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How to Wear a Watch with a Suit: Pull Your Look Together

How to Wear a Watch with a Suit: Pull Your Look Together

Wearing neutral suit color would be the easiest way to pair with your wrist. Find out the tips on how to wear a watch with a suit here!
May 14, 2024

Wearing a watch isn’t only about finding the most accurate and reliable one but also about finding the right balance between the watch and the suit you’re wearing. So, how to wear a watch with a suit that will add sophistication and class to your style?

You’ve chosen the perfect suit and your accessories should also enhance the overall look. With that in mind, a well-chosen timepiece would be the perfect pair to take your outfit to the next level. 

For the discerning gentleman, donning a watch with a well-tailored suit exudes a sense of elegance and attention to detail. However, this seemingly simple task can be more intricate than one might expect.

Therefore, this article will guide you through the proper way to wear a watch with a suit and cover the key aspects that make this combination harmonious, stylish, and timeless.

Should You Wear a Watch with a Suit?

Wearing a watch with a suit isn’t necessarily a must-do standard but it will add a lot to your style and complement your tailored look. If you managed to choose the perfect pair for your outfit, the watch gives an extra layer of sophistication to your look.

It also serves a practical purpose, allowing you to keep track of time discreetly during formal occasions. Just ensure that the watch you choose is appropriate for the formality of the suit and coordinates well with the other accessories you wear.

How to Wear a Watch with a Suit

In a fast-paced world where technology dominates timekeeping, the wristwatch stands as a classic symbol of style, sophistication, and functionality. Find out how to wear a watch with a suit to complete your look below.

A Proper Watch for the Day

Before wearing a watch with a suit, it’s crucial to select the appropriate timepiece. Classic dress watches with a minimalist design, thin profile, and a leather or metal strap work best for formal occasions. 

Avoid overly sporty or casual watches, as they might clash with the formality of the suit. A simple, elegant watch will effortlessly complement your attire.

Consider the Suit’s Formality

The next proper way to wear a watch with a suit is about the formality of your suit. It should align with the style of your watch. For black-tie or formal events, opt for a sleek, black leather strap watch with a minimalistic dial. 

For semi-formal occasions, a brown leather strap watch can add warmth and character to your outfit. Stainless steel or metal strap watches strike the perfect balance for a business or business-casual suit ensemble.

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Match Metals Wisely

If you choose to wear a metal strap watch, ensure that the metal complements the color of your suit’s hardware (buckles, cufflinks, etc.). 

Gold or rose gold watches are best paired with warm-toned suits, while silver or stainless steel watches suit cool-toned suits. Mixing metals can create a jarring effect, so aim for consistency.

Coordinate Colors

In addition to metals, it’s essential to coordinate the colors of your watch and suit. A black suit calls for a black or dark-colored watch strap, while a brown suit pairs perfectly with a brown or tan strap. Navy suits work well with both brown and black leather straps, offering greater versatility.

The Right Fit Matters

Just as you ensure your suit is well-tailored, the fit of your watch matters too. Avoid wearing a watch that is too loose or too tight. 

A properly fitted watch should feel snug but not constricting, allowing you to slide a finger between the strap and your wrist. An ill-fitting watch can distract from your overall look, so pay attention to this detail.

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Balance with Cufflinks

Wearing a watch with a suit should also pay attention to the balance with cufflinks. They are an integral part of a formal suit, and they can harmonize well with a watch. 

If you plan to wear cufflinks, choose a watch with a case diameter that complements your cufflinks’ size. A watch that is too large might get caught on your cuffs, while one too small might appear disproportionate.

Consider Watch Face Size

Other than cufflinks, the proper way to wear a watch with a suit is to consider the size of the watch dial. The size of the watch face should be proportional to your wrist and the suit you’re wearing. 

If you have a slender wrist, opt for a watch with a smaller dial to avoid overpowering your hand. Conversely, individuals with larger wrists can pull off watches with bigger faces, making a bolder statement.

Know Your Dress Codes

Learn the dress codes before wearing a watch with a suit. Different dress codes call for different watch styles. While a formal black-tie event calls for a simple and elegant dress watch, a business-casual gathering allows for more flexibility. 

For casual business settings, you can experiment with different styles, like a minimalist chronograph or a vintage-inspired timepiece.

The Right Wrist for the Watch

Traditionally, watches are worn on the non-dominant wrist. If you’re right-handed, wear the watch on your left wrist, and vice versa. This practice ensures that your dominant hand remains unrestricted for activities like writing or handshakes.

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Simplify with One Watch

While having a collection of watches is tempting, a single high-quality, versatile watch can serve all your formal needs. 

Investing in one classic timepiece that complements various suits will save you the hassle of matching different watches to specific outfits.

Don’t Hesitate to Try a James Bond

There are two sides to the watch enthusiasts’ community when it comes to wearing a sports watch with a suit. But have you seen James Bond’s style? He’s a British secret agent known for wearing a tuxedo paired with a dive watch on his wrist. It unexpectedly turns out cool in his style. 

Therefore, it’s still a good idea to switch styles a little to experience a new look. Yet, it’s important that you still follow the important guides, such as considering the watch size and dress codes. 

This particular tip is meant to make your watch and suit a reflection of your personal taste. That said, if you tend to prefer bold watches, you can always opt for that daring timepiece. 

Some days you may want to pair an Aristo Aviator Vintage 4H451 and the other days you may opt for the style of a pin-stripe Le Jour Rally Monte-Carlo White.

Final Thought

Wearing a watch with a suit is an art that combines elegance, sophistication, and attention to detail. By selecting the right watch, coordinating colors, balancing with cufflinks, and ensuring a proper fit, you can effortlessly elevate your suit ensemble. 

Remember that a classic dress watch with a minimalist design is a timeless choice for formal occasions, while metal strap watches offer versatility for business settings. 

With these tips in mind, you can confidently sport a watch with your suit and make a statement of style and refinement on any occasion.

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