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Oris Watches

Based in Hölstein in the canton of Basel-Landschaft, Oris is a well-established Swiss luxury manufacturer of mechanical watches offering one of the best value timepieces in the industry of Swiss-made timepieces. Over the decades, Oris has dedicated themselves to maintain independence since its founding in 1904, putting its values in safe hands and upholding freedom of innovation in order to explore greater possibilities in the field of watchmaking.

Oris Watches, What You Need to Know About the Brand

Oris watch company was founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in Holstein, Swiss. They began the business by buying the Lohner & Co watch factory on June 1st, 1904. The outstanding story about Oris is the fact that they have been an independent company ever since its first journey in the watchmaking industry.

Seven years later, they had 300 workers and became the largest employer in town. The journey expanded since they had six factories in Holstein (1904), Holderbank (1906), Como (1908), Courgenay (1916), Herbetswil (1925), and Ziefen (1925).

This brand became very popular because of its quality and design. They offer the best value on their products since the company is a Swiss-made watch industry. When you have a doubt about buying this brand or are curious about all their products, check out these collections that would change your mind!

Collection of Oris Watches

The collection is divided into four main categories. They are dive watches, aviation watches, motor sport watches, and cultural watches. Each collection has its own uniqueness that can build your charisma.

1. Dive Watches

Dive watches of Oris are divided into vintage and modern-styled models. The vintage model is more to back-catalog classic timepieces, while the modern one is more mechanically complicated watches.

2. Aviation Watches

Again, Oris combined the aviation watches with vintage and modern-styled models. You can spot their vintage vibes on the pointer-dates edition, meanwhile, the modern-styled aviation is more varied than the vintage one.

3. Motor Sport Watches

Another category of Oris collections is motor sport watches which is the collaboration between Oris and Williams, F1 driver, in 2003. This watch offers you a complicated yet beautiful model. If you are a bike or car enthusiast, you would probably choose this type.

4. Culture Watches

Oris also offers their products to customer who loves non-sport watches. It was launched after Oris sponsored the London Jazz festival. As a culture watch, the design of the product has a traditional theme but still fits the present time.

Reasons Why You Should Try Oris Watches

Some people may consider a bunch of things while choosing a wristwatch, for instance, the design, features, price, etc. Don't worry, Oris provides a watch that suits your all needs and makes your look more perfect in public. These three major reasons will convince you to purchase our product.

1. Affordable

Oris market committed to producing high-quality watches that are affordable for many people with their slogan “Real watches for real people.” Some features and designs are worth the money when compared to other luxury brands. They also give a 2-year warranty. The price starts from $1150 and you can get a special discount of 40% off for a very first purchase.

2. Unique

Why is the Oris brand unique? Because they focus on making watches for mechanical diving, motorsport, pilots, and general people. These are important for customers who want to upgrade their style to be different from others.

The aviation category is made for aviators, pilots, and astronauts, while the motorsport category is for MotoGP riders, race car drivers, motorbikers, and etc. However, if you are a scuba diver, professional or non-professional swimmer, aquatic lover, or diving instructor, you should choose the diving collection to accompany you to do those activities. Last but not least, the cultural category is made for artists or cultural influencers.

3. Good Quality

This brand has different mechanical movements that are powered by springs-mechanical calibers, such as by ETA and Selita. Their movements can easily be spotted with the red rotors.

Oris and its Caliber 400 has been a well-known combination of a reliable watch movement. As the company keeps advancing its technology, Oris introduced the latest in-house movement called the new Aquis Date Calibre 400 in October 2021.

As the ever-growing independent watch brand, this step would be another outstanding journey in the history of watchmaking.

Now, it is possible for you to get an incredible wristwatch without spending much money. This independent Swiss brand Oris could be your must-have accessory since it has a rich history and features.

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