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Watch Review: Retro-Futuristic and Cyberpunk YEMA LED Watch

Watch Review: Retro-Futuristic and Cyberpunk YEMA LED Watch

The YEMA LED watch is many things at once. It’s retro, chic yet seemingly out of this world at the same time. Catch my review of the great timepiece here.
Feb 07, 2024

The Yema LED watch is definitely a reminiscent piece that makes enthusiasts of horology and the world of sci-fi with its cyberpunk aesthetic will galore. First born in the 1970s, a historical period that saw an upheaval in the use of quartz in replacement of the mechanical.

The choice to go with quartz and disengage the mechanical movement, paired with the bold designs make LED watches, which Yema is a great example of, a stylish time reading tool to wear.

Although mechanical timepieces will never lose their finesse, the time period and reference to cyberpunk that an LED watch has is something that a horology enthusiast may very well approve of.

To assist you in gaining an overall perspective, this article will delve deep into the timepiece with a Yema LED watch review. While there are many worth gaining an insight into, for more clarity, this particular read will discuss its first and most recent release. Do continue reading.

The Futuristic YEMA LED Watch of the 1970s

The LED watches by YEMA were first established in the 1970s when digital technology has just sprung up. This particular period also signifies a crucial point in horology history where people can directly tell the time as timepieces show its exact measurement.

As this new technology emerged, it is no wonder that LED watches, YEMA included, came to be signified as a futuristic, out-of-the-ordinary digital timepiece. Nowadays, people can refer to time as 2:45 and others would understand what that would mean. 

Prior to that, the expression used would be 15 minutes to 3. The first LED watch by YEMA holds the iconic bright red display along with the polished and bulky, octagonal stainless steel case known today.

Keeping the Cyberpunk Alive: The Reissued YEMA LED Watch

Now, half a century later, the illustriously retro YEMA LED watch has been reissued. The current releases have been fitted with modern technologies to ensure a better quality of time reading experience and yet remain loyal to its heritage design.


The LED watch by YEMA is offered with a diameter size of 37.5mm and 10.5mm thick. Aside from that, the lug-to-lug measurement is roughly around 42.3mm.

Due to the octagonal and bulky case design this timepiece has, some people may note that it feels larger than what it measures out. Do not dwell on this too much though, as the difference is only the slightest and will wear moderately fine on almost any wrist size.

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 Yema LED Silver

The real star of the show for the YEMA LED watch has definitely got to do with how it is designed. 

The swanky octagonal case shape paired with the rectangular red display and the horizontally lined bracelet is reflective of how many people perceive the futuristic aesthetic where sleek edges and digital technology reign.

As such, the LED watch that comes in both silver and gold is deserving of the two opposing compliments of retro and futuristic, all at the same time. 

Yema LED Gold


As its name and first release implies, the YEMA LED watch is powered by quartz which then shows the numerals of a time during a given moment on its bright red display.

To ensure that the battery lasts for a very long time, the reissued LED watch by YEMA is equipped with a digital technology that makes sure the timepiece stays in low-consumption mode. 

Carrying this out means that the wearer will need to push the button on the side of its case to display the time. The following press indicates the seconds and a third push can show you the date of the day.

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When talking about the case design of the Yema LED watch, one can look at it from two different parts. First, there is the red crystal that slices through the silver case in the middle from atop. Etched on its bottom is a very fine signature of the brand.

Flipping the case to its screw-down back, you will see a more ornate detailing of Yemas’ logo. The polished stainless steel case found on its side has also been redesigned in 3D to remain virtually the same as the 1970s release.

The case is also supporting another feature this LED watch has which is 100 meters of water resistance.


Next, the strap. It’s very much appropriate for a retro, futuristic, LED watch. This particular piece features a brushed, sleek, horizontally lined bracelet that seamlessly integrates with its case. 

To fit the variety of sizes in wrists, the strap of the LED watch by YEMA is joined together with an adjustable sliding clasp.

Now, one drawback of this type of strap is that it may sometimes pluck your wrist hairs when you’re adjusting for size.

Final Words

The futuristic theme supported by the digital display and design of this particular timepiece is definitely the main attraction point of the YEMA LED watch. 

While its clasp may at times become a nuisance and the act of having to press the pusher to show the time is growing to be slightly tiring, for the right enthusiasts, the particular action will be all the more pleasurable.

As the rectangular LED display shows a red light to indicate the time of the day with a push of the button, one cannot help to be briefly immersed in the imaginative world of science fiction.

That is it for a review of the LED watch by YEMA. For a futuristic-looking yet slightly vintage timepiece, it is definitely one worth getting. 

Catch more reviews, recommendations, insights, and more around the world of horology at our Gnomon blog.

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