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The Chic and Lasting Appeal of 7 Best Chronograph Watches

The Chic and Lasting Appeal of 7 Best Chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches radiate elegance. Cool, classic, and always in style. Read on to find out more about what it is and recommendations for the best ones.
Apr 09, 2024

Chronograph watches are a great choice for those seeking functionality. This particular watch complication allows you to calculate the difference between two distinct time points using the pushers and subdials that it has. While modern technologies have catered an easier solution for this function (e.g. phone alarms), the mechanism of a chronograph is something that the majority of horology enthusiasts favor and greatly appreciate.

Read on to find out more about what a chronograph watch is, suggestions on how to make it work along with a few recommendations of the very best ones you could have.

What is a Chronograph Watch?

A chronograph watch in essence is a timepiece fitted with a complication that allows the wearer to measure the difference in time between two points. This function is supported by the presence of two pushers along with two or three sub-dials.

The calculation time measured by chronographs may vary, some will give 30 to 60 minutes and others may calculate up to an incredible 12 hours.

How to Use a Chronograph Watch

Now, one can utilize the chronograph function of a watch by first finding the pushers usually located at 2 and 4 o’clock. The one located at the top would be used to start and stop the measurement of the time.

To read the measured time, you can look into the subdials available on a chronograph watch. To illustrate this, let’s imagine that your watch has a 60-minute subdial at 3 o’clock. 

If you are counting for 20 minutes and 10 seconds, the 60-minute subdial will have its hands pointing at 4 to indicate the passing time. The seconds hands that come on your watch will then show how many seconds have passed.

The pusher on the 4 o’clock would then function as a tool to reset the time measurement back to zero.

7 Magnificent Chronograph Watch to Wear on Your Wrist

To get you started on collecting chronograph watches, here are 7 of the most magnificent ones, from luxurious to affordable, and from a variety of well-known quality brands that you can choose. 

Yema Speedgraf

The first best chronograph watch is the Yema Speedgraf. It features a reverse-panda dial, a vintage-inspired appearance and comes in a 39mm size. Aside from that, the applied indices along with the domed sapphire crystal add to the attractiveness of this timepiece.

Yema Speedgraf

Its old-style look is further defined into the category of racing watches with the appearance of the tachymeter surrounding the dial.

The chronograph caliber used in the Yema Speedgraf is the Seiko NE86. It’s a 34 ruby jewel movement and operates at a powerful rate of 28,000 bph along with an outstanding 45 hours of power reserve.

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Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope

Next, the Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope – a solid choice of another best chronograph watch. It has a case size of 40mm and 30 m of water resistance. The highlighting factor of this particular timepiece lies in its almost bezel-less look.

Hence, it oozes a certain elegance when paired with the domed crystal that the Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope has.

The chronograph complication, an aperture, and the basic functions of a watch appear to have been reduced in size on the dial. Hence, creating a minimal, simplistic yet astounding timepiece to have.

Seiko Presage SRQ023

The Presage SRQ023 by the illustrious brand, Seiko, is also another great chronograph to pick. Some of the features this great watch brings are the in-house movement along with a vertical clutch and column wheel.

Its dial is made from vitreous enamel, renowned for the delicateness of the craftsmanship that it requires. The roman numerals also pair beautifully with the ceramic white dial and the stainless steel bezel. A classic timepiece.

Breitling Superocean Heritage B01 Chronograph 44

Another chronograph that is cool, classy, and chic is the Breitling Superocean Heritage B01 Chronograph 44. Aside from having the time measuring function, this particular timepiece is a reissue of their iconic Superocean, the brand’s first diver born in 1957.

It has an in-house movement, a column-wheel chronograph, and triangular-shaped hands. The unidirectional bezel paired with a polished ceramic ring along with the watches’ range of materials including 18k red gold and stainless steel makes for an elegantly chic timepiece.

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MIDO Multifort Patrimony Chronograph

The Swiss brand Mido has the Multifort Patrimony Chronograph which highlights two subdials and a date aperture atop a ceramic white face. Surrounding that is a tachymeter scale for greater functional use of the timepiece.

This vintage watch is a tribute to the brand’s iconic Multichrono chronograph born in 1937. The rendition is supported by a robust automatic movement that allows for a whopping 60 hours of power reserve. 

Alongside that, the domed sapphire crystal glass and the old-style Mido logo featured on its face provide a satisfying time reading experience.

Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Auto Chrono

The Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Auto Chrono is a chronograph watch that features a black and white dial and a hand-wound movement. It shares the brand’s classic, vintage-styled 2-piece case construction with the boxed sapphire glass.

Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Chronograph H White - Bracelet Ref. H38429110

This 60s-inspired watch has a warm, circular construction supported by slim angular lugs. In addition to that, Its pump pushers are stamped with the Hamilton signature. Applied with sleek polishing, the timepiece provides a classic and clean look for the wearer.

A Lange & Sohne Datograph Up/Down

Last, the A Lange & Sohne Datograph Up/Down is also another fantastic example of a chronograph watch to choose and wear. 

Some distinctive features included in this timepiece are the larger-than-usual date aperture, a state-of-the-wind window, and a beautiful open case back revealing the mechanical movement that powers up the watch.

Coming in black leather and 950 platinum or brown leather with 18k pink carat gold, the A Lange & Sohne Datograph Up/Down is tasteful to wear on any wrist.

Now, have you taken an interest in any of the chronograph watches? These timepieces sure do provide an elegant charm that is worth adding to any collection of timekeepers. 

To get more recommendations like these, head down to our Gnomon blog where I discuss all things horology.

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