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5 Essential Tips to Buy A Watch Online with Ease

5 Essential Tips to Buy A Watch Online with Ease

Buying a watch online might seem riskier and, thus, doing research is important. Find out the vital tips to buy a watch online here!
Apr 24, 2024

Living in the era of the internet is definitely a great thing where we can find almost everything. This also applies to buying a watch through online stores. Purchasing a watch is as simple as clicking the “Add to cart” button. The next thing you need to do is just an online payment and the store will deliver your watch right in front of your house. However, as simple and easy as it gets, buying a watch online also comes with inherent risks. Therefore, you need to know some essential tips to buy a watch online. 

Amidst abundant options on the internet, you can choose a watch retailer or store in basically any country. Yet, the vital thing is whether the place is trusted or not. It is more uncertain as almost every store says almost the same things about how they will deliver your watches safely, etc. 

The struggle doesn’t stop there as the watchmaking industry offers a list of watch options to choose from. Either from the design, performance, watch movement, and even price are quite overwhelming for someone to buy a watch online. For that reason, I don’t truly recommend purchasing a watch online if it’s a first-time experience. 

Internet is mainly faceless web pages with services or products they offer. As such, being careful is a must to avoid any unwanted risks, such as fraud or scams. In this article, I’m going to share some tips on how to buy a watch online with ease. 

As a disclaimer, the article won’t discuss which timepiece is right for you or which online store you should go to for good service or price. Rather than that, the article is about tips to buy a watch online. Let’s get straight into the discussion.

Tips to Buy a Watch Online

Truth be told, nothing comes without risk and so does buying a watch. The risk of purchasing a watch doesn’t only come from online stores. Yet, there is always a way to cope with the problem. Below are some basic yet vital tips to buy a watch online.

Decide on Your Budget

Before digging into a list of watches to choose from, it’s better to determine your budget first. It’s up to your budget whether you want to have an affordable or luxury one. Make sure that the watch that you want doesn’t exceed your limit or even as if you rob your own wallet.

In addition to that, consider the shipping fee as you buy from an online store that might be in another country. Your watch might also get taxes, especially if it is a luxury watch. Determining your budget would be a vital step as tips to buy a watch online. Without proper consideration, it might lead you to some risks.

Do Research

There are many things to check on how to buy a watch online. Considering that you don’t touch and see the watch directly, it’s crucial to do in-depth research. These tips apply to everyone whether for the first purchase or even dozens. Acquiring knowledge in the realm of the watchmaking industry is beneficial to avoid being a victim of fraud.

Aside from conducting research on watches that you want, look for information about the online store. There are abundant watches online stores stating about being original but you might never know if they have replaced the inner parts with replicas. Therefore, research would be a big help to know this detail.

It’s better if the store is an authorized seller by the brands. Before checking out the watch, do research about the store itself. It helps you to verify the authenticity of the watch. Use forums and customer reviews to help you decide. Take a closer look at the picture that the store provides. That way, you can make your online watch purchase a great experience.

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Check the Warranty Policy

Sometimes, buying a watch online is quite a dilemma, especially for the first time. You also know that most watches are non-returnable just simply because you don’t like them or it turns out that the watch doesn’t match your style. This is an important thing to know as tips to buy a watch online. It is certain that you can’t just ask for a change after finishing the payment and receiving the watch.

Gnomon Watches Extended Warranty 180 Days Timepiece Protection Plan

However, it will be a different scenario if the watch has some defects at the first moment of opening the package. If that’s so, you can ask for a warranty from the store. Therefore, before purchasing a watch in an online store, try to look for the store’s warranty policy. As in Gnomon Watches, we provide 180 Days Timepiece Protection Plan under certain circumstances based on the terms and conditions.

Pay Attention to the Original Papers

The next tip to buy a watch online is to check the original papers that come together with your watch. The corresponding papers will ensure that your receive the real one. It basically a complete package with the watch and original box. From those papers, you can identify the model and the serial number of the watch. 

Those numbers are crucial to make sure that the watch isn’t a replica. In addition to that, the paper will also include your purchase information, such as the buyer, seller, purchase date, etc. The papers would truly help to prove the authenticity of your watch. 

Study the Movements and Watch the Complications

Last but not least how to buy a watch online is knowing better about movements, features, and watch complications. Well, your research definitely should include this part so that you buy a piece that matches your desire. Try to consider what movements you want to have, either mechanical movement or quartz.

Rado timepiece with Calibre R734

Next, decide on features and complications that you want to have on your watches, such as day-date, moonphase, chronograph, or even tourbillon. There is a lot to choose from when it comes to watches. So, make sure you have the one that picks your interest.

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Wrapping Up

Buying a watch online does indeed have some risks but that doesn’t mean you can’t do that. It’s about your preparation to avoid any risks or damages as best as possible. Applying some tips to buy a watch online as mentioned above is the basics and you definitely need to do that.

After all, making sure that we have a good experience purchasing a watch online will put us at ease once we know the tips. You don’t need to go directly to the store and your watch will be delivered right in front to your door. Yet, never stop learning as the watchmaking industry keeps involving, including the risks inside it.

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