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A Helpful Guide and Dandy Tips on How to Wear a Watch

A Helpful Guide and Dandy Tips on How to Wear a Watch

Learning how to wear a watch might seem pretty straightforward. But, these tips and guides will teach you how to best wear a timepiece. Read on to find out.
Mar 14, 2024

Most people instinctively know how to wear a watch. But, these tips and guides will provide you with a thorough understanding of the proper way to put on a timepiece. As a result, your overall appearance will look more dapper and pleasing.

From how to don a watch to fit snugly on your wrist to choosing the best timepiece for various occasions, for casual days or on formal nights, do continue reading.

How to Choose the Proper Watch to Wear

Other than for telling time, donning a timepiece can add flair and even accentuate an outfit. The first step on how to wear a watch is choosing the right one to wear first. Here is a short tutorial:

Pick the Right Watch Style

First, decide on timepieces that you most favor and are suited to the occasion that you are going to. This can range from reliable dive watches, luxurious dress watches to more dependable casual watches.

Choose an Appropriate Watch Size

Next, make sure that the watch you choose to wear is of the right size. A handy tip is to wear a timepiece with its face matched to the size of its wristband. This will make it easier to sport on various occasions.

Pick a Fitting Watch Strap

A simple choice yet the most suitable watch strap would truly elevate the overall appearance of your watch wearing. Before going out for your activities, try to consider what types of straps would be a good pair and look best on you. 

As an example, you definitely do not want to wear a rubber band for a formal meeting. Instead, a dandy leather strap or stainless steel bracelet would be more proper. This concludes that different strap choices can create different outcomes to match your outfit. 

Select Materials that match your outfit

Aside from style and size, materiality is another factor to take note of. Think about how well the components of a watch would match your outfit. For instance, leather straps go well together with fellow leather accessories.

Also, pay extra attention when choosing to don stainless steel watches and straps, make sure it matches in color with the tie clip or cufflinks that you have opted to wear. This assures that the timepiece blends seamlessly with the outfit.

Deciding Which Wrist One Should Wear Their Watch

When choosing to put on a timepiece, one should pick to wear them on their non-dominant hand. For the right-handed, this would mean wearing them on their left.

Alternatively, how to wear a watch for left-handed is to sport them on their right hand. The reason behind choosing to put on a timepiece on their non-dominant hand is as an effort to create an ease of winding the object and also to protect the watch from damage.

On a side note, do feel free to break this rule. Some watch owners might be more comfortable wearing them on their dominant hand.

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How to Wear a Watch to Elevate Your Appearance

Next on how to wear a watch is to place it so it sits right above your wrist bone. The majority of people will choose to wear a timepiece with its face facing upright on their wrist. So, when the hand is dropped down to the sides and the outfit worn is of long sleeves, the dial will peek out of the cuffs.

Alternatively, other people like to be discreetly seen with their watch. As a result, they choose to wear a timepiece with its face on the inside of their wrist. One advantage to this technique is that if the timepiece is particularly scratch-prone, this action will prove as a useful shield against the appearance of annoying abrasions.

Remembering to adjust the strap on your timepiece is part of my final guide on the steps on how to wear a watch. This particular method is most useful as it makes sure that your timekeeper is comfortable to wear.

Find the buckle of the leather or other fabric type watches and adjust. You can also make sure the clasps of your stainless steel timepieces are properly closed to assure it fits snugly and prevent damage from being too loose.

A good measurement of whether your watch is properly worn is to dangle your arms about, does it feel too tight that it pulls your skin hair? Or loose enough that the timepiece moves around? 

If the answer is no to both of these questions, it would mean that you have placed your timekeeper on your wrist comfortably.

When wearing new watches, the sizing of the timepiece might be a bit off. Depending on the band, consider taking the timekeeper to the store to create more holes or partially cut the ends of the stainless steel band so that the buckle or clasp closes to fit snugly on your wrist.

All in all, wearing the right watch properly will not only complete your look – it will be more elevated. Stay tuned to our Gnomon blog for more dandy tips, tutorials, and recommendations along the world of horology.

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