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7 Must-Have Watch Boxes for Every Watch Collector

7 Must-Have Watch Boxes for Every Watch Collector

Having storage for your watch collection is also taking care of the watches. Find out the best watch box that every collector must have here!
Apr 26, 2024

A watch box is a first and essential thing to have right after buying a timepiece, especially if you start becoming a watch collector. Giving a safe space to watches is necessary to avoid damage, dust, direct sunlight, and scratches to a timepiece. Well, it’s kind of a house for our watch collection so that they can last longer or even a lifetime.

There are lots of options to choose from for the best watch box. You can choose how many spaces in a watch box. In addition to that, a watch box is a perfect place to display your collection nicely. That said, you can always take your time to take a glance at your watch collection

Below, we have gathered some of the best watch boxes for men and women with varieties of designs and spaces. Stop keeping your watch inside a drawer and try to consider proper storage for your lovely timepieces. Let’s get straight into it! 

Why Do You Need a Watch Box?

Buying a watch box might take a second thought, especially if you are a newcomer with only two or three watches in the collection. However, a watch box isn’t merely just an accessory, it is part of the essential equipment for collecting watches. It functions as a safe storage that serves you a list of benefits, especially safety from damages. 

Besides, it’s indeed an odd thing that a collector would never stop in just one timepiece. Therefore, you need a place to store them properly and safely, especially when you’re not wearing them. Don’t even try to say that putting a timepiece inside the drawer or laying it down on the table would be a wise decision.

Keeping watches inside a drawer might lead to scratches and potentially make cracks in the crystal. Further, it could bounce around as there is other stuff inside the drawer. You definitely hate the idea of damaging your watches just because of improper storage for watches. 

In addition to safety, a watch box is a good choice to display a watch collection delicately. There is elegance and luxury when a group of watches is put nicely. Displaying watches in a watch box is also a good way to appreciate the craftsmanship put into making the watch. So, let your watches shine rather than hiding them somewhere.

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Our Top Picks of Watch Box for Every Collector

We have gathered some options for your consideration to choose the best watch box available in the market. Keep reading to discover which one is best for you.

Beerust Watch Box Organizer

If you are aiming for a display, the Beerust watch box is a good option to safely store watches and display them splendidly. The box comes in a compact design made of wood and leather as the exterior design. You can keep 12 watches inside and make them plainly visible in a display.

Beerust Watch Box Organizer – Source: Beerust
Beerust Watch Box Organizer - Source: Beerust

A large window is designed to beautifully showcase the watches kept inside. The box is built in two layers. The top layer is available with 8 soft velvet slots while the other four are in the lower drawer. You can regularly switch the position to ensure that each watch is worn.

JS Nova’s Watch Box

While the Beerust watch box is quite pricey, you might want to opt for a more affordable option. Rest assured as we also got you for this option. The JS Nova’s Watch Box is the best choice for an affordable watch box at only $30. It can keep 12 watches in one single drawer, meaning that you can show each of them in one display.

JS Nova’s Watch Box – Source: Amazon
JS Nova’s Watch Box - Source: Amazon

It features a transparent cover to keep the collection from scratches and dust while displaying the watches. Further, the box also provides a lower drawer for additional storage. You can keep other watch accessories inside, such as watch straps

Bey-Berk’s Watch Box

Are you looking for a larger watch box? We believe that this one might pick your interest. The Bey-Berk’s Watch Box is our recommendation for a collector with a huge collection – although this one might be still not enough for you. The box can house up to 36 timepieces separated into three drawers. 

Bey-Berk’s Watch Box – Source: Bey-Berk
Bey-Berk’s Watch Box - Source: Bey-Berk

For that amount, the box is considered large enough to hold collections for a huge enthusiast. You can spot a clear glass at the top to showcase watches in the first drawer. This box is made of cherry wood and comes in brown to radiate elegance.

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Sriwatana Watch Box

When it comes to the vintage collection, you probably want something similar for its storage. The Sriwatana watch box offers an appealing design to keep your vintage timepieces alive. It can hold six watches inside with a soft nice cushion to keep your watches from a sudden drop or pressure.

Further, the box is available at an affordable price considering how it offers a serious vintage charm. You can also grab the larger version that can keep up to twelve watches.

Cas De’Lux Watch Box Organizer

Comes with faux leather for the exterior design, the Cas De’Lux watch box organizer is nice storage to keep dozens of your watch collections. The box can keep up to 24 watches inside and display them nicely through the large open glass. Inside, the design provides a soft interior design to ensure that your watches are well-protected.

Case Elegance

We believe that there are people who consider simplicity as the best option. That said, you definitely looking for a watch box with a simple taste. Let us present to you the Case Elegance which is just simple enough in terms of its function yet elegance and classic in its appearance.

The box can store 6 watches inside that we believe as your most meaningful timepieces. Well-built and nice display, you can keep your watches safely inside and showcase them elegantly. 

Rapport London CROC – Leather Watch Box

Some might think to have a luxury watch box for a luxury watch collection. If that’s the case, the Rapport London CROC is everyone’s favorite for its glamorous appearance. Many say that this box is a proper fit for a crown or luxury watch. Yet, it doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone as you can still buy this for every type of watch.

This Rapport London edition can hold ten timepieces. It is beautifully hand-made in solid wood construction and is designed with crocodile pattern leather. The luxury is further elevated by a high-quality suede lining interior. Further, you can adjust the cushion to fit each watch size.

Final Thought

Watches are like important gems that we need to keep safe and proper to make it last for a long time. Starting a watch collection also means taking care of the watches. As such, you need to prepare a watch box to store the watches. Not only the watch box will keep your collection in safe storage but also display them in such a splendid view.

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