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Watch size guide

Watches Size Guide: How to Find a Perfect Fit for Your Wrist

Watches size good let you know the aspects to consider before buying a wristwatch.
Aug 26, 2021

Before you buy a watch, you need to look at a watch size guide because size matters. Just like a perfect fitted dress. It would not feel comfortable and look good if it is too small or too big. You also wear a ring that snuggly fits around the base of your finger without spinning or even bulging. This concept should be applied when you are choosing a watch.

When it comes to finding the best size timepiece, that means you need to put several aspects on it. First, consider the watch case diameter to a watch case thickness. Next, you may want to look at watch face details, your wrist size, and watch strap width and length. 

Well, suppose your wrist size is 7 inches, here is what you likely need to do to find the best fitted watch for your wrist. These quick tips can be really helpful especially if you purchase the watch online. 

Watch Size Guide: Watch the Case Diameter

Men’s watches usually measure between 34mm to 46mm while the standard women’s timepiece has a smaller case which is around 26mm to 34mm. But, today many women enjoy a watch with a larger case size, also it is common for men to look for a vintage timepiece with a 34-36mm diameter case. 

The distinction between the millimeters may not look significant on the paper, but once they are on your wrist, you will see how  much they are different. Case size is the most crucial element in the context of picking out the right wristwatch. You don’t want to look like you're carrying weight on your wrist, do you? 

Some people look good on a larger watch because they have a big wrist and that watch won’t work for a small wrist group. If you have a 7 inch wrist, you should go with a 36mm-42mm diameter watch. It would fit your wrist best. But, if your wrist circumference is more than 7.5 inches, then a 40mm or more timepiece would be perfect. 

Similar to fashions, watch size trends come and go. During World War II, small wristwatches were popular among the soldiers. The American A-11 is the example. This timepiece only measured 32-36mm diameter. It was made as a tool for a specific job in the warfield. A small watch was the best option because no soldier wanted to carry any extra weight on their hand.

Then, years later, when other brands were producing small watches, an Italian watchmaker Panerai broke the rules by launching a large watch that makes the company known for a big watch specialist until now. 

Watch Size Guide: The Case Thickness

The case thickness is, however, related to the functionality of a watch. It is not always, but often to be found where the timepiece is thick, it carries more features on it. Let’s have a dive watch. To withstand the pressure underwater, the watch should have a thicker crystal and caseback that result in a watch with great thickness.

Not only in a diving timepiece, a dress watch such as Mido Multifort Patrimony Chronograph White Ref. M040.427.36.262.00 is also considered a thick watch of 15.2mm due to its chronograph feature. Speaking about case thickness, you’ll find a mechanical watch is denser than a quartz because the movement needs more space.

Well, there’s nothing wrong about the case being thick, but for the best advice, you might want to buy a thinner watch than a 13mm one for everyday use of your 7 inch wrist. It would be more comfortable, for me personally. If you are wondering what is considered a thin watch is a timepiece that comes under 9mm in height.

Watch Size Guide: Lugs, Bezel, Handsets, Etc.

Turns out the components of a watch are a significant factor, not only in its aesthetic but also in a watch size. The bigger the watch components ⎯lugs, bezel, handsets, markers, crown⎯ the larger the watch will be since those components will need more space to create a well-balanced proportion type of watch. That’s why a pilot watch mostly exhibits a large watch design to balance the crown and marker size for high legibility. See also: Watch 101: What are the Watch Lug, Types, and Sizes?

Watch Size Guide: Watch Strap Material

Please note that the material of the strap can affect visual perception. You may not believe it, but it is true. Leather and fabric straps seem slimmer while metal ones give a more substantial weight and slightly bigger on wrists. So make sure to choose a type of strap that goes well on your wrist. 

All in all, the watches size guide above is just a guideline. In the end, watches are about personal preferences. A perfect timepiece is based on your taste, no matter what others think of it.

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