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What is a Quartz Watch and How Does it Work?

What is a Quartz Watch and How Does it Work?

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Dec 18, 2023

What is a quartz watch and how does it work? This article tell the definition of a quartz watch and how it works. You know, watches are an essential accessory that we use in our daily lives to keep track of time. However, not all watches are created equal. Among the different types of watches available, one type that stands out is the quartz watch.

Quartz watches are popular for their accuracy, reliability, and affordability. In this article, we will delve deeper into what a quartz watch is, how it works, and its benefits.

What is a Quartz Watch?

A quartz watch is a type of wristwatch that uses a quartz crystal oscillator to keep time. The watch is powered by a battery, which sends an electrical current through the crystal, causing it to vibrate at a precise frequency. The vibrations of the crystal are used to regulate the movement of the watch’s hands, ensuring accurate timekeeping. 

Quartz watches were first introduced in the 1960s and quickly became popular due to their accuracy and affordability. Today, they are still widely used and are considered a reliable and practical choice for timekeeping.

A Brief History of Quartz Watch

The concept of using quartz crystals for timekeeping dates back to the early 1900s. However, it wasn’t until the 1960s that quartz watches became commercially viable. In 1967, the first quartz watch, the Seiko Astron, was released. This watch revolutionized the watch industry and changed the way people looked at timekeeping.

True to its brand reputation, the Seiko Astron was a technological breakthrough. It used a quartz crystal oscillator to keep time, which was much more accurate than the traditional mechanical watches that had been around for centuries. The Seiko Astron was also much more affordable than other high-end watches of the time, making it accessible to a broader audience.

The success of the Seiko Astron spurred many other companies to start developing their own quartz watches. In the 1970s and 1980s, quartz watches became ubiquitous, and many people started to abandon their traditional mechanical watches in favor of more accurate and reliable quartz watches.

How Does it Work?

Quartz watches use a battery-powered quartz crystal oscillator to keep time. The crystal oscillator vibrates at a very high frequency (usually 32,768 times per second), which is used to regulate the movement of the watch’s hands. The vibrations of the crystal are incredibly consistent, which is why quartz watches are so accurate.

The crystal oscillator is connected to an integrated circuit (IC), which serves as the brain of the watch. The IC is responsible for dividing the crystal’s frequency down to one second, which is used to move the watch’s hands. The IC also performs other functions, such as displaying the time and date, setting the alarm, and controlling other features of the watch.

Pros and Cons of Quartz Watches

There will always be both sides to anything in this world and so do quartz watches. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of having quartz watches over various types of watches.

Pros of Quartz Watches

One of the most significant advantages of quartz watches is their accuracy. Quartz watches can keep time to within a few seconds per month, comparable to automatic watches. Quartz watches also require very little maintenance, as they do not have many moving parts that can wear out over time.

Another advantage of quartz watches is their affordability. Quartz watches are much cheaper to produce and maintain than solar watches, which makes them accessible to a broader audience. You can find high-quality quartz watches for as little as a few hundred dollars, while mechanical watches can cost thousands of dollars.

Quartz watches are also much more reliable than mechanical watches. They are not affected by temperature changes or changes in position, which can cause mechanical watches to lose or gain time. Quartz watches are also more resistant to shocks and vibrations, which makes them ideal for use during sports or other physical activities.

Cons of Quartz Watches

One of the main disadvantages of quartz watches is that they require a battery to operate. While batteries can last for several years, they will eventually need to be replaced. This can be a hassle, especially if you have a watch with a sealed caseback that requires a jeweler to replace the battery.

Another disadvantage of quartz watches is that they lack the craftsmanship and artistry of mechanical watches. Mechanical watches are intricate machines that require a lot of skill to produce, and many people appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making them. Quartz watches, on the other hand, are more utilitarian and lack the character of mechanical watches.

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3 Best Recommendations for Quartz Watches to Wear in 2023

Ready to look at our recommendations for reliable and cool quartz watches? Let’s find out below!

Rallygraf Meca-Quartz Chronograph Red – Leather

Rallygraf Meca-Quartz Chronograph

The new Rallygraf Chronograph now runs with a Meca-quartz movement which seals a tasteful tribute to the 60s era in an affordable package. This Rallygraf Meca-Quartz Chronograph Red comes with Seiko’s VK64 hybrid movement which is powered by a quartz caliber while the chronograph’s function is controlled by a mechanical module which results in a smooth sweeping second-hand movement. 

This chronograph comes with a 20mm Rallye-style strap that is made by a French manufacturer in Yema’s region. The grained, perforated leather strap has been specially designed to fit Rallygraf’s theme. The Yema Rallygraf Chronograph Meca-Quartz Red Ref. YMHF1580-LL is an exquisite collectible watch. A marvelous integration of innovations.

Price: $332.00 USD 

Marathon GPQ NGM Black Quartz Ref. WW194004-BK-NGM

Marathon GPQ NGM Black Quartz

dhering to Marathon’s strict military ethos, the Marathon GPQ is housed in a lightweight, highly-impact resistant fiber shell case construction that is truly built for the task. Measuring with a compact case diameter of only 34mm. 

Staying faithful to the original GG-W-113 specifications from the 1960s, the sleek and symmetrical case profile portrays an attractive masculinity that strikes a pleasing balanced appearance as a result of its tonneau-shaped case and short lug design. 

Underneath its robust exterior, the Marathon GPQ NGM is driven by the Swiss-made ETA Caliber F06 high-torque 3 jewel quartz movement. Unlike the typical run-of-the-mill quartz movement, the ETA Cal. F06 is built with largely metallic parts for additional durability.

Price: $270.00 USD

Hamilton American Classic PSR Digital Quartz Steel Ref. H52414130

Hamilton American Classic PSR Digital Quartz Steel Ref. H52414130

he inaugural Hamilton Pulsar, the P1, launched to market in 1972, with an original, space-age design to match its groundbreaking technology. With the new Hamilton PSR, we’re powering up this icon of 1970s style and technology once more.  A true combination of meticulous Swiss watch and American spirit.

There are two versions of the PSR to choose from: one in stainless steel, and a version in stainless steel coated with yellow gold PVD that’s limited to 1,970 models.

As one of the first digital timepiece, The Hamilton PSR is a timely reminder of where and when the digital world began, and what digital timekeeping once meant. Just as it was then, the PSR remains the epitome of cool and a watch for those wanting to make a statement.

Price: $705.00 USD

Final Thought

In conclusion, quartz watches are an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable, accurate, and low-maintenance watch. They are reliable, durable, and require minimal upkeep, making them ideal for daily wear. 

With their precise timekeeping, quartz watches are often used as a standard for measuring time in scientific and industrial applications. Whether you prefer a classic or modern style, quartz watches are available in a variety of designs, making them a popular choice for watch enthusiasts worldwide.

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