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best quartz watches under 500

Top Quartz Watches Under $500: Where Quality Meets Budget

Getting accuracy and affordability in a watch is not an impossible task. Check out this recommendation for the best quartz watches under $500!
May 15, 2024

If you are a budget-conscious watch collector, you certainly want to make the most out of what you have. If you are searching for a good quartz watch for your next collection, you come to the right place. We are about to share with you the best quartz watches under $500.

Quartz watches can be your best option, especially if you are a newcomer to watch collecting and have a limited budget on the table. Quartz watches are famous for their high timekeeping accuracy, practicality, and durability. 

Moreover, without having to break the bank, you can opt for various types of quartz watches, either a minimalist dress watch to a strong, robust military-style watch. 

Now, let’s explore our curated selection of quartz watches under $500 so that it’s easier for you to find the perfect watch that meets your style and wallet.

What Makes Quartz Watches Special?

Although people often compared it to automatic watches, quartz watches have their own tick. First and foremost is their high level of accuracy. Quartz watches utilize a quartz crystal oscillator that vibrates at a precise frequency when an electrical current is applied, resulting in reliable timekeeping. This reliability is certainly essential for everyone. 

Secondly, they require low maintenance, in a way that regular winding is not quite necessary. Moreover, quartz watches are also equipped with a long battery life that can last for years, offering convenience that appeals to many individuals. 

Furthermore, quartz watches are often more robust and less sensitive to external conditions, such as position and temperature. It becomes a great option for those who need reliable timepieces for various activities. Besides, quartz watches are generally affordable, making them highly accessible to a wide range of customers. 

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7 Affordable Quartz Watches Under $500 to Own

Here is the list of the best quartz watches under $500 that Gnomon Watches has specially curated for you: 

Marathon GPQ Government Black Quartz Ref. WW194009BK – NOS

Movement High torque quartz with EOL (End of Life indicator for battery)
Dimensions 34mm in diameter, 41mm lugs to lugs, 11mm thick
Water resistance 30m

Our first recommendation falls to this Marathon GPQ Government Black Quartz Ref. WW194009BK – NOS. This timepiece has a lightweight and highly-impact fibershell case. The high-torque quartz engine serves a great precision during military operations. 

The 16mm lug width is accompanied by the black nylon strap that guarantees security on the wrist. Regarding legibility, this timepiece is equipped with MaraGlo coating on the hands, emitting a bright green light that glows for 24 hours. 

Price: $460.00 USD

Seiko Exceline Gold Ref. SWDL160

Movement Caliber 4J4
Dimensions 23.9mm in diameter, 29mm lug to lug, 5.1mm thick
Water resistance 30m

Seiko Exceline collection stands out for its high-accuracy quartz movement and elegant aesthetics. This Seiko Exceline Gold Ref. SWDL160 exhibits a minimalist look of a true dress watch. Moreover, this timepiece is incredibly slender, with only 5.1mm thick.

The Seiko Cal. 4141 quartz movement has an astonishing accuracy of +/- 10 seconds a year and 2 years of battery life. Lastly, the case also occupies a DiaShock hard coating that guarantees a strong resistance to scratches. 

Price: $420.00 USD

Seiko Selection Solar Chronograph Blackout PVD Ref. SBPY169

Movement Caliber V175
Dimensions 42.2mm in diameter, 48.3mm lug to lug, 12.2mm thick
Water resistance 100m

The next one also comes from Seiko, with the Seiko Selection Solar Chronograph Blackout PVD Ref. SBPY169. This timepiece runs on the Seiko V175 solar-powered movement and thus does not require battery replacements. The movement can continuously run for 6 months without a light source when fully charged. 

The oyster-style bracelet is robust and comfortable, perfectly matching both dressier and casual occasions. With the handsome all-black visuals, this makes one of the best quartz watches under $500. 

Price: $405.00 USD

Yema Rallygraf Meca-Quartz Chronograph Blue – Bracelet

Movement Seiko VK64
Dimensions 39mm in diameter, 48mm lug to lug, 11mm thick
Water resistance 100m

If you are searching for a more vintage look for a watch, this Yema Rallygraf can be a great option. As it is designed for motorsports and speed, the tachymeter bezel allows you to calculate the average speed within a certain distance. 

Moreover, this watch is also protected with domed K1 mineral crystal that is scratch-resistant.  With the BGW9 Super-LumiNova, the hands and markers are easily read even in low-light environments. 

Price: $399.00 USD

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Marathon GPQ NGM Desert Tan Quartz Ref. WW194004-DT-NGM

Movement High torque quartz • ETA FØ6 Movement
Dimensions 34mm in diameter, 41mm lugs to lugs, 12mm thick
Water resistance 30m

This Marathon GPQ (General Purpose Quartz) NGM Desert Tan Quartz is designed to be unquestionably robust and functional, as it is highly inspired by the valuable tool for military operations back then. The sleek and symmetrical case exudes an attractive masculinity. 

Accompanied by the heavy-duty nylon strap, the watch can stay secure on your wrist. Not only that, the dial also features self-illuminating tritium gas tubes, giving a continuous glow without any charge from the external light source. 

Overall, this military-style watch can surely be your ultimate choice among the best quartz watches under $500. 

Price: $300.00 USD

Yema Rallygraf Meca Quartz Alpine Endurance Team Black – Leather

Movement Seiko VK64
Dimensions 39mm in diameter, 48mm lug to lug, 11mm thick
Water resistance 100m

Inspired by the 1960s racing chronographs, this timepiece appears with a traditional vintage look and a tachymeter scale around the dial. This Alpine Endurance Team has been exclusively designed for the French racing team to compete in FIA’s World Endurance Championship (WEC).

This watch also stands out for the black dial and the off-white sub-dials, allowing maximum readability. Lastly, it comes with a grained, perforated leather strap, specially made to fit the Rallygraf’s theme. 

Price: $399.00 USD

Seiko Prospex 200M Diver Scuba Solar Blue Ref. SBDN079

Movement Caliber V147
Dimensions 38.5mm in diameter, 46.5mm lug to lug, 10.6mm thick
Water resistance 200m

Seiko, through its latest collection, the Prospex Diver 200M Scuba Solar Blue Ref. SBDN079 combines a vintage-style watch with modern craftsmanship. 

It comes with a traditional diver case and solar caliber V147, giving a 10-month power reserve and 15-second accuracy per month. 

This timepiece appears with a 20mm satin brushed stainless steel bracelet and polished connecting links. With good sizing and an excellent price point, this can be your “grab-and-go” sports watch amongst the best quartz watches under $500. 

Price: $494.00 USD

Final Thought

Overall, through or recommendations above, we have offered you excellent choices of the best quartz watches under $500 that combine style and high-quality performance. 

Hence, you can get the best of both worlds – timekeeping accuracy and affordability. So, are you ready to make your ultimate choice?

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