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Ball Watch Co.

Born out of an intent to make American railroads safer for travelers and employees during the early days of American railroading, Ball Watch Co. is a manufacturer of luxury Swiss-made timepieces upholding innovation and creativity as the cornerstones of the brand's corporate mission, “Accuracy Under Adverse Conditions”. Ball Watches are made with a strict set of criteria of reliability and precision in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

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How Good are the Ball Watches?

Started the journey in 1891, Mr. Webster C. Ball developed his career in jewelry and watch by building up the Ball Watch Company in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. There was quite a fascinating history behind the founding of this company related to railroads.

Two trains in Kipton collided and caused many deaths in 1891. At that time, both trains used the same track in opposite directions, then must cross each other at the intersection point. The investigation showed that one of the conductor’s watches stopped for four minutes before the fatal crash. To avoid it happening again in the future, Webb Ball played a significant role to the success of the American railroad by making tests and standards for all watches that were used on trains.

Its consistency continues to this day, combining classic pieces, good features, and contemporary in design. This brand also uses various technologies and features, such as high shock resistance, anti-moisture, anti-magnetic, visibility in complete darkness, water resistance up to 600 ft, cold temperature measurement, etc. They are superb, aren’t they? Or, are you still questioning how good the Ball watch is? Check out these eight collections that would make you want to spend your money for these gorgeous watches.

Ball Watch Collections

Since the brand is inspired by the work of railroad engineers, firemen, trainmasters, and conductors, we offer you 8 exclusive collections related to those philosophies: Roadmaster, Trainmaster, Engineer Hydrocarbon, Engineer Master II, Engineer III, Engineer M, Fireman, Official Railroad Watch.. Here are the eight collections most people are looking for.

1. Roadmaster

The name is based on a person who guided the railroad infrastructure. What makes this collection unusual from others is the timepiece is able to adapt to many different functions or activities. The outer ring could move unidirectional, while the dial came from simple to complex design with various compilations. It is greatly functional since the feature also offers you 5000Gs shock resistance and 660 ft. water resistance.

2. Trainmaster

Trainmaster edition is inspired by a celebration of the successful years American railroad era. It is manufactured with good accuracy, reliability, and old-styled design. Although it comes with simplicity, the feature allows you to check the time and keep the date. Also, this collection provides 3 timepieces that are dissimilar from each other.

3. Engineer Hydrocarbon

A new innovation has been made for people who love to explore nature because Engineer Hydrocarbon collection is created to withstand tough conditions. The brand logo lies on the face of the watch, making your style look more stunning.

4. Engineer Master II

Do you love to dive or do aquatic activities? This collection of Engineer Master II could suit all your needs. Built with high water resistance and inner rotating bezel, it is showing that Ball Company commits to present customers an impressive yet functional watch.

5. Engineer III

To celebrate the Engineer series, Ball re-create the Engineer III for their improvement. In this case, they add micro gas tubes on the dial for each edition that make your visibility in total darkness still clear. Again, you will look more sporty and elegant in public when you use this watch.

6. Engineer M

This wristwatch unrevealed a new technology. The innovation lies in movement, where it comes up by the name Chronometer Manufacture Caliber, keeping the watch more accurate than others.

7. Fireman

If you like a simple and contemporary design, you can probably choose the Fireman collection. The water resistance is up to 100 m with screw down crown. This edition fit the bill nicely

8. Official Railroad Watch

The first edition of Ball watches is made as a tribute to railroad history with old-vintage designs. It is all about standard railroad grade watches. Later, this product influences modern watches in Europe and America

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