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Hamilton Watches

Combining American spirit and the meticulous precision of the Swiss, Hamilton produces quality timepieces shaped by their rich military and railroad heritage. Ever since its founding in 1892, the brand’s dedication towards fine craftsmanship and innovative watchmaking has never wavered, ceaselessly creating watches with cutting-edge technologies, inspired by more than a century’s worth of their impressive watchmaking history.

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Hamilton Watches, the High-Quality Timepieces You Don't Want to Miss

Starting its story in 1892, a Swiss-based watch company that was supposed to be called Columbian changed its name to Hamilton.

Hamilton watches may sound unfamiliar to some of you, but not to watch enthusiasts. It is pretty sure that they have noticed a lot of timepieces produced by Hamilton have been worn by many actresses and actors in blockbuster movies. Let’s say Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii and other lead characters in A Good Day to Die Hard, The Martian, Men in Black 3, The Commuter, and Interstellar.

Those actors and actresses can tell that Hamilton collections are more than just a regular watch brand. It is even a little bit surprising that with the superior design and quality ⎯ Swiss ETA automatic movements ⎯ Hamilton has, the brand is famous for its affordable timepieces. The traits generally are not found in watches at their price range.

Collections of Hamilton Watches

Now it is time for you to experience wearing a reputable wristwatch just like the celebrities do. These are the you-don’t-want-to-miss Hamilton watch collections. Check it out!

Aviation Watch

Intended specifically for aviation missions, Hamilton has been known for its movement accuracy and precision since 1918 when it reached the sky for the first time to accompany the first American airmail service between Washington DC and New York. This ideal collection can be found through their Hamilton Khaki Aviation Collection that perceives their prestigious heritage of serving the flying community. The Khaki Aviation Converter Auto PVD Black could be a good one of its kind.

Electrical Watch

Hamilton was a pioneer in the field of electrical watches. In 1957, Hamilton released the world’s first electrical battery-operated watch named the Ventura -- an asymmetrical triangle case that looks rugged. See its piece in detail through the Ventura Elvis80 Blackout. It became an instant hit and even more popular when Elvis Presley had it on the wrist for his musical comedy Blue Hawaii. The watch was picked because it matched the King of Rock and Roll’s character in the play.

Digital Electronic Watch

It seems like this Swiss-based watch company never runs out of ideas. Following the Ventura, Hamilton built another first in the world of watches ⎯ a digital electronic watch ⎯ called the Pulsar. A futuristic look with its groundbreaking technology as in Hamilton American Classic PSR Digital Quartz Steel.

Hollywood Favorite

It turns out that the advanced design of Hamilton timepieces attracts Hollywood movies to use those watches as their props. Hamilton watches do have a vital role in the role of watches in the movies.

Back to the 1950s when Hamilton made its very first acting debut in the movie Frog Men, to the recent one, in 2018, where Liam Neeson wears a Hamilton for The Commuter. Not to forget to mention that the Hamilton watch company designed a special wristwatch for 2001: A Space Odyssey that was called the watch of the future.

New Era

After years of creating groundbreaking works ⎯ that pioneered the futuristic electrical and digital electronic watch production ⎯ Hamilton went back to making classic watches in the 1980s. The designs remind me of what Hamilton produced in the 1920s-1960s.

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