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How to Clean Metal Watch Strap: 6 Simple Guides

How to Clean Metal Watch Strap: 6 Simple Guides

Cleaning your metal watch bracelet is part of collecting watches. Find out how to clean metal watch band with 6 simple steps here.
Apr 17, 2024

ith continuous use of your stainless steel watch bracelet, it’s necessary to clean them regularly.  Of utmost importance is how to clean metal watch bands properly – to keep them clean and safe. When done improperly, you might risk ruining your watch strap that you would not want that, would you?

For the avid watch enthusiast, caring your timepiece a daily wipe with your trusty microfiber cloth might already be your daily routine. But for you folks who one day realized your watch has gunk or grime, a simple wipe is not where the solution lay.

From your Jubilee to your Oyster bracelet, one should also place importance on cleaning the nooks and hinges of your metal watch band where the dirt usually accumulates. Continue reading to learn how to clean metal watch band from the dirt and prevent them from compiling or ruining magnificent metal bracelets of any kind. 

The Tools Necessary for Cleaning

As with every cleaning task, in how to clean metal watch bands, tools are the master. Remember though, this is not a defining list and you can make use of the tools readily available to you.

  1. Warm water
  2. Mild liquid soap
  3. Cloth wipe
  4. Soft bristle brush/toothbrush
  5. Polish (optional)

How to Clean Metal Watch Band

Your watch deserves the ultimate care to remain splendid. What better way than to give them a clean? Now that you have the tools ready, it’s time to work their magic and give your timekeeper the shine it once has.

In how to clean your metal watch band, one must note that prior to cleaning your metal band, if you are able to, remove the band from the watch with the help of a spring bar tool. 

Some watches will have a quick-release watch strap enabling you to take the watch off from the metal band easily. This will aid in keeping your watch safe from splashes of water necessary for cleaning the straps. Below is the step in how to clean metal watch band.

1. Wipe down the dust

To start, remove layers of dust, dirt, or grime by wiping it down with paper towels, if you do have microfiber cloth or chamois cloth I recommend using them. The softer the material, the less prone your watch will be scratched.

2. Use cleaning sticks for the nooks

The next step in how to clean a metal watch band is to use a soft toothbrush dipped in soapy lukewarm water to carefully clean the intricate parts of your watch strap. This will help clean off the stubborn dirt and grime.

3. Check all hinges and corners in metal watch band

For this step, do a quick thorough check on parts of your bracelet that may have been missed on the prior step, including the hinges and corners of your bracelet extensions and strap, and get rid of the dirt.

4. Rinse and clean, room temperature water

After you are done with getting your metal band brushed, continue on to rinsing them in clean, room temperature water. This will remove the soapy water from the previous step of how to clean a metal watch band along with the dirt that remains.

5. Gently pat dry with a cloth wipe

When you are finished rinsing them, pat your metal watch band gently with a lint-free soft towel or microfiber cloth to dry off the water drops remaining on your watch. Don’t forget to wipe them again lest the water remains to ensure no water spots appear on your treasured timepiece.

6. When dry, polish for shine (optional)

For a sparkle and refined look, wipe the straps once again after they dry and spray them with polish. I recommend using the Cape Cod Clean Link by Cape Cod Polishing for that shiny look your timekeeper deserves. Remember to wipe the polish with a microfiber or buffing cloth.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Metal Watch Band?

Some experts say that once every five years is a good number. But, this number should be adjusted to your daily use. If your frequency and daily activity involving a stainless steel bracelet watch are high, cleaning them more often will maintain its quality and sanitation. Consider doing them once a month.

A reminder, should your watch get near, sprayed, or submerged in saltwater do remember to deep clean them. This is because of the corrosive state of saltwater that can damage the mechanism and rust your watch. You would not want that, would you?

The steps in how to clean metal watch bands are a simple and affordable way to clean your watch at home. Cleaning your watch band will preserve its pristine state for longer. Do consider professionally cleaning your timepiece also. Persistent scratches or dirt your toothbrush can’t remove will be gone when in the right hands.

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