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Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Original Watch Review: Refined Edition

Built in a refined design and reliable performance, Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Original offers lots of advanced features. Explore here!
Apr 29, 2024

Despite the name “Original”, it’s not the first Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon that the company has produced. Ball Watch Co. might not be a luxury brand with Avant-grande collections, but its watches are worth a purchase as the one presented in the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Original 40mm Ref. DM2118B-SCJ-BK. 

The watch comes with a good-looking appearance and incorporates a list of desirable features, be it the design or performance. In addition, Ball is also known for making good pieces at modest prices. Yet, it doesn’t mean that the watches are less valuable as the production also comes from a lot of research and watch craftsmanship. 

In fact, Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Original successfully fulfills common requests from the fans, especially for those who love watches with tritium gas tubes for luminant. This watch is also a good combination between bold as a tactical watch and classic as a dress watch

That said, the watch compromises a list of good features to look forward to. In this article, we’re going to delve more into what the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Original can offer. Read along to find out!

A Brief about Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Original

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon is one of the other six unique lines by Ball Watch Co. The watches boast a sturdy and chic appearance along with its unidirectional rotating bezel, crown guard protection, and day-date window. 

Throughout its journey, the company has succeeded in balancing functionality with design in sophisticated sports collections for enhanced use.

As for the Engineer Hydrocarbon itself, the watch is designed to be robust and reliable for submarine exploration and diving. That said, the watch is equipped with a list of durable features from a well-built construction to a well-grounded performance.

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Get More Tactical with A Lot of Durability Features

When it comes to the main signature, tactical sports watches are the most likely one that appears the most in Ball watch collections like Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Original 40mm. The watch takes a Submariner-style with a sandwich effect to evoke a sporty look. 

Durability is also Ball’s priority in making sturdy watches. This Engineer Hydrocarbon has undergone several updates for the watch case. As a result, the case comes in excellent stainless steel with a polished and brushed surface. You are also equipped with high water resistance of 200m, allowing for professional diving activity.

The features don’t stop only in water resistance – so, let’s get deeper and reveal what it holds. Ball equipped the Engineer Hydrocarbon with anti-magnetic shielding to maintain the watch accuracy, allowing for resistance of up to 80000 A/m and shock resistance of up to 7500G. 

Topping it off, the watch is presented with a series of anti-shock systems that include SpringSEAL, Ball Amortiser, and SpringLOCK. While the other two are part of the watch case, SpringLOCK is the modification to the movement used to manage the appropriate distance of the spring when it is strained by gravity or shock. That said, the SpringLOCK is put around the balance spring in a mechanical movement

At the heart of the watch that we’ve been talking about is the COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Insitute) certified automatic BALL RR1102-CSL caliber. Up to here, let’s take a moment to adore Ball’s way of protecting the movement from damage, especially when the watch is subject to bumps or shocks. Everything is done to keep the movement working as it should be. 

A Modern Look for Day-to-Day Activities

The charm of Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon doesn’t stop only at its performance, you still can expect how this watch elevates a stylish appearance. The watch flaunts a versatile look while still being a chic and cool timepiece. Let’s move on to the dial as to where the main appeal lies.

On the dial, you might notice circle and bar hour markers but what you actually have is a matte black dial with holes in it – the hour markers can actually be in whatever shape they want. These hour markers sit on top of a layer of flat tritium gas tubes. 

Well, when it comes to Ball watches, it is definitely a complete package with great night legibility. The tritium gas tubes are also applied on the bezel under a ring with the minute markers in it. 

Not only that the bezel has clear legibility in the dark environment but also has a smooth rotation with nice-sounding clicks. Protecting the dial and bezel is sapphire crystal, allowing for optimal scratch-resistant protection compared to ceramic. 

Protruding on the right side of the watch is the iconic crown equipped with a crown guard. The appearance makes the watch somehow looks slightly aggressive, allowing for a bold and robust appearance. 

Enough with the case and dial, we move to the watch bracelet that completes the whole appearance. The Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon is paired with the center-polished sports bracelet. It tapers down with Ball’s patented folding buckle and extension system.

Measured 40mm in case diameter and 42,5mm in bezel diameter, the watch can wear best for most adventurers and explorers’ wrists as well as more urban and conventional individuals.

Final Thought

Throughout the whole article, you might notice how Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Original exhibits a range of features – in which some of which come in an exquisite and refined design. That shows how Ball is always passionate to offer the best execution for its watch’s elements. 

This watch could be one of your compelling choice to go as one of the most popular Ball editions. Along with those features, you can grab the watch at $2,679 USD.

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