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Five of Luxury Sports Watches for a Taste of Magnificent Pieces

Five of Luxury Sports Watches for a Taste of Magnificent Pieces

The everlasting popularity of luxury sports watches indicates how this model appears with prestige. Take a look at some of the finest!
May 18, 2024

Talking about sport watches alone actually refers to a list of impressive and high-end watches. Adding the word ‘luxury’ just made their collection more premium and prestigious timepieces. Despite the premium price tag, luxury sports watches remain the most sought-after among the watch community. No one would deny its attractiveness combined with luxury and robustness in one piece of a watch

The popularity of luxury sports watches is a never-ending demand that even the classic ones remain legends. The pioneers of sports watches can be seen through Royal Oak by the Audemars Piguet and Nautilus by Patek Philippe. Ever since the first release, they stay and keep the title as the best luxury sports watches. 

While many models are entering this niche market, some are still considered the favorite ones. In this article, I’m going to share some of the best ones along with the features they have. As a disclaimer, luxury sports watches are not something you could find in a range of affordable prices.

Royal Oak

As the forefront of steel sports watches, Royal Oak by the Audemars Piguet does indeed deserve the title of the best luxury sports watch. Despite being introduced in the past, its production still continues to preserve its value and fulfill its fans’ requests. Designed by a talented designer, Gerald Genta, there is much to see in this timepiece. 

The case is measured 41mm in diameter combined with a porthole bezel for a striking yet elegant appearance. The dark blue dial also exudes a charming aura added with the “Grande Tapisserie” pattern. Not to mention the white gold applied for the hour markers. The overall appearance of the watch is just a simple-luxury beauty. I know it sounds like a contradiction but the watch is just a great combination of luxury and robust timepiece. 

Price: $22.900

Wempe Iron Walker Automatic

Aside from the premium price tag, my next recommendation for luxury sports watches also fall for the Wempe Iron Walker. It consists of many alluring features for its ‘luxury-accessible’ price. Therefore, if you are trying to buy your first sports watch and are still confused about whether to grab one or not, the Iron Walker could be a good start.

The watch has an all-silver look due to the use of stainless steel for its bracelet and watches case. This choice, somehow, makes a cleaner look for the watch. Despite the price, it still keeps the basic elements of being a sports watch, such as robustness and durability. Above all are the chronometer-certified movements to offer precise timekeeping with an improved ETA base caliber.

Price: $2.750

Chopard Alpine Eagle

The sunburst dial is the enchanting highlight when it comes to visuals. You can’t just get enough of adoring this robust and handsome timepiece. The Chopard Alpine Eagle is one of the most coveted luxury sports watches. The watch itself is a homage design as an honor to the manufacturer’s St. Moritz lineage back in the 1980s. 

Circling the watch dial on top of the shaped bezel is eight screws, bolted in to add a vibe of rugged and bold while looking unique on its own. It consists of several complications which you can enjoy its reliability — a tachymeter, chronograph, and day-date window work reliably powered by the in-house 03.05-C automatic flyback chronograph movement. 

Price: $19.600 USD

A. Lange & Söhne’s Odysseus

Opinions differ and so does the choice of luxury sports watches. The Odysseus edition appears in such a legit appearance. Many said that the watch managed to portray an ideal profile of the best luxury sports watches. Taking a closer look at the dial, you’ll realize how magnificent the layout and colors are. Its grey dial background blends in harmony with the markers, hands, sub-dial, and day-date window. 

The distinguished charm of this luxury sports watch is the use of a rubber watch band instead of a bracelet as to how many sports watches. The change might go unnoticeable at the first sight, as this superb rubber exudes great value and luxury despite rubber known for a casualty. The overall appearance of the watch really blends and combines the vibe of simplicity and modernity to bring out the taste of luxury.

Price: $40.600

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Grand Seiko SLGA001

A Japanese conglomerate watch brand that produces its timepieces in a grand collection. The Grand Seiko SLGA001 is one of the limited edition of sports collections — only 700 watches are produced. When it comes to the Grand Seiko, you will always be spoiled by its accuracy due to the use of the spring drive movement — the most powerful movement for the most accurate luxury sports watch. 

Not to mention the impressive brand new caliber 9RA5 that allows 120 hours or 5 days of power reserve. That makes the SLGA001 not only a luxury sports watch but an impressive timepiece that offers high precision. With any of these features, you will get the most of your money in this timepiece. 

Price: $11.100

The premium price tag for luxury sports watches has indeed told everything about the watch. The level of craftsmanship and features they have are something worth high praise. Not to mention, the affiliation of some watches with grand events that would elevate the watch’s image. After all, grabbing one of the best luxury sports watches would be a great self-reward for oneself.

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