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le jour chronograph review

Precision and Style Combined: Le Jour Chronograph Review

Experience a great combination of design and functionality. Le Jour chronograph is an exquisitely precise and fashionable one. See the details here!
May 02, 2024

Do you love a chronograph that has a combination of functionality and style? Well, if you do, you have come to the right place because the Le Jour chronograph is an exquisite watch that combines both functionality and style.

Le Jour is a brand that has been established since the 1960s. This watchmaking company started small as a watch distributor and began gaining fame in the 1970s by selling the chronograph by Heuer. Ever since Le Jour has gained popularity and become renowned for the iconic watches it produced. One of them is the Le Jour chronograph.

Le jour chronograph is the perfect timepiece that offers a value of heritage with the brand’s history, as well as functionality through precision and top-notch engineering. All in all, the Le Jour chronograph is the perfect timepiece.

So, if you are curious about what this timepiece has to offer, you can learn the details in our Le Jour chronograph review below! Let’s explore the beauty of this watch and get ready to fall in love with it!

Overview of Le Jour Le Mans Chronograph

As already known, Le Jour is a brand that carries a deep history with chronographs, which is shown in their collection called Le Jour Le Mans Chronograph. It was created based on a classic design of chronograph in the late 1960s. Additionally, it carries craftsmanship value as it is built and housed like a durable tool watch.

By taking inspiration from the Heuer Pasadena chronograph series of 7203, the Le Mans Chronograph becomes a testament to the brand’s heritage with chronographs.

In addition, the Le Jour chronograph series Le Mans have multiple color designs, including the reverse panda, rose gold, green, vintage white, ice blue, white, and blue.

With its features and design, this watch is perfect for anyone who values functionality and heritage. The Le Jour chronograph of this series sure will satisfy your need for functionality and style.

A Closer Look at the Le Jour Le Mans Chronograph

Now that you have already got the overview of the Le Jour Le Mans chronograph, we will lead you to more intricate details of this timepiece to satisfy your interest in the Le Jour chronograph. Check it out below!

Le Jour Le Mans Chronograph Color Designs

For the first step, let’s take a close look at the multiple color designs that the Le Jour Le Mans chronograph offers. 

The first color design is the Le Mans Chronograph Reverse Panda. The combination of black and white provides you with the perfect mix of refinement and classic fashion. The classic color combination will surely give off elegance even in the upcoming years.

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Secondly, the color design of the rose gold dial offers you a romantic and seductive appeal. The romanticness that it exudes undoubtedly adds elegance to the watch design.

Third, there is the color green. This beautiful color design exudes a lovely shade of dusk green dial. This color design of the timepiece adds a stylish and refined appearance that is perfect for formal settings.

Next, the Le jour chronograph series Le Mans comes in a vintage white dial, which offers you a timeless and classic vibe. The matte finish and subtle off-white color enhance the timepiece’s classic aesthetic.

Fifth, it comes in the color ice blue dial, which exudes the calm and serene vibes of a frozen winter land. The images that the color exudes are certainly mesmerizing and add to the beauty of the watch.

Another color design comes in the white dial, the classical hue that embraces the classical appearance that is always right. The beauty of the timepiece is enhanced by the simplicity, purity, and cleanliness of the white color.

Last but not least, Le Jour Le Mans Chronograph comes in the color blue dial, which enhances the refinement of the timepiece. It is perfect to complement your modern look.

Watch Case

Further, we will take you a closer look at the watch case. This watch will offer you a bold and striking appearance but still give you comfort with its 42mm diameter, 51mm lug-to-lug distance, and 17mm thickness.

In addition, this watch shows top-tier craftsmanship and meticulous details throughout the case. The case is completed with a fine satin brushing, seamless transitions, and polished chamfers that add a touch of sophistication. Each of the components gives the timepiece functionality and stunning visuals.


Another fascinating component in this Le Jour chronograph is the bezel that is specifically useful for drivers of sports-car racing. The bezel is a fixed brushed stainless steel that includes a tachymeter scale to gauge speed over a fixed distance. So, the features in the bezel make this watch a perfect companion during your exciting race.


Furthermore, we will discuss the dial of the Le Jour Le Mans chronograph that comes with multiple color designs, which cater to different tastes and preferences. Besides, the thin baton hands create a harmonic and proportionate dial layout that can make you read the time clearly.

Moreover, the dial is also protected by a highly domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that replicates the warm charm of traditional acrylic crystals.

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Lastly, we will take you to the most important component, which is the movement. The Le Jour Le Mans Chronograph is driven with the reliable Swiss ETA caliber 7750 automatic chronograph movement. The 25 jewel movement beats at 28,800 BPH to provide accurate timekeeping.

And to secure the movement, this watch is completed with an engraved screw-in-case-back. In addition, it is also secured with a water resistance of 20 ATM, which provides protection during your underwater voyage.


Finally, we have already at the end of our review of Le Jour’s stunning chronograph. All in all, the Le Jour chronograph is a perfect timepiece that carries a heritage value with the brand’s history in chronographs. 

With meticulous attention to detail and great craftsmanship, this watch perfectly matches those who love precision and style. In addition, the stunning appearance completed with the features makes this timepiece a true gem.

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