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Ball Watch Trainmaster Review - American Railroad Hero of The 80s
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Ball Watch Trainmaster Review - American Railroad Hero of The 80s

The watch of the railroad history in comprehensive review
Apr 20, 2021


The Ball watch company has a fascinating past. Associated with the success of Mr. Ball, this watch company made it to the upper echelons of the watchmaking industry. Because the company's timely intervention increased the American railroad's dependence on punctuality.

The iconic image of an American railroad, darting across vast desert fields, is a symbol of the country's freedom and the beginning of the industrial revolution. However, in order for this industry to develop rapidly, Mr. Ball played a very important role. Long before the success of American railways, punctuality was a problem because most cities used their own punctuality method. In time, adoption of Standard Time paved the way for Mr. Ball to showcase his expertise in making watches with high precision and accuracy.

Where It All Begins

In 1981, two trains collided in Ohio which resulted in several deaths. After being investigated, one of the train conductors admitted his watch stopped for four minutes and then was late. As a result, two trains in opposite directions on the same line were seriously affected. Subsequently, Mr. Ball, appointed as Chief Time Inspector, set the standard for timekeeping across the railroad industry. As the official Soccer Watch website, Mr. Ball is the driving force behind the creation of a norm that ensures consistency and accuracy across all American railroads.

history of ball watch train wreck

By using Standard Time, Mr. Ball developed a time signal which was then used in most of America, Canada, and even Mexico. For this, he developed nearly 2300 Ball-certified timepieces for all passenger and freight trains, conductors, engineers and all personnel involved with railways to address inconsistencies in timekeeping across the country. Not only that, it also tracks the timepiece to ensure its accuracy once every 2 weeks. Any watch with a variation of 30 seconds or more gets an upgrade.

Hence, the success of the American railroad company proudly rests on Mr. Ball for its timely inspection and innovation.

Ball Brand Reputation

The Ball watch, once the reason for the success of American railways, is now an underdog in the watchmaking industry.

ball watch company

While incredibly durable and functional, the brand isn't nearly as famous or celebrated. Watch enthusiasts and enthusiasts alike know about the brand and its significance, but the general consumer market knows very little about the brand. Ball doesn't market itself much in comparison to other brands of the same nature. Nevertheless, customers of Ball's watches swear by their functionality and use. New customers were blown away by the design and complications of Moonphase. The reasonable affordability of the watch, given its advancement and pioneering technology, definitely supports the brand.

Why are they underestimated? To answer that, we need to look at the history of watchmaking in comparison to the watches they manufacture today. From its official website, the brand itself claims to have changed its design from time to time to suit consumer demand. However, watch enthusiasts, for whatever reason, tend to prefer Ball timepieces of old, over timepieces of modern times. This is mostly due to the fact that Ball watches have occasionally become "sporty," despite the fact that consumers still enjoy their classic designs.

Hands-On: Ball Trainmaster Standard Time

For 2016, Ball introduced the handsome steel-clad version of the Ball Trainmaster Standard Time watch that originally debuted in 18k rose gold in 2013. At the time, a gold-plated watch for less than $ 7,500 was a stark bargain compared to the price of the watch. hand. other gold watches out there, and its classic pocket watch style is made for a conservative design that is durable and friendly.

Ball was instrumental in shaping America's railroad industry - it depends in large part on everyone agreeing on what time it is. The original Football Coach Standard Time was said to be a celebration of the adoption of standard time in America, which is why the watch was given this name. Now, in 2016, the Ball Trainmaster Standard Time is back with a well-polished steel case offered on a matching steel bracelet or leather strap - not badly priced either.

Anyone familiar with the turn of the century classic utilitarian pocket watch face will immediately recognize what inspired Ball to create the dial design. In fact, the dial is actually baked enamel - which, to my knowledge, is really hard to find on timepieces at this price. I've always liked this dial design for its ability to be quiet and elegant, but also very readable and usable. The display's relaxed effectiveness is testament to its fine watch face design. Of course, since this is the Ball watch we are talking about, the Ball Trainmaster Standard Time dial also features self-igniting tritium gas cylinders in both hands and next to each hour marker.

Small touches on the dial look elegant, like Ball's fantastic way of designing the 7 o'clock marker precisely to say "Ball & C" (Ball & Co). This dial is very classic in execution, with an additional seconds dial and blue hour hands. Of course, Ball includes a date window at 3 o'clock which might not suit the taste for some people, but it doesn't bother me at all. It's not that I really care about a watch that has a date window or not, but some people don't like it because it can negatively impact the notion of dial symmetry.

One minor downside to the watch (depending on your visual precision) is the painted blue hands versus the fiery blue steel hands. The latter offers a better, less glossy, and more even appearance, as the metal itself is made blue rather than coated. With that said, the overall look is great for the price. 

A more classic and stylish watch, the Ball Trainmaster Standard Time case measures 39.5mm wide and only 11.15mm thick. The case is only water resistant up to 30 meters - which is odd considering the many "durable and versatile" Ball watches. As a result, Trainmaster Standard Time should be a great option for casual to formal occasions.

Through the sapphire crystal display rear glass window, the back of the watch offers a view of the basic Swiss ETA or Sellita automatic movement which Bola refers to as caliber RR1105-C. This movement has subsequently been certified by the COSC Chronometer, which adds little to the overall value and explains the $ 2,000 plus price point. The automatic movement of the watch and the chronometer's certification status are remembered by means of cursive text printed on the dial encircling the auxiliary seconds button.

On the Ball Trainmaster Standard Time watch, I prefer the bracelet option, but that's just my preference. As a dress watch directly inspired by the turn of the century pocket watch, you really can't go wrong here unless you're into something a little bigger - and if so, you'd better get the real thing. turn of the century pocket watch that has been turned into a wristwatch (as it is).

If anything, this is an excellent watch for people who suffer from reduced vision or are just starting to learn how to read a watch with an analog versus digital hand. You'd be surprised how many people out there are suffering from not being able to read the time on an analog watch - which needn't be a shame. Digital watches are easier to read, but unfortunately not as sexy as analog watches. Or maybe Ball Coach Standard Time is a good choice because you like the subtle "C-cup-style" crown. The price is $ 2,499. Get one now on Gnomon Store.

Another Trainmaster Series

Trainmaster Moon Phase Black - Leather - Ref. NM3082D-LLJ-BK

The Ball Trainmaster collection is a watch collection that is classier than Ball. Unlike the other collections, this collection is meant for meeting rooms and relaxing spaces. Trainmaster Completion is completed to the very high standards expected of Ball Watch Co. Understated, and have a tritium gas cylinder in hand and a dial to shine brightly at night.

Straight to the heart of the mechanics: The Ball Trainmaster is powered by the automatic motion Ball RR1801, which is based on ETA moves. This gesture adds a moon phase complication for an added touch of elegance. The ball emphasizes accuracy in bad conditions. So even though they come from a collection of dresses, they are made tough to last.

The Trainmaster Moon Phase Black - leather - Ref. The NM3082D-LLJ-BK features a unique case design that is now synonymous with all Ball watches. The stainless steel case is completely polished to give the watch a sense of quality. Measuring 40mm, the stainless steel case with unique downward curved lugs helps provide comfortable wearing. In addition, Trainmaster uses sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment for added toughness and clarity.

The downward screw crown at number 3 is engraved with the logo "RR" Ball. Making it water resistant as high as 50 m, good enough for daily use.

One of the unique aspects of the Ball watch is the use of a tritium gas cylinder. The tube has tritium gas in it which is radioactive, emitting electrons which react with the phosphorus layer that coats the inside of the tube. The result is constant light emission.

The Trainmaster has a unique black guilloche dial with a radiating finish at the edges, yet elegantly blocked by the interior where the moon phase and logo are placed.

The loop of the Moon Phase Trainmaster is at the center of this model. This dial's guilloche pattern resembles moonlight radiating from the middle of the dial, where the moon phases are located. The moon-phase disc contains 26 micro gas cylinders decorated with shimmering silvery stars that resemble the sky. To ensure easy time reading, the dial is equipped with 14 additional micro gas cylinders on the dial and needle, which do not require an external light source to charge. Dial is really something extraordinary and in a good way. We can of course stare at the dials all day and admire the amount of thought and time spent creating each dial.

A dark brown crocodile leather strap with a signed crumpled buckle is included with the Trainmaster Moon process.

The Ball Trainmaster Moon Phase Black - Leather - Ref. The NM3082D-LLJ-BK is suitable for those of you who are looking for a unique watch for everyday wear. If you are someone who appreciates good design and good watchmaking, of course we highly recommend this watch especially considering its relatively affordable price. With its outstanding luminosity and well-finished case and construction, this watch is highly rated.

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