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Are Yema Watches Good? Everything You Need to Know

Are Yema Watches Good? Everything You Need to Know

Jan 25, 2024

The name Yema might not be familiar to the masses unless you are a geek in a watch collection and hunting timepieces from brands around the world. Yema is a fine French watch brand that holds a rich heritage. The company was started in 1948 by a French watchmaker Henry Louis Belmont. Now, the next question is, are Yema watches good?

Ever since the start, the company has shown great mastery in making timepieces. They make reliable tool watches that integrate innovative design and dependable performance. This brief might give a glimpse of the previous question but we’ll look deeper into Yema watches as we get to the discussion below. 

Are Yema Watches Good?

Yema has been around for a long time, resulting in a wide range of great and durable timepieces. For that reason, we might still ask whether Yema watches are worth the money. Yema is a French watch brand that is probably less known in the US but it’s a different story in Europe. 

The brand offers a collection of exciting and affordable tool watches, allowing everyone who seeks for rugged timepiece a list of options. In addition to that, the brand takes a vintage approach to its design. That said, Yema is also a good option for vintage-inspired timepiece hunters. 

When it comes to types of watches, you can easily find almost everything from diving, pilot, chronograph, and racing watches. Some of Yema’s collection also goes beyond popular, especially the Superman Heritage edition. The watch flaunts a great diving tool with a compelling design. 

Yema is also a good brand for its mechanical and quartz timepieces. The Superman Heritage is a good example with great equipment for diving from the water resistance, legibility, reliability, dimensions, and bezel.

So, are Yema watches good? The answer is yes. They’re a good choice to spend your money on – not to mention that they are affordable for most collections. Their collections are worth attention, especially if you look for a nice-looking, homage, or modern vintage timepiece.

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5 Yema Watches for Dependable Tool Watches

Yema is a popular name among senior watch enthusiasts for its rugged and reliable tool watches. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the brand’s reputation in watch craftsmanship. Below, we have compiled some Yema watches that should be on your radar.

Flygraf Pilot M1

Are Yema Watches Good: Navygraf Marine Nationale

In this model, Yema introduced its latest aviation industry. The Yema Flygraf Pilot M1 radiates a gentleman’s look with an appealing dial and sleek design. The watch is also measured in a nice spot at 39mm in diameter which will rest snugly on most wrist sizes. The case is also made of robust 316L stainless steel with a satin-brush surface for gleaming perfection. 

At the core of the watch is the exquisite in-house movement, the YEMA2000. The movement has 31 jewels to reduce friction. It beats at 28 800 BPH (3 Hertz) and has a power reserve of approximately 45 hours. Interestingly, this self-winding movement is a novelty for Yema that somehow elevate the brand’s prestige.

Navygraf Marine Nationale

Are Yema Watches Good: Navygraf Marine Nationale

Yema is also a brand that actively makes military-inspired watches. The Navygraf Marine Nationale is one of the popular models. In an effort to create a military-grade timepiece for French marine professionals, YEMA collaborated with the French Navy or Marine Nationale in French. That aims to create timepieces that could handle the unforgiving seas. 

This Navygraf draws inspiration from 70s vintage Navygraf models with some upgrades. It measures a tasteful diameter of 39mm which evokes an appealing retro character. Although the watch is rather simple, it exhibits nice features as a diving tool. 

Yema equipped the watch with unidirectional diving and great legibility on the markers with stunning blue BGW9 luminous treatment.


Are Yema Watches Good: Speedgraf

The next Yema watches with a vintage and retro look is Yema Speedgraf. The watch draws inspiration from the 1960s Yema classic chronographs. Despite a vintage look, the watch still looks robust as a chronograph and works reliably. With this look, the watch strongly radiates a racing chronograph with a tachymeter scale around its dial.

Protruding at the side of the 316L stainless steel case, you can spot a screw-down crown along with two pushers for the chronograph functions. Being a vintage timepiece, the Yema Speedgraf is popular among watch enthusiasts and collectors. Further, to enhance the chronograph vintage, the watch is paired with a 19mm brown rally-style strap made out of aged leather.

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Superman Heritage GMT Bronze 39mm

Are Yema Watches Good: Superman Heritage GMT Bronze 39mm

The Superman Heritage collection is Yema’s most popular collection. The watches are designed in collaboration with fans and were swiftly snatched up by avid watch enthusiasts shortly after their release in 2019. 

Following is Superman Heritage GMT Bronze which is a professional dive watch designed in collaboration with the worldwide recognized professional diver and marine conservation activist Hugues Vitry.

This Superman Heritage is most well-known for its underwater features and historical dive watch design. The case comes in a brushed bronze finish which is a perfect material for dive watches that is significantly more resistant to saltwater corrosion compared to metal.

Yema also built the watch with a novel bezel-lock mechanism to lock the bezel and prevent accidental movement. Not only a reliable dive watch but also a GMT watch for displaying different time zones. You can also expect great legibility as the watch has been applied with a good amount of Super-LumiNova BGW9. 

Meangraf Sous-Marine Y60

Are Yema Watches Good: Meangraf Sous-Marine Y60

The last Yema watch on the list is Meangraf Sous-Marine Y60 – a watch design that combines contemporary features while ensuring that vintage themes still feature prominently. From a distance, the dial might be the first that intrigues your curiosity, especially with its yellow elements. 

The dial features a unique element, such as the logo swaying like it is hanging on a yo-yo with the yellow-boxed date. It makes great legibility as it is printed on a black background and white numerals on the date disc. Additionally, the bezel is also protected with a sapphire that gives a welcoming sense of nostalgia to this vintage timepiece. 

Final Thought

Yema can be your way-to-go for looking for reliable tool watches with a range of options. From diving collection to pilot watches, the brand offers exceptional quality to elevate your adventure or sports activities experience. So, are Yema watches good? We hope you’ve got the answer here to consider buying the watch.

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