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7 Best White Dial Watches for Men: Fresh, Bright and Dandy

7 Best White Dial Watches for Men: Fresh, Bright and Dandy

Discover the elegance of all-white men's watches. We have curated the best white dial watches for men, symbolizing purity and timeless style. Explore here.
Apr 09, 2024

Serious all-black and fun colorful timepieces are stunning indeed, but have you considered white dial watches for men? The charm of this muted color lies in the accentuated appearance of a clean, fresh and bright demeanor. It’s the faultless piece to bring on as a time-telling buddy on the summer days.

Whether you’re going for a day off at the park or enjoying a summer night out downtown, you can be delighted that somewhere out there is a white watch that fits your exact need. Well, look no further, in this article, I summarize 7 of the best timepieces of the cheery color for you to get inspired.

7 Cool and Competent White Dial Watches for Men

The definition of a perfect white watch for men may have varying degrees of interpretation depending on the potential owner. A well-made and designed timepiece is something we can all agree on. 

Here is a list of 7 of the best white dial watches for men coming from varying reputable brands across the globe:

1. IWC Ref. 3705 Fliegerchronograph

The first recommended white watch for men is the IWC Ref. 3705 Fliegerchronograph. A classic white luxurious feel is further added with accents of gold on the outer rim of the dial and hands.

This unique combination is raised to the next level with a pair of white ceramic bezels and a leather strap. A posh and unique chronograph watch indeed.

2. Citizen Automatic White 

Citizen Automatic White Ref. NB1050-59A

Next, the Citizen Automatic White exudes a dandy and minimalistic aura. This white watch for men measures elegantly on the wrist with its 38mm case and 10.5mm height. In addition to that, this timepiece is equipped with the renowned in-house solar quartz movement powered by any source of light.

When paired with a suit, this Citizen watch will add a refined look. This is well supported by the polished mirror-like finish on the bezel and the chamfered edge. A modestly glamorous timepiece.

3. Junghans Form A 100 Jahre Bauhaus

The Junghans Form A 100 Jahre Bauhaus is a white watch for men which fits the definition of clean, minimal yet pretty playful. This is never the more evident in the replacement of the numerals with square colors shown on the Itten’s wheel.

This German timepiece sports a dandy automatic movement and a straightforward white dial background. In addition to that, the presence of a Milanese strap conveys an elegant demeanor to this stunning watch.

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4. Omega Speedmaster White Side of the Moon

The Omega Speedmaster White Side of the Moon is a rendition of the 64-year-old original. Appearing pure and ethereal with its full-on white ceramic and the same colored leather crocodile strap, it’s the perfect timepiece for the hot summer days.

The color can also be seen on its pushers, dial, and crown. What’s more, it’s supported by the incredible caliber 9300. Clean and dandy indeed.

5. Seiko Presage Automatic White “Baby GS Snowflake”

Seiko Presage Automatic White "Baby GS Snowflake" Ref. SARX055

The Seiko Presage Automatic White “Baby GS Snowflake is another fantastic white watch for men. Dubbed as the baby version of the Grand Seiko Snowflake due to its luxurious finish in both case and bracelet. The silver-white finish of the dial complements beautifully the applied indices and stainless steel strap.

Powered by the Caliber 6R15 Seiko Automatic movement, this Seiko timepiece is another white watch for men perfect for any occasion. 

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6. Rado True Thinline White

The Rado True Thinline White is an almost all-white watch. The blue hour dials and signature provide a clean and handsome contrast to the minimalistic timepiece. Furthermore, this is the thinnest ceramic watch from the Swiss brand measuring just 4.9mm thick.

The coolness of the timepiece may well persuade you to take it to an event during the night, cheekily hidden under the sleeves of your suit.

7. Hamilton Ventura Elvis 8 Automatic

For the contemporary man who favors a distinctive look, the Hamilton Ventura Elvis 8 Automatic is the perfect companion. Its triangular shape comes in all white with the faintest blue on the second hand. This timepiece will definitely turn the heads of those you pass. 

Powered by the incredible Hamilton Caliber H-10 automatic movement and featuring a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, you can be certain that this unique white watch for men will remain on your wrist for a long time.

Final Thought

White dial watches for men exude a charming and pure look. It’s a perfect addition to take on warm, family events to the more intimate weddings. Due to its color, the timepiece can easily dirty itself. Therefore, I recommend that you take a tad bit more care in maintaining this beautiful mute-colored timekeeper.

Stay tuned to our Gnomon blog for more recommendations, tips, and know-how revolving around watches and the horology world.

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