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7 Best Suit Accessories for Men: A Guide to Elevate Your Style

Choosing the perfect pair of suit accessories for men would help enhance your style from just the common look. Explore the list here!
May 20, 2024

Are suit accessories for men needed? Dressing with a suit goes beyond just donning a well-tailored suit. It’s also about the intricate details that complete the ensemble. Accessories play a pivotal role in adding finesse and personality to a man’s attire, especially when suiting up. From classic pieces to modern accents, these accessories elevate your style and make a statement. 

Therefore, there is a saying that looking the absolute best when wearing a suit is both a science and artistry. The precise measurements of shoulders, sleeves, waists, and inseams form the scientific foundation, ensuring your suit fits flawlessly. Yet, the artistic finesse of the finishing touches truly distinguishes an exceptional look. 

Once you’ve mastered the foundational elements of your suit wardrobe, it’s time to delve into the creative nuances that take your style to the next level – we’re diving deep into the world of accessories. From pocket squares for suits to ties for black suits, here’s a guide to the essential suit accessories for men that effortlessly enhance any outfit.

7 Best Suit Accessories for Men

A well-tailored suit can instantly exude confidence, sophistication, and style. Yet, the true essence of a remarkable suit lies in the thoughtful details that accompany it. 

Suit accessories for men are the unsung heroes of men’s fashion—they possess the ability to transform an ordinary suit into an extraordinary ensemble. Let’s take a look at what they are!

1. Cufflinks

These tiny yet impactful suit accessories for men serve as a canvas for personal expression. They not only fasten the cuffs of a dress shirt but also provide a glimpse into the wearer’s personality. 

From classic monograms to novelty designs, cufflinks come in various materials like precious metals, gemstones, or enamel. Their intricate craftsmanship and diverse styles make them a conversation starter, allowing individuals to showcase their interests, hobbies, or even affiliations through these subtle adornments.

2. Tie and Bow Ties

Ties and bow ties are the charismatic focal points of a suit ensemble. A tie, whether wide or slim, silk or wool, adds depth and character to the outfit. It’s a versatile suit accessory for men that can be chosen to complement the suit’s color, texture, and occasion. 

Bow ties, on the other hand, evoke a sense of sophistication and playfulness. They offer a unique opportunity for self-expression, ranging from classic black tie events to vibrant, patterned bow ties that add a contemporary edge to formal wear.

3. Lapel Flower and Lapel Pin

The lapel of a suit jacket often provides a subtle canvas for personalization. A fresh or artificial lapel flower infuses a touch of nature and color, elevating the overall aesthetic with a hint of charm and elegance. 

On the other hand, lapel pins, ranging from metal designs to enamel badges or even miniature art pieces, serve as subtle statements, conveying personal style or affiliations. They can be an excellent conversation starter while adding a sophisticated flair to the ensemble.

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4. Belt

Beyond its functional purpose of holding trousers in place, a belt acts as an accessory that ties the outfit together. Whether opting for classic leather or experimenting with textures like suede or woven fabrics, the choice of belt can significantly impact the overall look. 

Matching the belt with the shoes in terms of color and material creates a cohesive appearance, contributing to a polished and harmonious outfit.

5. Suspenders

Suspenders, once a utilitarian necessity, have evolved into a stylish suit accessory for men that offers a vintage charm to modern suiting. They provide a unique alternative to belts, emphasizing comfort and fit while adding a distinctive touch to the ensemble. 

Available in various materials and designs, suspenders allow wearers to experiment with different looks, be it classic leather or bold patterns, while exuding confidence and style.

6. Pocket Square

The pocket square for a suit is a versatile accessory that offers an opportunity to play with color, pattern, and texture. Whether neatly folded, casually arranged, or intricately styled, a pocket square adds a layer of sophistication to the suit jacket. 

It serves as a focal point, allowing individuals to express their creativity and attention to detail. From classic white linen to bold prints or textured fabrics, the pocket squares for suits complete the outfit with a dash of personality.

7. Watches

More than a mere timekeeping device, a watch is a timeless suit accessory for men that reflects personal taste and style. It’s a subtle yet impactful addition that can tie the entire ensemble together. 

From classic and understated designs to bold and avant-garde timepieces, watches add a touch of sophistication and refinement to a suit. The choice of the watch – be it leather straps, metal bracelets, or unique complications – not only complements the outfit but also speaks volumes about the wearer’s personality and preferences.

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Watches to Elevate Your Suit

The right watch possesses the remarkable ability to accentuate the nuances of a suit, be it a sleek modern look or a classic tailored style. Its subtle details, from the dial to the strap, can effortlessly complement the color palette, texture, and overall aesthetic of your suit. 

Below are some recommendations for watches that would look great as suit accessories for men. Not to mention that you can grab these watches while they’re still available at our Christmas Sale. Let’s check it out!

Glycine Combat SUB 42 Gilt Blue Ref. GL0485

Movement GL224 Swiss automatic movement
Dimension 42mm in diameter. 11mm thick. 49mm lug to lug
Water resistance 200m

The Glycine Combat SUB 42 Gilt Blue exudes timeless sophistication and modern versatility, making it an ideal complement to a well-tailored suit. Its sleek design, highlighted by the striking blue dial and subtle gilt accents, effortlessly merges classic elegance with contemporary flair.

The 42mm size strikes a perfect balance, commanding attention without overwhelming the wrist. With its stainless steel case and robust automatic movement, this timepiece speaks volumes about precision and reliability. 

Price: $525.00 USD

Ball Watch Co. Fireman Enterprise Black Ref. NM2098C-S20-BK

Movement Ball RR1103/ETA2824-2 automatic movement
Dimension 40mm in diameter, 48mm lug to lug, 11.5mm thick
Water resistance 100m

Looking for a sleek black dial design to accompany your black suit? The Ball Watch Co. Fireman Enterprise Black is a great option to choose from. It is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends precision engineering with timeless aesthetics.

With its versatility and classic design, the Fireman Enterprise Black serves as the perfect finishing touch to elevate any suit, adding a touch of luxury and finesse that resonates with the discerning tastes of the modern man.

Price: $915.00 USD

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Mido Multifort M Chronometer Green Ref. M038.431.11.097.00

Movement Automatic Mido Caliber 80 (base ETA C07.821) COSC
Dimension 42mm in diameter, 48mm lug to lug, 12mm thick
Water resistance 100m

Mido has been long known for its accuracy and elegance with its architecture-inspired design. Let’s take Mido Multifort M Chronometer Green. With its sleek, sophisticated design and impeccable precision, this timepiece effortlessly transitions from boardroom meetings to evening soirées, making it an ideal companion for the modern man’s wardrobe.

The bold green hue of the dial, paired with the stainless steel case and bracelet, exudes confidence and refinement – a nice choice for elegant watches. As a suit accessory, the Mido Multifort M Chronometer adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. Its classic yet contemporary design effortlessly complements the elegance of a well-tailored suit, making a subtle yet impactful statement. 

Price: $1,083.00 USD

Seiko Presage Enamel Tonneau Ref. SARX051

Movement Caliber 6R15
Dimension 35.9mm in diameter, 46mm lug to lug, 12.5mm thick
Water resistance 50m

A dress watch will always be a perfect companion of suit accessories for men. Let’s bring Seiko Presage Enamel Tonneau to the table. The watch is a pinnacle of sophistication and refinement, making it an impeccable addition to any man’s suit ensemble. 

Its sleek tonneau-shaped case, adorned with a lustrous white enamel dial, exudes timeless elegance. A refined watch like the Seiko Presage Enamel will bring harmony as a suit accessory for men. 

Price: $704.00 USD

Final Thought: Mastering Suit Accessories for Men

In the intricate world of men’s fashion, the art of dressing well extends beyond the mere donning of a suit – it’s about infusing personality and finesse through meticulously chosen accessories. Suit accessories for men, often overshadowed yet crucial, act as the silent architects of a distinguished and refined appearance.

With the right blend of accessories, a suit isn’t just attire; it’s an expression—a statement of confidence, sophistication, and personal flair. So, suit up, adorn with finesse, and let your style narrate the story you wish to tell, one accessory at a time.

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