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5 Things Every Watch Collector Needs to Consider

Being a watch collector isn't only about buying timepieces as it might screw you up. Find out the key points you need to consider here!
May 02, 2024

Being a watch collector is one of the most interesting hobbies to choose from in this world. There is a thrilling moment when we wear our favorite timepiece on the wrist or simply find a hidden gem that we’ve been looking forward to. Enthusiasm and popularity in this industry never go out despite the trend and various styles coming. 

Additionally, the watchmaking industry welcomes anyone with different tastes in watches. Some might into a vintage timepiece that brings a glorious past or a modern one that carries a sophisticated design. Above all, we’re united with the same interest in the beauty of watch craftsmanship.

However, starting out a journey here isn’t such an easy and smooth process. It would be a disaster if you know nothing or even end up with some fake pieces. If you are reading this article, we guess that you are going to step forward into this watch collection. For that, a little help from the experienced one would be useful to have a good kickstart ahead. 

In this article, we’re going to share some key things that you need to consider before being a watch collector. Further, we also list some types of watch collectors that might pick your interest. Without further ado, let’s dive into this watch collector guide.

5 Things a Watch Collector Needs to Consider

Whether you are just going to buy a new watch or add another one to the collection, there are several things to consider on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at the watch collectors guide below:

Knowledge is Key

Never starts something roughly without any knowledge beforehand. Being resourceful is the key to success in anything, including being a watch collector. There is a lot to know about the watchmaking industry, especially in this constantly shifting market. 

Learn from the most fundamental thing about the different types of movements and get yourself familiar with various brands. There are a lot of online sources you can look at or join a watch collector forum for more direct interaction with the community. 

If we may, you can join the Gnomon Watches forum in Discord where you can meet others, share stories, get new updates, and ask anything related to watches. Otherwise, Gnomon’s blog is also a nice online place to equip yourself with articles related to the watchmaking industry both for seniors and newbies. 

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Choose Your Niche

It’s better to have a specific interest rather than a general one. Therefore, try to ask yourself which part of the watchmaking industry attracts your interest. It will be useful to help you create harmony in your watch collection and make an appealing one.

You might not notice this in the early years of collecting watches but you’ll feel how random your choice is later if you don’t choose a specific niche. But again, this is more like a recommendation to help you feel at ease in the journey of collecting timepieces. 

By that means, you can choose whether you are more interested in a certain type of watch or a specific model. 

Talk to the Experience Ones

It would be a lot more exciting to have a community to share and talk about your interest in watches, especially if you face some hurdles. Therefore, try to be involved in a watch collector forum or community. This activity will help you sort out one of two things that might confuse you, especially for the newbies. 

Well, indeed, you can read some online resources on the internet. But talking to the experienced ones hit differently, especially if they can give you an interesting insight into collecting watches.

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Trend Will Go but Not for the Icons

We can’t deny that collecting watches is about buying timepieces to build your collection. But, it’s also important to note that trends will always change and you don’t need to always keep up with the new release for each month. For this case, we recommend you buy an iconic timepiece.

Iconic and unique timepieces hold some power that makes them timeless and never go out of style. You can find them mostly released by renowned brands. Besides, having an iconic one for a length of period allows you to enjoy some moments with the one you have before deciding to buy another one.

Plan Your Budget

The last thing to consider is planning your budget. Setting how much money to spend on watches is important no matter whether you are a newbie or a savvy watch collector. That way, you can regularly buy a timepiece without being afraid of your bank account getting robbed. 

Further, regulating your spending on watches leads you to build a better collection as you can be more discerning of your taste. So, the best solution for this is to follow your budget.

Different Types of Watch Collectors

Despite being under the same umbrella as watch enthusiasts, the list still goes down to a more specific niche. Therefore, there are different types of watch collectors who have slightly different orientations in terms of taste. 

Let’s take a look at the most common types of watch collectors below and see which one suits you the most.

Vintage Enthusiasts

This is the first and most popular choice for collecting watches, especially for people who have known the watchmaking industry in and out. Collecting a vintage watch is indeed interesting but very challenging as you need to know how to hunt for one. But the hard work pays off once you find one you’ve been looking forward to.

Most vintage enthusiasts are interested in watches created before the 1990s and look for unique features in watches during those past eras. Some also focus on specific periods only as there might be some features in that period that interest them.

Vintage timepieces feature quite similar features, such as aged hands, bulky size, patinated dials, and other classic features. As they are quite difficult to find, vintage watches are also sold at an expensive price that even outranges the luxury piece.

Modern Watch Geeks

The next group is the opposite side of the vintage watch collectors. They are the people who are into the currently released timepieces. Most of them are looking for a sophisticated design and feature wrapped in an impressive design that enchants their eyes. 

Further, modern watches are also known for the complex features that give advanced functions to the wearers. Some of them are temperature readings, trackers, alarms, GPS, and others.

A Fan of Certain Brands

It’s also common for someone who only collects timepieces from a certain brand only. Collecting watches do need loyalty but giving all attention to certain brands only is a different level of dedication. But, yes, some people prefer to choose this path.

For example, some people are only drawn to collection watches from Patek Philippe and would collect only timepieces under that name. They might also collect both the vintage and the currently released collections.

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An Admirer of Certain Watch Complications 

On another side of watch collector types, some people love to see a certain function working in a timepiece. So, it doesn’t matter whether the watch is vintage or modern and whichever brand made the watch. As long as the timepiece features the favorite complication then the choice goes to it.

That preference is also common in the watch community in which you look for timepieces with the most favorite complication only. For example, you are a traveler and love having a GMT function on your watch. For that, you start collecting watches with the GMT complication.

Collecting Only One Genre

Last but not least, a watch collector who loves only one type of watch. This could be considered a broader range from the previous other types. For instance, you might want to focus on field watches only. 

That means you have no problem buying timepieces from various brands and with different complications. As long as the watch falls within the field timepiece category, you would be happy to add that one to your collection. 


Collecting watches is one of those interesting things that could lead you to various experiences from learning how it works to regulating your budget. Yet, there are also other things to consider to prevent you from experiencing unlucky moments throughout the journey. 

Well, this is the end of our watch collector guides, and hope it helps you find your way in collecting watches. 

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