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5 Sleek Carbon Fiber Watches: They’re Indeed A Cool-Looking One

5 Sleek Carbon Fiber Watches: They’re Indeed A Cool-Looking One

Strong yet lightweight and stylish, a carbon fiber watch is an ideal timepiece buddy for your rugged activities. Find out here!
May 18, 2024

Carbon fiber as a reliable material has entered the watchmaking industry years ago. Ever since then, carbon fiber watch gains popularity among watch enthusiasts and brands. Many have been using the material as it provides good strength while also being stylish and lightweight. The latter is the most favored advantage of using carbon fiber – even it can outperform titanium watches.

Despite being a newcomer in terms of watch materials, carbon fiber can offer a list of upper hands. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at carbon fiber watches, the advantages of using this material, and a list of recommendations that you should look into it. 

What is Carbon Fiber?

As the name mentions, carbon fiber is basically a fiber made out of carbon. It was first invented by Joseph Wilson Swan in 1860. To fully utilized carbon fiber in something useful, it needs to be melded and woven together with an organic polymer.

The use of carbon fiber is common in our surroundings as it’s been widely used for car parts, bicycles, helmets, and phone cases. As time goes by, it made its debut as a material in the watchmaking industry. It gives incredible features that offer quality for a timepiece. 

Not only in the watchmaking industry, carbon fiber is also a reliable material in military, racing, civil engineering, and aerospace. Strong yet lightweight and cool looking, no wonder that it becomes everyone’s favorite. To top it off, carbon fiber has good resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and corrosion. 

So, what else to doubt when it comes to a good quality material for creating a piece of art in the watchmaking industry?  

A Brief on Carbon Fiber Watch

When it comes to the watchmaking process, the carbon fiber should be made into forged carbon in the first place. It is a different method compared to the other traditionally-made carbon fiber. The process would change the fibers into a paste-like substance which is then mixed with epoxy resin.

The blend will be squeezed into molds after it is fully mixed, resulting in a forged carbon composite. This would be the end process before it is used as the material to create a carbon fiber watch.

Thanks to that process, it gives a unique patterning and texture. Forged carbon fiber would naturally give a dark hue to a timepiece. Besides, it offers a way to provide a black look without using coatings like PVD or DLC. Therefore, carbon fiber always has a way to enchant everyone. 

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5 Sleeky Carbon Fiber Watches You Should Own

Carbon fiber has indeed found its way to the watchmaking industry and it evolves to offer a reliable watch material. Below are some carbon fiber watches that I personally find it enchanting with their sleeky, sporty, and cool-looking appearance.

1. Luminox Original Navy SEAL 3001

A rugged and elite timepiece from Luminox, this carbon fiber watch is one of the exceptional editions that exudes a robust and bulky appearance. Measured in 43mm, the watch would sit handsomely on your big wrist, giving a bold existence. The carbon fiber in this watch is referred to as Carbonox.

Basically, the watch has a simple design yet is sleek enough to enchant you for grabbing one. The is quite crowded with the 24-hour layout, date complication, and luminous syringe hands. To top it off, the outer rim of the dial is equipped with tritium gas tubes — giving a more pleasant look along with its 200m water resistance.

2. Oris Williams Valtteri Bottas Limited Edition

A cool-looking and sleeky sports watch by Oris is one of the limited edition carbon fiber watches on the market. In collaboration with William Racing, Oris produced this enchanting timepiece with its bulky case design. Despite being bulky, measured at 44 mm, the watch doesn’t look that big due to its lugless design.

Oris Williams Valtteri Bottas Limited Edition

The use of carbon fiber on the dial to match the carbon fiber case has set this timepiece exceptional from the non-limited edition. With that being said, this carbon fiber watch is equipped with features to uplift the appearance. In addition to that, Oris has emphasized the attractive look of the weave of the carbon fiber as much as possible. 

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3. Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT Unico 3D

Hublot has been known for its robust and bulky watch collection. This also applies to their carbon watch collections that highlight light weightiness while also being bold. Looking at the appearance itself, we might all agree on how reliable and sturdy this watch is. 

To top it off, the watch is equipped not only with carbon fiber material but also titanium. The outer case is made out of carbon fiber while the inner case is equipped with titanium. As the main engine of the watch, the automatic HUB1280 caliber runs reliably to drive this chronograph carbon fiber watch to perform at its best..

4. Panerai Submersible Carbotech

As a well-known brand for dive watch collections, Panerai keeps improving its qualities through the use of carbon fiber. When it comes to quality, Panerai’s collections were once used by the Italian Navy, resulting in getting approval for their reliability. Introducing the carbon fiber watch, Panerai offers a stylish and authentic timepiece that will give you the best.

Panerai Submersible Carbotech

The Panerai Submersible Carbotech is equipped with a carbon fiber case with a squarish design. It has a simple dial appearance with a sub-dial, date window, and a touch of blue on the hands, hour markers, and bezel — it also glows in blue lume. This carbon fiber watch is one of my favorite dive watches with a cool-looking design, reliability, and 300m of water resistance.

5. Longines Conquest V.H.P. L37172669

A reliable carbon fiber watch from Longines, the Conquest V.H.P exudes a sporty and bold look. It comes in a stainless steel case and is coated in black PVD. Taking a closer look at the dial, you’ll notice the use of carbon fiber in this timepiece. 

It’s designed with a unique crisscrossing pattern that looks delicate against the sub-dials. In addition to that, thanks to the carbon fiber dial, the watch gives a more dark and sturdy look — definitely an enchanting view on the dial. To top it off, this carbon fiber watch is driven by a highly accurate L289.2 caliber with an accuracy rate of +/- 5 seconds per year.

After all, a carbon fiber watch does indeed give a list of advantages when it comes to the stylish look and comfortability of the wearer. I believe that most of us agree on how great having carbon fiber as one material in the watchmaking industry. It’s light, stylish, and strong at the same time. 

A carbon fiber watch would go well as your timepiece buddy for almost any occasion. You can get timepieces with this material from quite a various price range, from affordable ones to luxury collections. Now that you know about carbon fiber watches, which one is your favorite?

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