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Orient Star Elegant Classic: An Exquisite Timeless Beauty

Orient Star Elegant Classic: An Exquisite Timeless Beauty

Do you fancy a fine dress watch? Orient Star Elegant Classic is an excellent modern reissue of vintage craftsmanship.
Feb 12, 2024

In the world of horology, a classic design of a timepiece will always be regarded highly. As one of Japan’s own classic watch collections, the Orient Star Elegant Classic holds a special place in the hearts of vintage watch enthusiasts. With its everlasting antique style, the Orient brand aims to maintain the unique characteristics of mechanical watch excellence.

Orient Star watches have been around since 1951. The classic timepiece brand Orient aims to live up to its name by creating wristwatches that outshine the other mechanical watches. Founded by Tama Keiki Co., Ltd, in 1950, Orient was rebranded as the Orient Watch Co., Ltd, a year later in 1951. After the merger with Seiko Epson in 2017, Orient has managed to keep its authenticity with advanced mechanical technologies.

As a timeless mechanical timepiece, Orient Star Elegant Classic offers stylish and exquisite charm along with the sophisticated in-house movement. Commonly known as one of the modern reinterpretations of vintage Orient star watches, this fine classic wristwatch collection makes for the best dress watch to date. To get to know more about the specifications of this beauty, let’s take a look at the details below.

All That Defines Orient Star Elegant Classic

The showcase of class and antiquity by Orient Star Elegant Classic gives off an impressive view. As the brand prides itself on its elegant collection, the quality of the design stays true to the roots of the mechanical watch. Along with the antique style, the elegant and classic timepiece is equipped with advanced precision part processing and finishing.

Staying true to its stylishly ageless nature, the Orient Star Elegant Classic offers something different from the other Orient watches. The exquisite and everlasting beauty of antiquity is captured in the existence of this elegant collection, making it one of the best dress watches to wear on formal occasions.

Orient Star Elegant Classic RE-AU0001S

Apart from the definitive antique style, the classic timepiece also has an excellent operating system. Made traditionally by hand, the in-house movement makes it perform well and efficiently. This is what differentiates Orient Star watches from the other Japanese watch brands.

Generally, Orient Star Elegant Classic is a defining, timeless beauty. But what exactly makes it a classic among all classics? Does it perform as well as it looks? Then, how does it go with the wrist? Let’s have a closer look at the things that define this properly vintage Japanese watch collection.

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Stylishly Classic Design

Orient Star watches are well-known for their classic design. So what makes Orient Star Elegant Classic different from the other vintage reissue timepieces by the same brand? For a starter, the sophisticated Roman numerals on the dial give off a timeless significance to the definitively antique style. Along with the historically stylistic numbers, the pomme hands, and the rounded crown elevate the polished classiness of the watch.

Emphasizing its antique nature, the white color and the patterned center with the waffle texture of the dial make the watch look immaculate. The classic feature gets accentuated with the contrasting chapter ring that indicates the passing minutes. Aside from the Roman numerals, the 50-hour power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock and the date window at 3 o’clock enhance the functionality of the classic piece.

Excellent Durability

As for the case, the Orient Star Elegant Classic has a diameter of 38.7 mm and about 13 mm in height. Made of stainless steel, the case is definitely durable and thick enough to stay true to the vintage watch design. To add to the strength, the sapphire crystal glass protects the top from scratches dependably as it equals three times the resilience of a mineral crystal.

Fashionably Antique

The unique quality of the classic timepiece can be seen in its variations. One is the vintage styling of the yellow gold-plated case with a white dial, blue hands, and a brown leather strap. Two is the stylish look of the stainless steel case with a white dial, blue hands, and a black leather strap. Then last but not least, the contemporary fashion of the stainless steel case with a navy blue dial, white indices, and hands, complete with the blue strap.

High-Quality Performance

To keep the tradition of mechanical watch creation, Orient builds its own in-house movement. Equipped with Cal. F6N44 movement and a 50-hour power reserve, the classic watch offers the best performance and does it efficiently. It is specifically designed to last longer and fulfill the basic need for a mechanical watch.

The quality of the performance can also be seen from its manual hand-winding. You can wind the crown to charge the power reserve as well as adjust the date and the time regularly. Along with the classic watch tradition, it has a 50 m water resistance which can be helpful in certain situations.

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In order to enhance the visibility of the beautifully crafted dial, the Orient Star Elegant Classic uses an anti-reflective glass coating. When you go outside, you can easily look at the time and date without worrying about reflected glare from the surface of the glass.

Perfectly Fit the Wrist

A classic dress watch does not necessarily need to be old in style. It can adjust with modernity and still maintain its antiquity as Orient Star Elegant Classic does. The size of the wristwatch perfectly fits the wrist as it is designed as a proper dress watch.

Along with the fitting size, the strap can also be modified easily. The 16 mm leather strap pairs nicely with the gold-coated stainless steel case to make an exquisite elegant classic wristwatch for men and women. If you wish for a more contemporary or modern look, then you can pick the stainless steel case with black or blue straps.

When you walk in the daylight, the watch will nicely wrap around your wrist as the blue hands showcase their beauty. The magnificent dial that pairs with the durable case and perfectly fit strap will be the proper choice for a stylishly classic dress watch. It fits nicely for any formal event and looks impeccable for work.


Thus, the Orient Star Elegant Classic and its exquisitely timeless beauty. As one of the classic Orient Star watches, the collection definitely lives up to its name. The quintessential mechanical wristwatch can transcend time even with its utmost traditional design. Considering its affordable price, the quality of this elegant timepiece offers you the class and the robustness of an ageless and undying style that lives for decades.

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