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Alpina Watches: Buy The Best Alpina Watches in 2024

As part of the Swiss watchmaking industry, Alpina makes a durable and reliable watch collection. Find out Alpina men's watches here!
May 02, 2024

Alpina watch brand is one of the true pioneers of the Swiss watchmaking industry that started its journey in 1883. For that long and outstanding history, the brand introduced a range of watch collections that flaunts durability, performance, and a nice appearance. For that reason, you might want to know what kind of Alpina men’s watches intrigue your interest. 

As a matter of fact, most Alpina watches are available in men’s design. That said, it has a bold and robust appearance along with its bulky size. Alpina collection is also known for its outdoor watches, ready to accompany adventurers go through a wild and extreme environment. 

In this article, we’re going to our top picks of Alpina watches for men that highlight the sporty design wrapped within a rich heritage of the brand’s history.

Why Should You Add Alpina Watches to Your Collection?

There are some reasons that hopefully propel you to grab Alpina men’s watches for your collection. In terms of performance and value for money, Alpina is a great choice to have. Their watches mostly come at under $2000 which is a good deal considering the quality it offers. 

Additionally, Alpina is your way to go if you look for a timepiece with a rich heritage. Considering the brand’s long history, many of the collections are the modern interpretation of its vintage collection. It remains faithful to the design but offers advanced technology to drive the watch. 

As for the models, there is a pretty wide range available to choose from. Although Alpina is known for its sports watch design with Alpina 4, the brand also offers diving to pilot watches. The performance is also reliable with Swiss quartz that screams for accuracy and reliability.

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Our Top Picks of Alpina Watches for Men in 2024

While there are a lot of options to choose from in Alpina men’s watches, we believe that it would be better to look at the top recommendation. Below are our top picks of Alpina watches for men:

Startimer Pilot Automatic 44mm Shadow Line Ref. AL-525GG4FBS6

When it comes to the legendary aviation heritage, the Alpina Startimer is one of the front lines. For that, we present the Startimer Pilot Automatic 44mm Shadow Line with its full sleek black. Let’s talk about the dial which is the work of art in this timepiece.

The dial gives an enchanting view as it goes from a dark grey to full black depending on the lighting conditions. Furthermore, the watch indices have been well-applied with SuperLuminova to give optimal legibility in a dark environment. The hour markers are later framed with a black metal finish. 

Another unique feature of the watch is the Alpina-signed screw-down crown. The result is the watch can handle water up to 100m which is a rare feature in modern pilot watches. Not to mention, its oversized crown makes the operation buttery smooth.

Price: $930.00 USD

Startimer Pilot Automatic White 44mm Ref. AL-525S4S6

Another legendary collection from the aviation industry is the Startimer Pilot Automatic White. Looking at its white, clean, and neat dial, you can see how legibility is the main priority here. For a pilot timepiece, a clear view to tell the time is crucial, both in day and night conditions.

Therefore, the watch comes with a clean dial, big markers, and SuperLuminova on the hour markers and watch hands for optimal legibility. In addition, Pilot Automatic White offers a legit combination of excellent and qualitative finishing details and very straight functions. The result is a perfect balance between functionality and elegance on the wrist.

Price: $890.00 USD

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Horological Smartwatch Sunray Silver Ref. AL-285S5AQ6B

The next Alpina men’s watch that should be on your list is the Horological Smartwatch Sunray Silver. Alpina first introduced this Horological Smartwatch in 2015 which aims to establish a new goal in terms of revolutionizing the smartwatch world.

It goes beyond just a smartwatch that offers the most ground-breaking technology as well as the undisputable Swiss quality.

As the name implies, there are some features you can expect from this timepiece. This “smart” feature is placed as a counter at 6 o’clock. The smart features range from activity tracking, sleep tracking, smart sleep alarm, get active alerts, cloud, dynamic coach, world timer, and always on-time & date. 

Price: $950.00 USD

Startimer Pilot Heritage GMT Black – Ref. AL-555DGS4H6

The next recommendation is a good choice for you who look for a vintage-looking timepiece. The Startimer Pilot Heritage GMT Black comes in a bulky size at 42mm in diameter and 45mm lug to lug. Not to mention, the retro tonneau-shaped case from the late 70s further enhances its vintage appearance.

As a reliable pilot watch, it comes with a useful complication for those who travel which is the GMT function. The wearer can indicate the time zone in more than just two places. You can operate the crown at 2 ’o’clock to rotate the bidirectional inner GMT bezel for a third timezone reference.

Price: $1,170.00 USD

Seastrong Diver 300 Heritage Green Ref. AL-520GR4H6

Last but not least the Alpina watch for men comes from the Seastrong collection – timepieces designed to accompany diving activities. The Seastrong Diver 300 Heritage Green offers a range of reliable features needed in diving equipment. The watch can handle water depths up to 300m, allowing you to enjoy deep diving with a reliable watch on the wrist.

Moreover, it is a dive watch with a GMT function that allows users to read the second-time zone easily. In addition, Alpina offers a titanium watch case to enhance the wearer’s comfort while having the watch all-day on the wrist. In short, the Seastrong 300 Diver GMT is a good traveling companion which allows users to track two different time zones, while still being able to bring it for any sports activities at ease.

Price: $1.726.00 USD

Final Thought

As one of the prominent names in the Swiss watchmaking industry, Alpina would always be a brand you can go to. Not only that it gives an impressive quality and performance but also a story for each timepiece they produce. So, which one is your favorite among those Alpina men’s watches?

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