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Best Green Dial Watches: Perfect Picks for Everyday Wear Across All Budgets

Best Green Dial Watches: Perfect Picks for Everyday Wear Across All Budgets

A green dial watch gives an interesting look to your everyday style as well as a nice addition to your watch collection. Find out all about it here!
Apr 19, 2024

When it comes to a green dial watch, the options on the market vary. Each of the watches has its own signature style that represents the identity of its brand. Aside from the styles, green watches also come with different materials and qualities to offer.

Speaking about the color green, it instantly reminds us of the fresh and clean nature. The use of this color is often found in luxury materials such as jewelry and sports cars. However, a green watch is not plentiful in the world of watchmaking.

Generally, men’s watches come in black, white, and silver dials. Today, colored dial watches have gradually started to be more present on the market. In this case, one of the unique pieces of timepieces to own is a green dial watch.

10 Best Choices for Green Dial Watch

The color green is often said to represent peaceful energy. It portrays the greenery of a forest and the beauty of jade. Just like any other color, green has different shades that give off a different vibe from one to another. It makes the character of a green watch stand out from the other classic black or white dial watches.

Men’s watches nowadays tend to vary when it comes to the dials and the designs. One of the trends that you ought to know today is owning a green watch. It can make for a nice addition to your collection or a refreshing change of scene to your everyday fashion style.

Aside from the shades and the styles, green watches vary depending on their functionality. Each of them is made with different materials that are testaments to their own qualities. To get to know the beauty of each green dial watch, let’s check out the list we have curated below!

1. Steinhart Ocean One 39

Starting off the list with the unique green dial watch by one of the renowned Swiss brands, Steinhart Ocean One 39. This classic diver watch incorporates the stunning mother-of-pearl green dial into the green aluminum bezel.

The 39 mm stainless steel watch is equipped with a 300 m water-resistant feature and a sapphire crystal. As a diver watch of great quality and beauty, it nicely goes with any casual or semi-formal clothes you wear for the outdoor water activities of the day.

2. Seiko Prospex Alpinist Green

For mountain climbers, a reliable green dial watch is a must-have item to incorporate into their fashion styles. Seiko Prospex Alpinist Green brings the classic Japanese brand’s signature of manufacturing affordable sports watches. Hence, its design focuses on the functional aspects above all else.

This Seiko’s excellent and affordable watch comes with an impeccable 70-hour power reserve and a 200 m water-resistant feature. To make it comfortable on the wrist, it also comes with a matching green nylon strap to complement the color of the dial.

3. Orient Star Contemporary Modern Skeleton Green

Orient Star offers unique green dial watch can make for a great choice of accessories for your everyday style. Orient Star Contemporary Modern Skeleton Green offers an exquisite design of a sunburst green semi-skeleton dial.

The dazzling stainless steel strap and case envelop the sunburst green dial delicately as it pair perfectly with your sleek suit for a formal occasion. Aside from functioning as a dress watch, the 41 mm luminous wristwatch can also be paired with casual or semi-formal styles.

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4. Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

For a military timepiece, Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical shows a strong identity in its design. The practicality of its features is accentuated by the classic army green colored dial. Additionally, the green canvas strap is attached to emphasize the military aesthetic of the dial.

5. Ball Watch Co. Fireman Night Train III Green

When it comes to a green dial watch, the variations of the shades bring out the diversity in its own category. Ball Watch Co. Fireman Night Train III Green is one of the examples that incorporate the unique green with a slight sunburst dial into the watch design.

With advanced technology, the classic design of the green railroad watch gets even more durable and reliable. Aside from the functionality, the design of the stainless steel case and strap compliments the deep green dial of the 43 mm watch stunningly.

6. Oris Aquis Date Green

For an affordable diver wristwatch, Oris Aquis Date Green offers great quality and an exquisite design. The green dial watch is equipped with a 300 m water-resistant feature and sapphire crystal that makes it fit to be worn during water activities.

7. Omega Seamaster 300 Malachite

To go all out with the green, you can pick Omega Seamaster 300 Malachite. The stunning dial is crafted from malachite stone. To emphasize the green aesthetic, it comes with both a green ceramic bezel and a green leather strap. In order to contrast the green, the gold-colored features are incorporated into the design as well. 

8. Seiko Presage Automatic Sharp Edged Tokiwa Green

For mechanical movement enthusiasts, Seiko Presage Automatic Sharp Edged Tokiwa Green presents a great choice in the category of green dial watches. This affordable watch from Japan comes with the best quality at a reasonable price.

To complement the specifically designed Tokiwa green dial, the stainless steel case, and strap of the 39.3 mm watch wraps around the wrist of the wearer nicely. With its sporty and elegant design, Seiko Presage Automatic Sharp Edged Tokiwa Green is fit to be worn on every type of occasion.

9. Mido Ocean Star 200C Green

As a wristwatch from another well-known Swiss brand, Mido, offers the Ocean Star 200C Green offers quality at an affordable price. The robust diving watch looks stunning with its delicately designed green dial.

To add to the strength, the Swiss green dial watch is equipped with a stainless steel case, and strap, as well as a sapphire crystal. The 42.5 mm watch can safely guide you through your diving activities as it is equipped with a 200 m water-resistant feature and a reliable screw-down crown.

10. Aristo Vintage TV Green

If you wish to add a unique watch to your collection, then a green dial watch like Aristo Vintage TV Green will be a good choice. The green dial inside the TV-shaped case and the leather strap exude the retro style that will fit nicely with your vintage fashion style of the day.

Final Thought

Thus, the beauty of each green dial watch and the best ten curated by us. Just like many other colored dial watches, the color green holds a special meaning to certain people. Owning a special watch of such color will make for nice memorabilia to cherish.

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