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Seiko 5 Sports: A Great Collection for A Complete Package

Seiko 5 Sports makes a good watch collection for everyone with invaluable functionalities and modest prices. Find out why it's loved here!
Apr 29, 2024

Seiko 5 Sports remains one of the most sought-after collections under the brand. It never fails to deliver a package of reliable and durable mechanical timepieces for years. As a fan of Japanese watch brands, their reputation might already be familiar to you for wide offers and prices. Indeed, a brand like Seiko 5 or Seiko just seems a good fit to start a good day with a timepiece on the wrist.

Different from its older brother which is Seiko, the Seiko 5 tends to make timepieces for younger audiences. No wonder their collections mostly have edgy and modern designs or even colorful ones. Regardless, excellent craftsmanship and invaluable engineering will always be the priority to offer.

In this article, we’re going to delve more into Seiko 5 Sports review, a robust mechanical timepiece with a handsome presence. This is a collection that lives out the same ethos while pushing beyond the norm to find one’s own style with its handsome timepieces that cater to every preference.

Seiko 5 Sports: At a Glance

A collection of Seiko 5 Sports consists of a wide range of options and colors to choose from. But in this review, we’re going to take the “Sports Style” Blackout 40 as a representation. If you’ve been observing Seiko or Seiko 5 watches, you definitely understand how watches around $300 retail would still offer much more than the price suggests.

Appears in a blackout design, this Seiko 5 Sports has a slim profile that better flaunts the cool and chic theme of the watch. It comes at an affordable price of $360 USD for the high value of functionality and comfortability. 

Don’t let its dive watch appearance sway your choice as the watch is better suited as an everyday watch rather than a tool watch.

Why Should You Have Seiko 5 Sports Watches?

Coming in a whole range of exciting styles and fresh new designs, there is more to expect in Seiko 5 Sports watch collection. Below, we’ve gathered some reasons to further justify your purchase.

In-house Movements for Exclusivity

The idea of having a timepiece with in-house movement would mostly be an interesting thing to talk about. It’s made in-house, meaning exclusivity that is not open to a majority. It also means that the engraved name on the movement will be the same as the one written on the dial. 

Of course! It will be something prestigious among many watch enthusiasts. This might not seem the coolest thing but definitely an impressive feature of Seiko 5 Sports, especially considering its affordable price. 

We’re talking about the automatic caliber 4R36, a bonafide in-house movement that drives watches in Seiko 5 Sports collection. In addition to that, the wearer can enjoy the beautiful inner working movements through the exhibition caseback. This is where appreciating watch craftsmanship comes to the fullest.

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A Myriad of Iconic and Stylish Options

There is no need to worry about the lack of options when it comes to Seiko 5 Sports. There is a myriad of choices you can have in this collection from the most handsome everyday watches as reviewed here to some design collaborations with anime series and streetwear brands. It’s really a lot of colors and designs available to choose from compared to rainbow colors. 

In addition to the dive watch style, Seiko 5 Sports also offers ones with field watch designs and traditional looks. Nevertheless, all watches are consistent in giving distinctive characteristics of Seiko 5 Sports and affordable prices.

A Complete Package at a Modest Price

Along with the invaluable features, in-house movements, and finishing, every Seiko 5 Sports is available at affordable prices. Not to mention how the company gives the finest details and polishing into the watch for a splendid view. It seems like a surprise to grab one with such features but is inexpensive.

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Seiko 5 Sports “Sports Style” Blackout 40 Review

For better clarity and description of how Seiko Sports 5 looks, buying one is definitely the best answer. However, we believe that you need more details on the watch. So, let’s take a closer look at Seiko 5 Sports review on the “Sports Style” Blackout 40 Ref. SBSA059.

The Dial Display

Let’s start with the dial where every beauty is finely displayed. As a blackout timepiece, the dial and every element on it also take black background similar to the other parts. It takes a minimalist approach to present an uncluttered dial and clean view. However, it’s Seiko 5 that we’re talking which always brings a novelty.

This blackout watch flaunts silver accents on its hour markers added with satin-finished hands atop its uncluttered matte black dial. To improve legibility in the dark, watch indexes and handsets have been well-applied with Lumibrite which makes an incredible green glow. 

The watch also features a day-date English-Kanji window at 3 o’clock to give complete information about the time, day, and date. Elevating the classy look, Seiko 5 only includes essential texts on the dial, such as a logo and ‘Automatic’ information. 

Reliable Movement

Underneath a delicately built dial, an automatic movement Caliber 4R36 drives watch to work reliably. It comes with 24 jewels to better improve performance and reduce friction. In addition to that, the movement takes after the Swiss ETA 2824-2 with a second-hand stop function to further increase the precision of time-setting.

Seiko 5 Sport Watch Strap

Completed the overall look, a black nylon strap is paired with a matching black buckle – that further elevates the handsome vibe of the seiko 5 sports watch. The strap indeed flawlessly makes a good match to the watch. It somehow creates a sporty look that is suitable for everyday watches from an office day to a fun day in the pool.

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Seiko 5 Sport Watch Dimensions

Despite the sport’s title, the watch doesn’t look bulky at all as you can see from the picture. Be amazed by its dressier and slimmer 40mm case with only 11,5mm in thickness. A curved lug design also adds a proportional design to the watch despite the lug-to-lug distance measured at 44.6mm.

With that being said, this Seiko 5 Sports can make a good grip and significantly slimmer profile once strapped on the wrist. In addition to that, the slim profile is further elevated with the absence of a watch bezel. With a slim bezel-less case, the watch makes a perfectly-fitting timepiece. 

Other Details

Presented between a slim dress watch and a tactical dive watch, this Seiko 5 Sports exhibits a timeless style. We barely recommend you take the watch for extreme water sports as it doesn’t really comply with the basic requirements. The watch has a push-pull crown and can only handle depths of up to 100m. 

Final Verdict

Seiko 5 Sports is a watch collection that is very much recommended for someone who is looking for casual timepieces. As it’s been mentioned in detail above, the watch makes a reliable performance and stylish appearance. Watches in this collection would be a fun way to spend whether you are a newbie or a senior.  

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