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James Bond Seiko Watches: A Complete List of Unique Watches

James Bond Seiko Watches: A Complete List of Unique Watches

Throughout the whole timeline of the movies, James Bond Seiko watches also attracted much attention. Check out the list of watches here!
Jan 31, 2024

As one of the most phenomenal agent figure in pop cultures, James Bond remains the icon for more than half a century. Not only his badass acting, storyline, and tense but also a collection of his James Bond Seiko watches attract a lot of interesting discussions. In that case, we can name Rolex, Tag Heuer, Seiko, Omega, and Connery as reputable brands that make their watches appear in the movies.

Among the list of watches worn by James Bond, we would particularly discuss the ones by Seiko in this article. As a Japanese watch brand, Seiko definitely made its own stand among the Swiss brands. Throughout the timeline, Bond mostly wore Rolex in the early movies. Seiko’s appearance started from the late 1970s to the mid-1980s with its digital watches.

In fact, Seiko managed to make several appearances throughout 50+ years of James Bond movies. In other words, the brand had its own charm and place to enchant its fans through a charismatic agent figure. Without further ado, let’s get into the list of James Bond Seiko watches.

The Legendary Appearance of James Bond Seiko Watches

Seiko was like the new protagonist in the watchmaking industry that succeeded in gaining attention. Well, indeed that didn’t come without fresh innovation and exciting ideas to bring to the table. 

The brand’s appearance in several James Bond movies also describes how enchanting the watches are that it could compete with another outstanding brand with a long history. 

Most of Seiko James Bond watch in the movies were digital watches that flaunted edgy technology and definitely were not common at that time. Regardless, the watches managed to put aside Rolex and make some appearances for several years ahead.

Mentioned below are James Bond Seiko watches that showed up in some of Bond’s movies – either worn by himself or other actors. Let’s dive into it!

Seiko 0674 LC – The Spy Who Loved Me

James Bond Seiko Watches: Seiko 0674 LC – The Spy Who Loved Me

Seiko’s first appearance was marked by the 0674 LC edition of Spy Who Loved Me released in 1977. The watch is basically a simple-looking timepiece with a rectangular case yet it offers an interesting function. Together with the Rolex GMT Master, this James Bond Seiko made a nice appearance.

While Bond used the Rolex as a timekeeping tool, this rectangular Seiko functions as a pager. That might sound unfamiliar in the modern world but the watch can deliver messages. In the movie, Bond used Seiko to receive important messages from his fellow superspy. It worked by printing out tiny little messages on the display.

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Seiko M354 Memory Bank Calendar – Moonraker

James Bond Seiko Watches: Seiko M354 Memory Bank Calendar – Moonraker

The next James Bond Seiko presented an outer space theme. The M354 Memory Bank Calendar is on top of the list for its impressive appearance. As a timepiece not only that it present as a time-telling tool but also a reliable tool for professional agents.

Appeared in the movie of Moonranker in 1979, the watch has a secret explosive charge on its caseback. It made a remarkable appearance toward the finale as it helped clear out the way for the agent and his fellow mates. Such a kaboom!

Seiko 7549-7009 Golden Tuna – For Your Eyes Only

James Bond Seiko Watches: Seiko 7549-7009 Golden Tuna – For Your Eyes Only

In the next movie series titled For Your Eyes Only in 1981, Seiko featured two watches in the movie. The first James Bond Seiko in this movie is the Golden Tuna which made a new appearance among Seiko’s digital watches. The watch is a professional quartz diver equipped with 600m water resistance.

Its appearance accompanied James Bond in his diving on the submarine to the St. Georges wreck, where he and Melina Havelock retrieved the A.T.A.C. machine. The Seiko Golden Tuna itself is a famous timepiece thanks to its unique design and titanium case. Looking at the appearance alone, many can agree on how robust and durable the watch is.

Seiko H357 Duo Display – For Your Eyes Only

James Bond Seiko Watches: Seiko H357 Duo Display – For Your Eyes Only

Still, in the same movie of For Your Eyes Only, Seiko also featured another pager for James Bond. But this one is an upgraded version with additional features for the agents. As the name implies, the Seiko H357 Duo Display offers a double display – both analog and digital.

As a pager, the watch also delivered important messages among fellow agents. In addition to that, not only that it sent text-like messages but also was equipped with a built-in microphone.

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Seiko G757 Sports 100 – Octopussy

James Bond Seiko Watches: Seiko G757 Sports 100 – Octopussy

Appeared in a bit scandalous movie title, Seiko still featured its new timepiece in James Bond movie. The Seiko G757 Sports 100 made its superb appearance in the Octopussy in 1983. As we can expect from Seiko, this watch also came with an updated feature that fulfills the actors’ needs in the movie. 

The Seiko G757 featured a tracking device displayed in a digital red dot on the screen. Throughout the movie, audiences could clearly notice several obvious appearances of the watch. Besides that tracking device, the watch was also considered impressive with the digital chronograph.

Seiko SPR007 7A28-7020 – A View to a Kill

James Bond Seiko Watches: Seiko SPR007 7A28-7020 – A View to a Kill

Coming to the final appearance in A View to a Kill (1985), James Bond Seiko’s watch appeared in several timepieces in the movie. But the one that attracted much attention is the Seiko SPR007 7A28-7020. This is a quartz James Bond Seiko chronograph with a white dial that flaunted reliability and a serious timepiece with its three sub-dials. 

As if it was the last appearance, James Bond wore the other two Seiko watches which were Seiko 6923-8080 SPD09 and Seiko H558-500 SPW001. The first one is a dress watch that exhibited elegance while the latter is a professional dive watch with 150m of water resistance.

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Final Thought

The series of fictional British Secret Service agents is indeed a remarkable pop culture but James Bond seiko watch is also an icon of their own. Among other brands that flaunt accuracy, prestige, and classic design, Seiko watches appear in a unique design and interesting function. Besides, the watch made a good pair with the movies, either from the performances or styles as well. 

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