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Top 7 Orient Watches You Can Add to Your Watch Collection

Top 7 Orient Watches You Can Add to Your Watch Collection

You can not miss adding the best Orient watches to your collection. Take a look at the list we have curated and find which ones fit you best!
Apr 19, 2024

In the world of watchmaking, Orient proves to be a household name by crafting a number of renowned timepieces. It has become known that the best Orient watches are must-have items for watch enthusiasts to own.

As one of the infamous Japanese watch brands, Orient has a unique signature that is deeply embedded in its creations. Originally started as a small shop in Tokyo, the big Japanese brand manages to stay relevant to this day by releasing its special collections.

The best Orient watches today still maintain the tradition of the old. As one of the infamous affordable timepiece watchmakers, Orient is committed to maintaining originality while consistently utilizing high-quality materials in its creations.

Best Orient Watches for Every Type of Event

In the world of horology, mechanical watches tend to be more valued than quartz wristwatches. However, it is common for timepieces with in-house movements to be more pricey than others that use a third party for their movement. Fortunately, that is not the case for Orient.

When it comes to the price, Orient’s creations have always maintained quality while still being affordable all the same. With its in-house movement, Orient ensures its mechanical watches perform well and accurately.

The best Orient watch offers the excellence of mechanical movement without being too pricey. While maintaining its quality, Orient watches usually do not have to be serviced periodically. Usually, the watch can last for 10 years. Some of the best Orient watches can even last up to 30 years without service.

Orient’s designs are mostly stylish and elegant. The Japanese brand presents several collections that fit to be worn at every type of event. Each of them gives off a different air to match your outfit for the special occasion of the day.

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Orient Classic

When it comes to the best Orient watch, the Classic collection is the proper way to go. As one of the renowned watch brands from Japan, Orient does not simply let down in its quality. The Orient Classic line proves it by presenting the high quality of watchmaking in its rich detail.

Orient Sun & Moon

Do you wish to add a unique watch to your collection? Then Orient Sun & Moon will be the right choice for you. Its eye-catching design lives up to its name. The properly placed sun and moon on the sub-dial nicely contrast the dial of the wristwatch itself.

As one of the best Orient watches on the market, the Sun & Moon does not only offer exquisite design. The beautifully crafted wristwatch comes with a 42.5 mm case and in-house movement from Orient. It is also equipped with the 50 m water-resistant feature.

Orient Bambino

To get the best Orient watches, you can discover the one that fits you best from the Bambino collection. As a proper dress wristwatch, Orient Bambino offers quality in the form of its traditional design for a gentleman.

As one of the best Orient watches on the market, the Bambino collection keeps it simple in its style. The 40.5 mm dress watch maintains its sophistication with the leather strap and the signature Orient logo on its sleek dial.

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Orient Revival

Similar to other watch brands, Orient has a specific collection of reinterpreted designs of some of the brand’s old releases. The Revival collection maintains the true color of Orient in its renewed designs while improving certain aspects of each watch.

A lot of the designs of the Revival collection are inspired by the ‘70s style. Surely watch enthusiasts will love to get their hands on these unique redesigned watches from Japan.

Orient Tri-Star

For a classic watch enthusiast, Orient Tri-Star may be the right addition to go into your collection. The sleek silver ‘70s redesigned timepiece is a little bit larger than its predecessor with its 37 mm case. However, it’s guaranteed to perform better with the advanced features added to the watch.

Orient Revival World Map

Reviving its 1969 release, the World Map watch is certainly captivating. The colorful and intricate design of the dial contrasts the sleek inner rotating 24-hour bezel, making it easy to look at the time in the different parts of the world.

The 43.5 mm classic watch is one of a kind. It catches the eyes of its beholders as it wraps nicely around the wrist of the wearer. As one of the best Orient watches, the colorful and sleek World Map from Orient Revival will certainly make a nice addition to your collection.

Orient Star

When it comes to quality, Orient Star holds the most prestigious place among all the other collections. The luxury line from this Japanese brand offers the highest quality in terms of its material and finishing. While the collection is specifically made to be the best out of the other collections, it still maintains the unique signature of Orient in each one of the wristwatches. 

Orient Star Sports Outdoor

As one of the best Orient watches on this list, the Orient Star Sports Outdoor offers the classic sports watch look with its 41 mm stainless steel case. Adding to its durability, the sapphire crystal and screw-down crown offer the best protection that an Orient watch can have.

The Japanese-made sports watch has its own unique appeal, especially for a timepiece collector who specifically acquires watches from a geographical perspective. Since Orient Star is widely marketed in Japan and rarely found in America, collecting one type, such as the sturdy Sports Outdoor wristwatch, can bring satisfaction on its own. 

Orient Star Diver Shinrin Green

The diver watch has its own appeal to those who enjoy water activities. Orient Star Diver Shinrin Green offers a stylish look with its green dial. To protect the watch, it is equipped with the 200 m water-resistant feature.

Along with the important water protection property, the green dial diver watch is also equipped with the screw-down crown and the 50-hour power reserve feature. If you’ve had enough with the stainless steel bracelet, you can give it a new look by pairing the sturdy case with the rubber strap.

Orient Star Contemporary Semi Skeleton

This 39.3 mm wristwatch from the Orient Star line can be a nice addition to your collection. Orient Star Contemporary Semi Skeleton offers a stylish look with its carefully crafted dial. Combined with the stainless steel case and strap, it exudes elegance and sophistication.

Powered by the in-house movement from Orient, the contemporary wristwatch is equipped with a 50-hour power reserve. To emphasize its beauty, the skeleton cut-out on the dial shows the beautifully crafted movement as it works to operate the watch from inside the case.

At last, that was the list of seven best Orient watches you can add to your watch collection. Each one of them presents a unique signature of one of the renowned Japanese watch brands. Kindly check out which one fits your style best and wear it proudly wherever you go.

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