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7 Best Watches for Motorcycles Riders to Wear in 2024

If you are a watch enthusiast and motorcycle lover, get a perfect combination of both through these robust watches for motorcycle riders.
May 22, 2024

If we have racing watches, a timepiece inspired by the F1 event, we also have watches for motorcycle riders. Truth be told, the watchmaking industry offers and provides almost every kind of watch for almost any kind of field or obsessions. In fact, timepieces can be a practical tool for motor riders while riding at a fast speed. 

Both motorcycles and timepieces also have some kind of similarities, such as the gears, mechanics, and moving parts. That way if you are a motorcycle rider, having a timepiece would make a complete package – in terms of tools and appearance. Your fascination with motorcycles and timepieces could be a perfect combination for the day. 

There are many timepieces that are inspired by motorcycle riders available in the market. In this article, I will share some of my favorites that might also pick your interest. Let’s get straight into the discussion.

The 7 Best Watches for Motorcycles Riders in 2023

Some probably never thought of what a timepiece has to do with a motorcycle. Well, it can’t be denied how watch brands build a partnership with other industries to boost their exposure and expand their market. Meanwhile, if we try to scrutinize the whole thing in detail, only little things that give resemble motorcycles in a timepiece.

Truth be told, the watches for motorcycle riders below might be no different. But at least, both motorcycle and timepiece need meticulous and delicate engineering to make. The labor of craftsmanship that goes into the process might also be as intensive as designing a motorcycle. At the very least, motorcycle riders can get what they need in a timepiece, especially one designed with features for them.

So, are you interested to look more for a watch for motorcycle riders? Try to take a look at the list below.

1. Bulgari Aluminum Ducati Special Edition Chronograph

The first watch for motorcycle riders is a limited and special edition of a partnership between Ducati and Bulgari. The Bulgari Aluminum Ducati Special Edition Chronograph appears in a robust and bold design. The contrast between the red dial and black outer ring and rubber does make a stunning look when it’s strapped on the wrist.

The dial also features three black sub-dials as the chronograph. The overall construction is made of premium materials, from black rubber for the bezel and bracelet, titanium caseback, aluminum watch case, and titanium crown and pushers. Finished with the signatures of both brands, the timepiece would be a luxury watch for motorcycle riders. 

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2. Alsta Motoscaphe 120

Another collaboration that brings in an exceptional watch for motorcycle riders is the Alsta Motoscaphe 120. The product is a result of Alsta collaboration with Allen Farmelo, a motorcyclist and founder of the watch blog “Beyond the Dial” – such a well-made collaboration.

The design gives a satisfying and pleasing appearance with an all-black color combined with white markers and watch hands. There aren’t complex features on the dial, only a simplicity that is intended to resist your temptation to glance at your watch while riding. Another interesting thing on the dial is the shark’s teeth hour markers and a sword-and-dagger shape for the hands.

3. Steinhart Le Mans GT Chronograph

Instead of collaboration, the Le Mans by Steinhart is a timepiece that pays tribute to the daring riders with their legendary racing series in the past. It refers to the so-called ’24 Heures du Mans’ race that has been held in Le Mans, French yearly since 1923. The race is a testing point for car manufacturers to ensure the reliability and development of their vehicles.

As for the Le Mans GT Chronograph, the watch gives a legit appearance that screams for motorsports. It features a dual-layer dial made of genuine carbon fiber. The bezel is also equipped with a tachymeter for speed measuring. Taking a closer look, you’ll realize that the second-hand takes a shape of a speedometer needle to further resemble a watch for motorcycle riders.

4. ievas Timeattack

The Timeattack by Dievas is a fresh watch for motorcycle riders made with high accuracy. The watch is specifically designed to fulfill the need for excellent accuracy, including in motor racing. While also being accurate, the watch is versatile enough to be part of practical timing instruments for extreme adventures.

As for the watch design, it puts much attention to provide high legibility for the wearer. The three sub-dials appear in white with shades of orange and yellow to give vibrancy and enable the wearer to tell time very easily at a glance. In addition to that, every element on the dial has been generously coated with multiple layers of Grade A Swiss Superluminova for better legibility in any light condition.

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5. Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Norton Edition

A vintage, elegant, and sporty-looking timepiece made in collaboration between Breitling and a British motorcycle maker, Norton. The Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Norton Edition truly spoils both watch enthusiasts and motorcycle lovers with its premium existence.

The watch is driven by the in-house Caliber Manufacture 01 movement with the Norton engravement logo on the left side of the watch case. The chronograph comes in two white sub-dials that make a good contrast with the black dial. In addition to that, the leather strap adds an urban chic appearance to the watch, making it looks more vintage while also sporty. Complete your collection with this watch for motorcycle riders.

6. Tag Heuer Monaco

An iconic watch for motorcycle riders by Tag Heuer that takes a rectangle watch case shape, the Tag Heuer Monaco definitely should be on your radar. The dial is the highlight of the watch where you can see a clean layout along with two white sub-dials in a rectangle shape. A combination of blue, white, and red colors on the dial somehow resembles a speedometer display on a motorcycle.

Driven by Calibre Heuer 02, the watch runs at its finest robust performance. Aside from being reliable and accurate, the movement is also an eye-catcher with its visually appealing design – black rotor, red column wheel, and decorative cutouts.  Measured 39mm in diameter, Monaco is an excellent watch for motorcycle riders to complete their gear.

7. Bremont Isle of Man TT

The last watch for motorcycle riders on the list is the Bremont Isle of Man TT. The brand itself has been an original fit for motorsports lovers and no wonder that their edition mostly gets much attention from the community. The Isle of Man TT is a special and limited edition designed to fulfill high-performance motor adventures or touring trips.

Measured at 43mm, the watch is definitely a big size watch but it doesn’t look that bulky thanks to its lug-to-lug design. The watch construction is also of premium quality with durability, such as a scratch-resistant PVD-treated for a watch case. Overall, you definitely would fall into amazement at its dial layout that exudes a clean and crisp display. 

Final Thought

Many watches for motorcycle riders are created as a collaboration with motorcycle brands, such as Ducati and Norton. Despite the different ideas of how you look at watches inspired by motorcycles, the world of the watchmaking industry does always have room for everyone. 

In fact, we can see various tool watches made for a specific group of people, such as racing watches, pilot and dive watches, as well as watches designed for nurses (although this isn’t common anymore). In the end, we can go back to the idea of watches are for everyone and definitely also for those who enjoy both timepieces and motorcycles.

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