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7 Accessory Gift for Watch Lovers in 2023 [UPDATED]

7 Accessory Gift for Watch Lovers in 2023 [UPDATED]

Are you looking for gifts for watch enthusiasts other than timepieces? Watch accessory gift ideal would be a good idea. Find out here!
Apr 26, 2024

Giving a new timepiece to a watch collector might sound common to them. Besides, it’s also challenging for us as they may already have the one you intend to buy. Therefore, Rest assured that you can choose watch accessories as alternatives. In fact, there are many options available to choose from – as many as choices for gifting watches. So, what can you get for watch accessory gift ideas?

Regarding watch accessories, there are some categories to help you start with. It can be a storage to store their watch collection and keep them safe, whether at home or during travel. Or else you want to give a package of watch repair kit. Regardless, we have compiled some watch accessory gift ideas for your inspiration below.

7 Gift for Watches Lovers

Watch Winder

Wearing a watch is definitely a must for a watch enthusiast but it would be another problem if you have a bunch of them. As a matter of fact, wearing them regularly is part of taking care of watches as leaving them for a long time would lead to certain damage. If this is the case, a watch winder would be a great watch accessory gift idea.

Boxy DM Double Watch Winder – Source: Boxy
Boxy DM Double Watch Winder - Source: Boxy

What is a watch winder? It is a storage to keep an automatic watch wound even when it’s not being worn. That said, the box has a mechanism to wind the watch to a certain extent. You can give a watch winder as a practical gift and it also comes in various styles and sizes.

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Watch Straps

Having a new look from one timepiece can be done easily by only swapping the strap. It can be either changing the color or the material of the straps. Different colors and styles would also bring a different and distinctive look to the watch as well as its overall appearance. 

There are a lot of options to choose from for any type of watch strap. The leather strap would create an elegance or vintage statement while the stainless steel bracelet tends to give a strong sense. In contrast, a rubber band would more likely give an informal and holiday look. 

Custom Watch Pouch by Gnomon

If you are interested in a storage thing, a watch pouch is also a good watch accessory gift idea to give. Many don’t notice but you will need it the most during travel or just when you need a simple way to keep a watch safely. A watch pouch can store at least two watches inside. 

Gnomon Mini Watch Pouch – Mocha Brown
Gnomon Mini Watch Pouch - Mocha Brown

However, if you worry a watch pouch would be such a small gift, you can try to put a custom design – the designer can help engrave the name on the pouch. Like the one we have in the store, a customized watch pouch would also make a memorable gift – Gnomon Mini Watch Pouch – Mocha Brown.

Seiko Alarm Clocks

Not all watches as a gift need to be in the form of wristwatches, right? We are pleased to recommend an alarm clock, like the one by Seiko as a gift to watch collectors. This one also makes a great gift as it is unique and is made by a renowned watch brand as well.

Seiko Alarm Clock – Source: Sharp Magazine
Seiko Alarm Clock - Source: Sharp Magazine

Besides, the design takes after Seiko’s popular collection, such as Tuna dive watches. You can definitely grab these alarm clocks at a more affordable price but a bigger version of the actual wristwatches.

Watch Travel Case

Is the one who will receive the gift a businessman who travels a lot? Or are they an adventurer who loves spending holiday in different places? A travel case would be a valuable and useful gift for them. A specific case for travel would be safe storage to keep their watches during travel.

Billstone Voyager 1 Watch Travel Case – Source: Billstone
Billstone Voyager 1 Watch Travel Case - Source: Billstone

Many watch brands provide different styles, colors, and capacities to hold the watches inside. You don’t need to worry about giving less luxurious gifts as you can find many travel cases in a wide price range from modest prices to luxury ones.

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Watch Box Organizer

A travel case is one needed during travel with watches and every watch collector will also need a watch box. The latter is used to store watches in proper and safe storage in order to avoid scratches or other damages. Watch box also comes in various styles, designs, prices, and capacities. 

Beerust Watch Box Organizer – Source: Beerust
Beerust Watch Box Organizer – Source: Beerust

Therefore, a watch box is a great choice to give as a watch accessory gift idea. Not only that it provides proper storage but also displays watches nicely. That said, you can enjoy watching your collection at ease.

Watch Repair Kit

Last but not least watch accessory gift idea is a repair kit. This one definitely completes the whole collection. Although some works need to be taken to professional care or services, there are times when you need to handle it at home. 

Watch Repair Kit – Source: Mr Porter
Watch Repair Kit - Source: Mr Porter

Final Thought

Finding a gift for a watch enthusiast is not always about giving a timepiece. You can also choose another option available in watch accessory gift ideas. You don’t need to worry about giving something less worthy by choosing watch accessories. In fact, they can make a practical gift, such as a storage and repair kit. Besides, it would make a unique impression on the receiver. 

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