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7 Best Wooden Watches: A Classic Look of The Nature

7 Best Wooden Watches: A Classic Look of The Nature

Are you a nature enthusiast? Watches made out of wood might be an ideal option for you with a unique design. Find more here!
Apr 23, 2024

One highlight fact about the watchmaking industry is the variety it offers. There are lots of choices you can have in the design, materials, colors, and types. When it comes to making a timepiece, materials like titanium and stainless steel are the most common ones but have you worn watches made out of wood? If you love spending time in nature with a timepiece on your wrist then a wood watch would be a perfect idea.

Watches made out of wood are not only unique timepieces but also stylish and cool fashion statements. Besides, it gives a touch of nature to your timepiece. That way, it creates a vibe to fully enjoy and blend with nature. In addition to that, wood as the main material of watches is mostly eco-friendly – a sustainable way to preserve the environment and fulfill our needs for a timepiece.

If you are here, I believe that you’ve been lured to look more at a watch made out of wood. Bet you are in the right place as here, I’ll share some of my favorite men’s watches made out of wood. Let’s get straight into it.

What to Expect in Wooden Watches?

Wood might not be as sophisticated as stainless steel or titanium but watches made out of wood exude a distinct persona. There are certain benefits you could have from owning a wooden watch. 

For me, it’s always a perfect idea to have a unique timepiece in my watch collection. Below are some benefits that I feel from having a watch made out of wood:

A Unique and Natural Design 

Uniqueness is one of the main highlights of having watches made out of wood. Every piece is created with different patterns of wood and stain combinations. In addition to that, a splash of wood in the design gives a living thing vibe that brings nature closer to our wrists. 

Compared to stainless steel watches that mostly look similar to each other, wooden watches definitely give a different persona. There aren’t one or two wooden watches that look identical every grain of wood forms distinctive patterns.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Watch

Watches made out of out are basically taken from a previously used source or sustainable ones. That makes wooden watches recyclable. Besides, using sourced wood also means that every tree taken to make a timepiece will be replaced with a new plant. 


Wooden watches are definitely more lightweight compared to stainless steel watches. The wood material is not as dense as metals. That’s why it is lighter and gives more comfort to the wearer. However, there is also a downside to watches made out of wood. 

The watch would not be a proper fit for harsh or sports activities. Wooden watches are much better for daily, casual, or office activities. This would be a better option if you love wearing a large watch with chunky designs. 

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Hypoallergenic Materials

Some people cannot wear a stainless steel watch as they have sensitive skin. It can’t be denied that certain types of alloys can irritate the skin. As an alternative watches made out of wood is the best choice. Wood is a natural source that is less likely to irritate the skin. 

Wood gives a warmer touch to the skin than metal and it doesn’t get hot. That way, people who have allergic reactions to metals can consider wearing watches made out of wood.

Prone to Heat

Extreme exposure to heat is something that can harm a timepiece, especially one made out of metal. It can cause damage to the rotating gears and gaskets inside the watch. On the other hand, wood is much more resistant to heat. Having a watch made out of wood could be a big help if you stay outside for a very long time. 

In fact, wooden watches are more durable to stand against extreme temperatures. Wood is not conductive and it has a natural grain to cool down and disseminate heat in the internal mechanism of the watch.


Many watches made out of wood are sold at a range of affordable prices. You still can easily find appealing and unique design timepieces for under $200. Along with proper care, it can serve you with a long-lasting experience of wearing a timepiece.

Best Watches Made out of Wood

I’ve compiled some enchanting watches made out of wood. Find out which one picks your interest.

Bobo Bird Men’s Wooden Watches

A nice-looking wood timepiece that exudes an elegant and sporty appearance. The Bobo Bird appears in a combination of deep black and textured brown with an appealing dial design. Taking a closer look at the dial, it has a modern style with three sub-dials at the center. The watch is also equipped with a date window between 4 and 5 o’clock.

As for the material itself, the watch is made of eco-friendly wood or ebony wood for an exact answer. At the heart of the watch is a quartz movement for reliable movement. The strap can be adjusted easily to give optimal comfort.

Momentum Logic SS 42 Watch

The next recommendation for watches made out of wood is the Momentum Logic SS 42 Watch. It has a classic and simple appearance with large bar hour markers and watch hands. In other words, it takes a more traditional approach to get closer to the nature vibes that the watch tries to show.

The watch features a stainless steel band and watch case that has been well-polished for an appealing finish. This watch might not be fully made out of wood but the dial is where the persona comes from. It has a wood pattern with brown background. The color gives a splendid combination against the cream markers and watch hands.

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Bewell W086B Men’s Watch

Bewell’s wooden watch offers a classic design yet is stylish for your everyday watches. The watch is made out of Sandalwood which makes it lightweight and comfortable to be worn all day. It has a well-finishing and smooth appearance that you might forget you’re wearing it.

As a watch made out of wood, it is driven by a Japan 2035 quartz movement for a reliable timepiece in everyday activities. However, as it is made out of wood, you definitely cannot expect to wear it for water activities.

Svenn Wood Watch

The other recommendation for men’s watches made out of wood is the Svenn Wood Watch. I would say that the watch smoothly combines the aesthetic beauty of classic and modern in one timepiece. It works in line with Svenn’s passion for making this watch which is to create premium quality and eco-friendly watch.

Combined with a wooden design, the watch dial features a sunburst blue background that makes a good contrast. It also has one sub-dial at the 6 o’clock position. In addition to that, the watch is extremely lightweight for the utmost comfort throughout the day.

WeWood Kappa Nut Watch

The last watch made out of wood on the list is my favorite among the others. The WeWood Kappa Nut Watch fully resembles what you call a wooden timepiece. It appears in a stylish design yet traditional at the same time. The overall wood design is the main charm of the watch. 

The timepiece is made out of walnut makes a range of brown colors to the watch from light brown to rich chocolate hues. At the heart of the watch is a multi-function Miyota movement that drives the whole function. It features some advanced complications, such as days, date displays, and military hours.

Final Thought

Watches made out of wood are definitely a great option to complete your watch collection for everyday or daily activities. It is made from eco-friendly materials that make it sustainable. However, you might now wonder how durable watches made out of wood are. 

In fact, wooden watches are durable enough to stand certain extreme conditions. Most watches made out of wood are built with the same treatment as metal watches for their internal parts. In other words, the mainspring, gears, gaskets, and dials have the same material and would perform the same as in metal watches.

Are wooden watches waterproof? Well, it depends. The main difference between watches made out of wood and metal lies in the outer case and strap – they are made of wood. Wooden watches are resistant to water only to the extent that you wear them while washing your hand or walking in the rain.

However, as the outer case is made out of organic materials, the watch couldn’t stand high water resistance. As such, you cannot wear it for sports water activities, such as swimming or diving.

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