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Best Watches to Collect (A Beginner Guide)

Best Watches to Collect (A Beginner Guide)

Looking for the best watches to collect? Look no further! This guide will help you define your own style and start your collection with the perfect timepiece.
May 18, 2024

Watches are far beyond complex, choosing one over another would even take months, especially if you come in as a beginner. There are certain things to consider, be it the types of the watch, which brands to choose, the material you need, and the list goes on. Then, here you are reading the article to look for clues or even a glimpse of timepieces that could be the best watches to collect.

Worry no more, even though choosing a watch could be subjective but I did my best to compile a lineup with a combination of captivating features, designs, and lasting popularities. However, the choice will always be yours to have one that attracts your heartstrings. Thus, first thing first, I would like you to consider these key points before going deeper into the discussion.

Movement isn’t everything about watches

The movement might be the first vital thing you heard about watches, especially if you are in the watch world. But does it define everything? Well, not really. Don’t get trapped in the movement comparison games — many new watch fans would be. There are other things that make a watch and you also need to consider. In many cases, the watch experts also look up the case and dial design, the exterior finishing, and the material construction of the overall elements in a watch.

Complex complication doesn’t equal quality

In fact, simple yet elegant watches to collect always have their place in the heart of watch lovers. Not only that they imply a well-reserved image but also exude captivating looks. Having avant-garde complications right on your wrist might be intriguing enough but they also should be treated as such. You also need to consider the service bills for each of the complications you have on your watch.

Many experienced collectors in the world prefer a timepiece that enlightens balance on a simple dial than a large case with a number of complications. Even more, don’t do this for the sake of bragging to others. So, if you are a new fan, a simple watch might be a good choice for the best watches to collect. Less is more, right?

The brand name does scream out quality

Be you are still a newbie in the watch world or have spent years digging to the deepest of watches, you should know how certain brand watches stroke their history to make the best timepieces from the past until now. Let’s call out Rolex that everyone, I believe, knows about it as an example.

You can’t deny how Rolex could be among the most reliable watches in the world and it is at the forefront of watchmaking history. It prides itself on its quality that certainly offers the best one for the wearers. Even when other high-end brands such as Omega, Seiko, IWC start to leverage their watches, we can’t blame Rolex for still being here and be the best among the rest. So, my suggestion to find the best watches to collect especially for beginners, try to line up from the watches brand first.

Trends don’t always say good watches

Enjoying the watch you already own might sound simple, as for now. But, truth to be told, most cases say that being a watch collector is about “What’s next?”. We start looking for the next piece that may be better than before, though it’s still unsure yet, and craving for watches that are noticed a trend.  

My best suggestion is don’t follow the trends. If you say, trends exist to be followed then you just start pursuing a disaster. Some trends come and go but they don’t vanish, they’re there. Try to think of the first reason why you dig in the watch world and start appreciating what you already have. Following the perks of trends would likely just make you spend a ton of money.

Be careful with forums

I joined the community! Yay!” That might be your first reaction to joining the stream of watches lovers but you’ll find out later that it could bring you to the down-lane. I’ve been there, too! Getting excited talking and sharing anything about watches to collect, but what I found at the end was me getting obsessed with the majority taste. If I have a different watch choice I thought I was the one on the wrong side. I started choosing watches that people like, not the ones I truly want to have — there was a surge to have the same model.

While having a forum could be beneficial to get more information about watches, you couldn’t rely everything on what the majority said. Even worse, don’t consider a sentence from a forum as a definite fact — you know anyone could make a post and be like an expert. It would be better if you consider other trusted resources and know who exactly gives the information. The majority taste is not always the best-ever choice to have.

Now that you’ve read the points, these timepieces might be a good choice to start your watch collection. 

Steinhart Ocean 1 Vintage Red

On the first list of best watches to collect, we have Steinhart Ocean 1 Vintage Red. Having been around for 15 years, Steinhart introduced its amazing piece of time-teller with a simple and elegant look along with features set to amaze. The Steinhart Ocean 1 Vintage Red – NEW is a well-built dive watch equipped with a classic bezel that has a luminous pip at the 12 o’clock position. 

It is also finished in a satin brush for the top of the lugs, the case, and the stainless steel bracelet. A reliable divers watches with a water-resistant rating of 300 m, anti-reflective coating for clarity under different lighting conditions, and SuperLuminova luminous for its markers.

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Seiko Prospex 62MAS 200M Automatic Black

The Prospex 62MAS 200M Automatic Black Ref. SBDC101 is a remake of Seiko’s classic design (Ref. 6217-8001) with enhanced upgrades. Seiko also unveils its latest technology, the 6R35 caliber that is applied in the 62MAS, making it a longer power reserve of 70 hours. 

A 40.5 stainless-steel case, a lug width of 20mm, and a height of 13.2 mm make this timepiece well-favored in the Seiko community and one of the best watches to collect. Be amazed at the mixture of satin brush, Seiko high polishing, and Zaratsu polishing on the entire timepiece.

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Mido Baroncelli Big Date Blue

Another best watches to collect is a popular collection special for Mido’s 44th anniversary with a minimalistic yet stunning look, doesn’t it sound good enough to be among the best watches to collect? The Baroncelli Big Date Blue – Ltd Ed 2020pcs Ref. M027.426.36.043.00 is a Swiss-made craft with a sapphire glass exhibition with a double-sided anti-reflection treatment. 

The date display on the 6 o’clock in its timeless blue dial might be the key that impresses you. To top it off, the watch comes on a blue leather strap that will give a comfortable feeling on the wrist (thanks to its anti-allergenic properties), making it a great combination with its dial. Overall features and looks are at the true nature of elegant watches that could be worn on any occasion to elevate your style.

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Intra-Matic Chronograph Blue

Trying to look for a chronograph watches to collect? The Intra-Matic Chronograph Blue Ref. H38416541 by Hamilton could be your first step. Hamilton with its chronograph journey started in the early 60s and became an integral part of the chronograph movement in the industry. 

The Intra-Matic Chronograph is their latest release of their 1960s chronograph model (Chrono-Matic automatic chronograph with their Pre-caliber 11 Panda Chrono). The watch also displays a retro charm that lies in its blue “reverse-panda” style dial where the sub-dials sit on it symmetrically. 

Further, it applies SuperLuminova for the markers that glow through the night. No worries, it offers a power reserve of 60 hours with its H-31 automatic movement. In all, the Hamilton Intra-Matic suits to be a fantastic reissue to its predecessor and might be your best-matched as well.

A little bit of help may do but the choice of choosing the best watches to collect is always yours.

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