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Best everyday watch 2023

Top 10 Everyday Watches for Every Budget: 2024's Must-Haves

Dec 19, 2023

Dressing up in style will not be complete without a compatible wristwatch to go with your designated outfit of the day. Whether it be formal or casual, the right timepiece is all you need to highlight your look. So, what exactly are the characteristics of the best everyday watch?

Unlike specifically designed wristwatches, everyday watches for men and women must fit to wear on all kinds of occasions. In other words, the timepiece has to be versatile. Men’s or women’s watches have to serve as a dependable accessory to wear on each of the activities you do for the day.

Along with the versatility, the best everyday watch must be the perfect size for your wrist. Unlike the big dive watch, the day-to-day timepiece must be of average size. Ideally, it should be around 30mm to 40mm. Therefore, it will not look too dainty or big on the wrist.

10 Best Everyday Watches that Fit for All Occasions

Wearing the proper and fit wristwatch can elevate your style. In this case, a watch is not a mere accessory, but also an extension of your identity. In order to pick the best everyday watch, you must consider several things first, such as matching it with your day-to-day activities and fashion.

Either for work or casual hangouts with friends, your trusted timepiece must serve its purpose both in fashion and function. As mentioned before, a day-to-day wristwatch must have the versatility to fit every occasion. Therefore, it is preferable to wear ones that do not seem too big or too small on your wrist.

Aside from versatility, the best everyday watch must also be durable. In this case, you must consider the quality of the material as well as the design. After all, a nicely designed wristwatch should always prioritize the excellent grade in its every detail.

Generally, the criteria for everyday watches are generally the same for both men and women. Nevertheless, both wristwatches have distinct characteristics which make them unique. Below is a separate list of the best everyday watches for men and women. Let’s check out each one of the watches and find out which one fits you best!

Best Everyday Watches for Men

Men’s wristwatches have various subcategories which make them more specific in their functions. As for everyday watches for men, the choices are not limited to certain types. In the end, it all depends on your preferred style. In order to help you make a choice, take a look at the list we have curated below:

1. Seiko Prospex Alpinist Cream White

Best everyday watch, Seiko Prospex Alpinist Cream White

Getting the right choice for your best everyday watch does not have to cost you much. Seiko Prospex Alpinist Cream White offers an excellent and versatile quality of a day-to-day wristwatch at a modest price. It can be considered as one of the affordable everyday watches under $1,000.

Seiko Prospex Alpinist Cream White shines with its classic design. The cream white dial, stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, and black leather bracelet make it suitable to be worn on every occasion.

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2. Orient Star Contemporary Standard

Best everyday watch, Orient Star Contemporary Standard Black

Orient Star Contemporary Standard offers elegance and quality. Its 39 mm case and sleek design make it sturdy and comfortably sit on your wrist. It is also worth mentioning that the contemporary wristwatch is one of the affordable everyday watches with versatile and durable qualities. With only less than $1,000, you can get to look sharp and attend every meeting and formal ceremony in style with this Orient Star Contemporary Standard.

3. Citizen Automatic

Are you looking for an affordable everyday watch under $1,000? Citizen Automatic is one of the best choices you can get. The 38 mm wristwatch is specifically designed to fit all types of occasions. With the perfect size to wrap your wrist, the stainless steel timepiece looks and fits nicely with your formal and casual outfits alike.

Best everyday watch, Citizen Automatic Black

4. Mido Baroncelli 20th Anniversary Inspired by Architecture

Best everyday watch, Mido Baroncelli 20th Anniversary

When it comes to timeless design, Mido Baroncelli 20th Anniversary Inspired by Architecture fits right into that category. The special edition of the Swiss brand offers the sophisticated line and sublime aesthetic of stringed instruments in its design.

The 39 mm stainless steel watch case pairs with the black leather strap to exude the classic aesthetic of old-time mechanical watches. Combined with its advanced machinery and finest materials, Mido Baroncelli can easily be your pick for the best everyday watch.

5. Aristo Bauhaus Dessau Weimar

Best everyday watch, Aristo Bauhaus Dessau Weimar Automatic

As one of the best everyday watches under $1,000, Aristo Bauhaus Dessau Weimar deserves its spot here. The precise and minimalist wristwatch fits to be worn on every occasion due to its versatile design and perfect 40 mm diameter that wraps around your wrist comfortably. Its classic style fits your day-to-day activities and blends nicely with formal attire as well.

Best Everyday Watches for Women

Contrary to men’s watches, women’s choices of wristwatches vary more in designs than in functions. Nonetheless, each brand usually offers a distinct character which makes it highly valuable in the world of watchmaking.

Are you interested in giving the finest day-to-day watch to your dearest? To help you decide which one is the right fit, take a look at the list of the best everyday watches for women we have curated below:

1. Seiko Presage Automatic Ladies Craftsmanship

Best everyday watch, Seiko Presage Automatic Ladies Craftsmanship Enamel White

The fine design of the Japanese brand is present in Seiko Presage Automatic Ladies Craftsmanship. Its proper and minimalist style fits all kinds of occasions, including meetings and ceremonies.

Equipped with scratch-resistant materials, the 34 mm watch presents sleek and sophisticated lines. This fine wristwatch is a great fit for the best everyday watch under $2,000 considering the quality of the craftsmanship showcased in its design.

2. Ball Watch Co. Trainmaster Eternity

Best everyday watch, Ball Watch Co. Trainmaster Eternity Black Ladies

A luxury on the wrist can be found in Ball Watch Co. Trainmaster Eternity. With its marvelous design, the carefully crafted wristwatch will stand out in the crowd. Equipped with an anti-reflective crystal and stainless steel case, the Swiss timepiece gives off an exquisite style and offers the finest quality a lady ever wishes to have for her best everyday watch.

3. Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart

Best everyday watch, Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue – Leather Ref. H32215840

Unique and solid are the qualities you can get from Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart. The delicately crafted timepiece offers durability and style with its scratch-resistant material and sleek design. With its 36 mm ostrich leather strap and blue dial, it presents the distinct character of a lady well at every type of event, whether it be a casual hangout or a formal meeting.

4. Mido Baroncelli Roman White

Best everyday watch, Mido Baroncelli Roman White Ladies

The exquisite class of a lady is embodied in Mido Baroncelli Roman White. Designed with a white dial to contrast the blue numbers, this 18th-century-inspired watch pairs nicely with the stainless steel bracelet. With the 29 mm size, it sits comfortably on the lady’s wrist as she goes on about her everyday activities.

5. Steinhart Ocean One

Best everyday watch, Steinhart Ocean One 39 Pink Ceramic

For a sporty activity, such as diving, the best everyday watch for your lady may be Steinhart Ocean One. With a classic dive watch look, the 39 mm wristwatch fits nicely for women and wraps comfortably around the wrist. The satin-brushed stainless steel bracelet and case add to the exquisite design of the German timepiece brand.

Final Thought

At last, we have come to the end of the list of best everyday watches for men and women. Choices vary between price range, functions, and styles, but you must always consider quality as well when it comes to picking the right wristwatch. To fully elevate your everyday look, you have to know how to pair your preferred timepiece with it. Then, all you have to do is wear your wristwatch comfortably and confidently wherever you go.

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