapped in stainless steel, this is one bold timepiece. What’s most especially prominent is the orange dial featuring simplistic details from a day and date window at the 3rd hour and playful soft-edged indices.

The bracelet strap has a folding clasp with a push-button along with adjustable links. This casual timepiece is powered by the magnificent automatic Caliber 4R36 movement. Coupled with a 100m in water resistance, this is the perfect watch for a sunset trip down by the beach.

3. The Citizen Eco-Drive Sunray Blue

Next, a watch from the premium line of Citizen, The Citizen Eco-Drive Sunray Blue. This particular Eco-Drive is renowned for its ability to charge itself from solar properties. Just inspecting its appearance alone, the word elegant and class arise.

This is most highlighted in the stainless steel case modestly sized at 37.5mm and polished with ‘Zaratsu’ for a glass-like finish. Together with the twilight blue dial, the glamor of The Citizen Eco-Drive Sunray Blue is even more refined. With a 100m water resistance, this is a fine watch for a luxurious and romantic yacht getaway.

4. Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman Red Rubber

Last on this list for best waterproof watches for men comes from the innovative American brand, Hamilton. The Khaki Navy Frogman in Red Rubber exudes an energy of robustness and dependability. This military diver timepiece sports a stainless steel case along with a red bezel decorated with an army-like minutes indicator.

Furthermore, the presence of a screw cap protector over the main crown allows for a more seamless winding experience. This sturdy 300m water resistance timepiece is the exemplary buddy for your outdoor experiences.

4 Winsome Waterproof Watches for Women

You don’t have to forget style when opting to buy a waterproof watch for women, here’s a list of several timepieces that are not only capable of enduring a few splashes of water but also remain chic throughout the day. 

1. Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive

The Eco-Drive series from the Japanese brand Citizen is also a stunning companion for the female counterpart. The Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive in EW-1620-57X is one of the best waterproof watches for women. The pale pink finish on the dial captures elegant femininity especially when coupled with the stainless steel case and bracelet.

Capable of resisting 100m of water, this particular timepiece can also withstand more formal events with its 25mm case size. An allrounder indeed.

2. TAG Heuer Women’s Aquaracer Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Next, the TAG Heuer Women’s Aquaracer WAY1411.BA0920 Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch is also a worthy contestant of the best waterproof watches for women. With a classy design of stainless steel case, bracelet, and a silver finish to its dial, its waterproof ability of 300m makes this particular timepiece a stunner. Superb for your diving necessities.

3. Tissot Women’s T0482172705700 T-Race Orange Watch

The Tissot Women’s T04821705700 T-Race Orange is a magnificent waterproof watch for women. It has the qualities deemed necessary for the modern racing archetype of timepieces – the presence of sub-dials and a large 36mm case size. 

The orange strap along with the combination of similar colored second hands, silver indices, and a matte black dial all create a daring and sporty finish. Perfect for the adventurous.

4. Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s 241305

The final contender on the waterproof watches for women is the Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s 241305 with its 200m rating. It features a dark blue dial contrasting beautifully with the silver stainless steel case. A delightfully unique and playful timepiece, the bracelet is made from a Naimakka Paracord. 

If you’re one who does not shy away from showing off, this distinctive feature on the Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s 241305 can serve as a great conversation starter indeed.

That’s it for several of the best waterproof watches available on the market. Hopefully, there’s one or two that interests you. Looking for more recommendations on the best timepieces available or tips on taking care of your precious timekeeper? Check it out at our Gnomon blog.

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