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Gnomon’s Pick of Favorite Watches with In-House Movements

Gnomon’s Pick of Favorite Watches with In-House Movements

Exploring the exquisite beauty of watches with in-house movements that reside exclusivity and intricate craftsmanship. Find out our top picks here!
Apr 19, 2024

Being a watch enthusiast isn’t only about collecting watches but also about enjoying as well as admiring the art creation in a timepiece. Ranging from the beautiful dial, unique case design, and attractive watch strap, most people also enjoy going deeper and learning how a timepiece works. Among many, I would love to share about what people call incredible watches with in-house movements

Having a movement manufactured in-house is often considered a sign of quality. Some brands decide to outsource their movement to third parties as it would be easier and cheaper. That way, a brand could focus on another feature of the watch. Besides, some third parties already have good reputations, such as ETA as the Swiss watch movement maker. 

What makes watches with in-house movement more prestigious lies in the craftsmanship that every piece is made meticulously. Every movement is exceptional and limited, giving a unique sense of rarity that makes the watch desirable. 

Here, I’ve curated some best in-house movement watches and details around the topic. Continue reading to find out the answers.

A Brief on In-House Movements

What do you have in mind when a particular brand makes one product specified only for you? You would mostly feel special to have one thing in the world that no one would have, right? The same thing also goes for watches with in-house movement as they are produced in such a limited edition. 

There is no doubt that the best in-house movement watches are very much sought-after, especially if it comes from renowned watch brands, such as the Holy Trinity watch brands. Besides, a brand would likely have a prestigious label for manufacturing their watch engines in-house.

In addition to that, a brand that makes its movement in-house could directly monitor the whole process and ensure quality. Yet, it also comes with drawbacks, especially when it comes to the production cost. It takes lots of time, effort, and many for researching the movements and creating them. No wonder watches with in-house movement can cost thousands of dollars. 

5 Best Watches with In-House Movements

Watches with in-house movements are often known for their expensive price considering the process and effort it takes to create one. Yet, there are still ones with affordable prices, such as Grand Seiko’s. Here, I present some watches with an in-house movement that are worth your bucks.

Grand Seiko SBGR257

Grand Seiko is also one of the luxury watch brands although it tends to be under the radar. Yet, it’s undeniable that the brand can produce a high-level timepiece at quite affordable prices even with the advancements it offers. The Grand Seiko SBGR257 is one among many that exude a dandy luxury timepiece.

The watch is driven by the automatic Caliber 9S movement which is fully designed and assembled in-house in Japan. The movement is considered one of the most accurate movements giving the watch a title as one candidate of the best watch with an in-house movement. It is equipped with an approximately 72-hour power reserve.

Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400

The next best in-house movement watch comes from Oris with its Aquis Date 400. The watch is considered the best candidate to perform Oris’s groundbreaking new Calibre 400. Most watch enthusiasts consider Aquis 400 as the icon of contemporary diver’s watch design. It is equipped with a list of reliable, strong, and versatile features.

In addition to that, the Caliber 400 is designed with several advancements over the standard model. It lies beneath the sapphire crystal are the words “5 days” indicating that it can reserve power for up to 5 days — definitely a timepiece that you can always rely on. Besides, Oris also enhanced the anti-magnetism that makes the watch durable at its utmost ability.

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Christopher Ward C60 Concept

The C60 concept is the Christopher Ward forerunner’s first in-house movement timepiece and probably would be the most cherished one. Its entry left many watch enthusiasts stunned as the brand is still considered a newcomer yet it doesn’t define its quality to make its in-house movement. 

As one of the best watches with in-house movement, the Christopher Ward C60 concept is driven by the Calibre SH21 with its incredible power reserve for up to 120 hours. To top it off, the watch is equipped with chronometer certification, giving real proof of its reliability and accuracy for up to -4/+6 seconds a day.

Vacheron Constantin Chronomètre Royal 1907

An exclusive watch with in-house movement by the honorable brand, the Vacheron Constantin Chronomètre Royal 1907 is actually the reinterpretation of the company’s long journey in making highly accurate chronometers. The timepiece has undergone several inspections to ensure its accuracy.

The engine inside the watch is the Vacheron Constantin Caliber 2460 SCC which is designed, developed, and built in-house. If you take a closer look at the movement, you’ll notice the high craftsmanship that the watchmakers put into it. The watch beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour while the movement’s construction is equipped with ceramic ball-bearings to guarantee durability.

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Black Ceramic

An elegant blackout timepiece measured at 34mm, the Royal Oak Black Ceramic is a complete package. It boasts the reliable automatic Calibre 5800 made in-house and is equipped with 50-hour of power reserve. In addition to that, the movement is added with 28 jewels to reduce friction between components. 

Looking at the appearance itself, the watch is a nice-looking timepiece with a proportional dimension. The black dial with the “Grande Tapisserie” pattern goes well with the rose gold hour markers and Royal Oak hands with a luminescent coating. A complete set of watches with an in-house movement and a pleasant look on the dial.

Final Thought

After all, watches with in-house movement do indeed have a high reputation but that doesn’t necessarily signify an absolute quality above outsourced movements. Truth to be told, back in the past the watchmaking industry was definitely started in a small workshop where individual watchmakers create timepieces. 

Every movement was made by hand that could take years to make one timepiece only. However, as time goes by and demands for timepieces got higher, the watchmaking industry needs a bigger scale that leads to specialization. That way, every element in the process of making timepieces can work in harmony together.

With that being said, I personally would say that every timepiece, either manufactured in-house or outsourced from third parties, has its own uniqueness and charm that makes it special in the heart of watch enthusiasts.

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