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7 Best Oris Watches for Women to Elevate Your Elegance

Oris women's watches are one of the most classic wristwatches that stays in the spotlight. Simple and elegant, find your best Oris watches for women here!
May 22, 2024

As one of the most classic timepiece brands, Oris has become well-known for its elegant designs. Its trademark can be found in the timeless craft of Oris watches for women. The dapper wristwatches from Oris are also commonly known for their unisex style, making them a proper fit as everyday watches to look neat and fashionable.

Proud of its mechanical watches, Oris has maintained its status as one of the Swiss brands to keep on innovating the delicate architecture of its machinery. As an independent company, Oris strives to add useful and functional features to its creations while fulfilling the needs of its customers.

All About Oris Watches

As one of the Swiss watch brands, Oris certainly has its appeal to classic timepiece enthusiasts. Specializing in mechanical watches, Oris has a long history in watchmaking. For more than a century, the elegant Swiss watchmaker has made a lasting legacy to its name.

Founded in 1904 by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian from Switzerland, the name was inspired by the creek and valley near Hölstein. The origin of the name comes from the Celtic word ‘Aurisa’ and the Roman word ‘Orusz’, both of which mean watercourse. To this day, Oris is still operating in the quaint village of Hölstein, Northwest Switzerland.

Oris watches are renowned for their innovative movements. The in-house movements by Oris certainly enhance the performance of the classic timepiece. Every single Calibre made by Oris is equipped with functional features such as an impressive power reserve and a date indicator.

7 Most Recommended Oris Watches for Women

Generally, women’s watches tend to be feminine-looking and dainty. While it can be found in some cases, Oris watches for women simply do not follow the trend. Not only taking pride in its mechanical and functional features, but this independent brand also offers a classic, elegant, and chic design to its collection of women’s timepieces.

Oris watches are mainly divided into their functionalities, and yet they all maintain the timeless designs of the prideful Swiss mechanical watch brand. Oris watches are grouped into their selected categories, such as Aquis, Divers, Big Crown, and ProPilot. Each one of these categories presents unique characteristics in its design and function.

Who says a woman’s watch needs to be pretty and dainty? It can be dapper too. These are our recommendations for the seven most classy Oris watches for women that surely will fit your preference for elegant and functional wristwatches.

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Sixty Five Bronze – Bracelet

As one of the infamous creations of Oris, the Sixty Five Bronze – Bracelet is renowned for its retro and timeless designs. The creation of this wristwatch places a great significance on Oris in the creation of diver watches. Its aesthetic is taken from the first-ever diver watch made by the Swiss brand in 1965.

Today the Sixty Five Bronze has taken Oris’ traditional signature and equipped it with new functional features. As one of the dependable Oris watches for women, this watch is designed with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel case and a unique addition of bronze on its outer ring which gives it a vintage look.

Sixty-Five Bronze

The Sixty Five Bronze offers a simple yet distinct change from its predecessor. Instead of the 40 mm case, the new Sixty Five Bronze is available in 36 mm which fits smaller wrists nicely. As a reworked design, this diving watch is fully equipped with a 100 m water resistance feature and a scratch-resistant crystal.

As one of Oris watches for women, the Sixty Five Bronze is reworked to fit the need for a slimmer and stylish look. The retro design is enhanced by the addition of the bronze outer ring on the watch which fits the contemporary aesthetic at the same time.

ProPilot X Calibre 400 Salmon

A woman needs the right watch to go with her piloting activities, and ProPilot X Calibre 400 Salmon is the perfect choice for it. The strong bezel, oversized crown, titanium bracelet, and angular lines give off the classic aviation watch design, while the delicate salmon dial complements the overall look with its splash of fresh color.

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Sixty Five Bronze “Cotton Candy” Green

Diving activities will be more exciting with Sixty Five Bronze “Cotton Candy” Green wrapped nicely around your wrist. The stylish 38 mm wristwatch is intentionally designed to be unisex, so it fits well as one of the most elegant Oris watches for women on this list.

The all-bronze case, bezel, bracelet, and crown in contrast to the wild green create an exquisitely elegant look that is not dated. This mechanical watch is equipped with 100 m water resistance and Super Luminova to help you see better in the dark underwater.

Aquis Date Calibre 400

A classic diver’s watch like Aquis Date Calibre 400 will always grab everyone’s attention wherever you go. The classic marine blue watch is equipped with Oris’ very own Calibre 400 which offers excellent features such as a five-day power reserve and anti-magnetism.

As one of Oris watchs for women, the Aquis Date Calibre 400 fits properly for your diving activities. Let yourself go underwater in style with the stylish wristwatch heavily equipped with all the necessary features for diving, such as the 300 m water-resistant capability and Super Luminova to light the way.

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Aquis Date Blue – Bracelet

As one of Oris watches for women, the Aquis Date Blue – Bracelet offers an elegant and stylish look. The marine blue wristwatch is specifically designed as a diver watch as it is 130 water-resistant and equipped with Super Luminova.

The classic wristwatch looks even more exquisite with its multi-piece stainless steel metal bracelet. As practical as it is underwater, the diver watch also nicely matches the everyday look. With its slim 36 mm case, the timepiece can nicely match your casual or formal attire.

Big Crown Pointer Date Bronze Blue

Aside from black and red, Oris also comes with the Big Crown Pointer Date Bronze Blue for its big crown collection. The bronze and blue combination definitely gives off the vintage feel along with its classic pilot watch design. Its vintage quality makes it fit to be one of Oris watches for women for a formal event.

There we go! Those are our seven most recommended Oris watches for women to go with your preferred activities or hobbies. Find the choice that fits you best and visit the Gnomon blog for all the information about watches you need to know.

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