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Seiko sharp edge series

Seiko Sharp Edge Series: Modernity of Japanese Artistry

Launched in 2020, the Seiko Sharp Edge series managed to grab a good spot in the watch community. Modern and reliable, explore more here!
Apr 26, 2024

The Presage series by Seiko has always been fans’ favorite ever since its birth with a fine finish, enchanting watch dial design, and reliable performance. Over years, the collection expands with varieties of stunning timepieces, including the ones in the Seiko Presage Sharp Edge series. 

The series was first introduced in 2020 that combines the beauty of traditional mechanical watchmaking and distinctive Japanese modern aesthetics. In 2022, Seiko grows the series with a more sharp and more modern style presented in four splendid watches. 

Each of the new watches carries a new perspective on the Japanese culture and further enhances the mechanical watchmaking performance. The obvious upgrades can be spotted through the dial design that offers a sophisticated appearance. In this article, we’re going to explore the new watches and scrutinize the interesting thing about the watch itself.

About Seiko Presage Sharp Edge Series

As a short introduction, the Seiko Sharp Edge series flaunts a sporty style watch with excellent details and finishing. The brand also adds some mechanical complexity to elevate the overall values. A traditional touch and distinctively modern Japanese style are the main value that Seiko tries to present in this series. 

The result is an exciting appearance with a fresh design, especially with the new edition introduced this year. While the first batch was dominantly time-only movement, Seiko offers a bit of complexity by adding some features, such as a power reserve indicator, GMT, and day/date window.

Special for the 2022 edition, Seiko further enhances the appearance with a new case design that retains angularity – allowing for a distinctive look. To top it off, the watch radiates a sparkle as the result of a new facet with a mirror finish between the side and top surfaces.

Taking a closer look at the dial, you will notice an intriguing pattern as a signature of the Seiko Sharp Edge series. The Asanoha or hemp leaf allows for a meticulous design on the dial surface. 

The leaf itself is actually a common Japanese pattern used in fabrics ever since the Heian period over a thousand years ago. Also, the Asanoha leaf is a symbol of vitality and health due to its fast-growing nature. 

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A Closer Look at the Seiko SPB311 and SPB305

For the 2022 edition, Seiko adds another four appealing watches into the series, which are the SPB309, SPB311, SPB305, and SPB307. Each watch is presented in four Japanese traditional colors that in Japan are referred Shironeri, Aisumi, Geppaku, and Kurotobi

Two watches feature an open-dial movement while the other two present a multi-hand dial that allows for a power reserve, day, and date display. In this section, let’s take a closer look at each design.

The Appealing Open Heart SPB311

An open-heart dial design will always be a captivating view of a timepiece. It showcases the movement of intricate parts inside the watch. That view would definitely be an exciting and splendid view to enjoy for many watch enthusiasts. As for this SPB311, the watch is showcasing the Caliber 6R38 which works robustly.

This watch is “Aisumi” which presents an elegant deep indigo blue as the dial background. As it appears darker than other lines up, the Asanoha pattern looks more obvious as the texture pumps up the color play. Accompanied by the deep blue, the rose gold elements on the dial is further elevating the elegance.

Seiko puts a well-applied rose gold on the hour markers, watch hands, and logo. The color combinations beautifully make a good contrast giving a harmonious and perfect balance on the dial. That allows the watch to be a good pair for a formal occasion to everyday wear.

The main highlight of the watch is definitely the open dial placed at 9 o’clock. Without disturbing the overall balanced layout, this aperture takes a nice spot to exhibit the moving escapement and oscillating balance wheel. Besides, it doesn’t attract much attention as the aperture’s design takes a simple approach.

Moving on to the performance, the Caliber 6R38 offers a great power reserve for up to 70 hours with a beat rate of 21,600vph (3Hz). Along with its 100m water resistance, the watch also comes in proportional dimensions at 40.2mm in diameter and 11.1mm in thickness. Paired with a leather strap, this Seiko Sharp Edge series would definitely captivate your heart.

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The Powerful SPB305

The next watch in Seiko Sharp Edge Series in this article is the power reserve SPB305. We would like to consider this one as more practical than the previous watch. The open-dial watch is basically a time-only that showcases the inside working of watches. On the other hand, the SPB305 offers some functions displayed on the dial.

The SPB305 appears in a white dial background or is referred to as “Geppaku”. As you can expect from a white color, it radiates aesthetics, simplicity, and alluring beauty. Without the sub-dials, the watch might look minimalist but their existence allows for a more robust yet aesthetic design.

The dial might look like a three-compax layout but it’s actually the apperture of a power reserve indicator placed at 9 o’clock. Meanwhile, the two sub-dials present a day and date display. Despite these additional elements on the dial, it still managed to give a clear and balanced view.

If the open-dial version features gold watch markers, the hands and markers in this watch are faceted with the brand’s proprietary diamond-cut technique. Inside the markers, Seiko filled in with Lumibrite for better legibility in a dim or dark environment.

Inside the watch is the working Seiko automatic movement Caliber 6R21. The movement offers 45 hours of power reserve with 28,800vph (4Hz). This watch also allows for 100m of water resistance which gives enough protection from splashes of water. Paired with a stainless steel bracelet, the watch definitely wears chic and cool.


Seiko is indeed one of the reliable brands for making timepieces with splendid results. The Seiko Sharp Edge series is one that makes a huge appeal among many watch enthusiasts. In fact, the watch does appear in a modern design and reliable performance. 

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